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    This is what happens when you all do the Discord. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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    I've been waiting for years to find something lamer than leg 725,495,829,726,749,622,893,710,523,091.94602 of the neverending tour. The discord drama has finally helped me scratch that off my bucket list. Thank you all.
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    He didn't say that and you know it. Such a red herring every time racebaiters use this "So you're saying ____ is a race?! lololololojijoklolkol xD!"
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    Firstly I thought Strangelove gone mad and he is wrong, but when I saw towel waver there now I understand it all. @Dr. Strangelove I am by your side. Third world and towel waver have to go.
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    if you dont like it, scroll past the thread to one of the thousand gypsy or fat axl threads
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    Here we go again... back to the highschool drama.
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    Just realize for a second that he typed that and thought it was a solid retort.
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    My wife and I are going to the Trans-gender I mean Trans-siberian Orchestra tonight
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    Axl dissed the Red Hot Chili Peppers for lip syncing. Ironically, the NFL would be doing us a favor if they made Axl do the same thing.
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    Nothing prior to 2012ish was really bad. It just happened that in his prime, Axl was one of the greatest front men of all time - so when he returned out of his prime in '01 it was extremely obvious that he wasn't up for it. I just stick around here for the leaks that come twice a decade and the salami jokes. I'm not fanatical like the rest of you, so my dates might be wrong, but something happened around maybe 2012 where Axl just deteriorated into a mess. Since 2001, people joked about him being fat or old, and I was confused because I'd watch videos and he'd look not fat and maybe even a bit young for his age. Yes, he had strange hair and weird fashion choices. He'd either get white guy corn rows, or he'd un-ironically cosplay as Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys with baggy Adidas pants and Giant Tiger anime dragon shirts. But having white trash fashion sense doesn't make someone fat. In 2012, Axl gave up. He let the darkness consume him as he must have consumed everything in his path. He gained weight. A lot of it. His hair looked awful, dry, Macho Man Randy Savage dry. Most of all, he didn't even flinch at the idea that a year or two had gone by and he still hadn't kicked Monster Energy Drinks presents DJ Ashba out of the band. We all go through trials and tribulations, but it was more than that with Axl. It was like he let himself go. He was fed up. Both literally and figuratively. Every tour was worse than the last. Every crowd was smaller than the last. Axl was worse at every show. He mailed it in. He had the audacity to document his state in 3-dimensional form on Blu-Ray. They expected people to want to put in the effort to get up from their couch and put on some stupid glasses just to see Axl waddle his way through a Mickey Mouse influenced rendition of Mr. Brownstone. From that point on, Axl has been terrible. It's clear the guy doesn't care. His performances suck. His condition sucks. Most of all, the fans are idiots. I can't believe they drew the kind of crowds they did with the product they put out on stage. It shows that Guns N' Roses concerts are no longer about Guns N' Roses concerts. It's about having that one night where the babysitter doesn't cancel so you can go stand around with a bunch of sweaty fifty year olds and for one night only, relive heavy metal parking lot. Worst of all, Axl has the audacity to show up on time now. So he doesn't even punish these stupid people by making them have to show up to their job at Target on 2 hours of sleep.
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    Which one did Nitro? That was the superior Buffer.
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    Strangelove had a mental breakdown and deleted it all, banned everyone. Then, hours later with the server 60% rebuilt and as an inside joke, Towel was temporarily unbanned and given admin role to piss off Strangelove. Finally towel was banned 15 minutes later. So was SL. That's the real story.
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    Actually if you look at the setlist from that tour, Axl got more Bon stuff added then they were doing with Brian. Because that's what he grew up on. They weren't doing 'Rock N Roll Damnation', 'If You Want Blood (You Got It)', or 'Riff Raff' when Brian was singing.
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    'Cuban Skies' has leaked. PM @Dr. Strangelove for links.
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    I think it's to prevent them from flopping around while they're rotating on the rotisserie. I could be wrong.
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    Something I've always wondered: When you buy a rotisserie chicken at a grocery store, why do they put those string/rope bands around the legs and wings? Are they afraid it's going to run or fly away?
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    Can't believe you two fought over the Discord thing. Come on, guys.
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    Still triggered enough to screech about how he can't see our posts.
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    I have full hairline you third world savage. Enjoy Cardi nuking your discord !
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    Fuck tonight here’s the football morning drinking agenda +
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    I should have added, the fees for each of those same $125 seats is $31 per ticket. And parking is $52. Like him or hate him, you gotta give credit to Kid Rock for trying to keep prices down. A few years ago he had a couple tours where all but the front row seats were priced at $20 and included free parking and also $4 beers and $20 shirts. Tickets were paperless so they couldn't be scalped. Wish other bands/musicians had followed his lead.
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    so the infamous FAT photo and the madison rant are directly linked amazing
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    ironically, it's also where the greatest fat photo of axl rose was taken this tour had everything
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    AC/DC songs are just fun rock songs, nothing great but I'd rather hear Axl scream his way through an AC/DC set than another NITL set. You can tell that he just doesn't give a fuck about his own songs, the best performances in recent years have all been covers ffs (Wichita Lineman, I Feel Good, even the fucking Seeker is consistently better than the GNR songs in the set). I'd take Axl screeching about rocks n' thunders instead of croaking his way through November Rain any day of the week. At least he actually put effort into the AC/DC shows. I also enjoyed the shows I saw in late 2011 (mid-December, near the end of the tour). He looked thinner than any other time I've seen him, and sounded pretty decent for the most part. Just look for Better from the Seattle 2011 show, if he sang it like that nowadays mygnr would go full-on fanboy mode. 2017-19 has just been complete shit, though. Deteriorating vocals throughout a bloated, barely-changing setlist, with a band that sounds bored as fuck.
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    You are the guy who said that he sounded like in 2011 in 2019 What the fuck is wrong with you Can’t afford decent audio system in zimbabwe?
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    Canada 2010 was fantastic long, varying setlists with surprises and axl at the top of his game very fortunate to have seen them in this brief window of peak touring everything since, bar ac/dc, has been varying degrees of shit
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    Toronto must be the gayest place on Earth.
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    Between Axl yelling about rocks and thunders and Axl/Slash pathetic charade, I choose actually good bands.
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    Fernando should book them a tour playing private parties for South American drug dealers.
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    Expected some more Europe dates to be honest. A Full UK arena tour and more stops around Europe.
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    We should just write the thread now, it's so predictable. Super Fat Bowl. Chilli Bowl. Bowl Hair Cut. Bowled Off The Couch. Fucking man boobs jiggling, squawking YCBM like a dying budgie, will they play Don't Cry or Patience. It's a new song! No, they just butchered the intro to Locomotive and Axl started singing Shadow. I just wish someone would take a big fuck off sign saying 'Play Hardschool, State of Grace, The General and Soul Monster you fat, lazy strawberry blonde twat.'
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    2001 was good 2006 was good 2010 was good Axl/DC good NITL Year One? ok The rest was shit
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    *stands up* Nobody talks about Angus Young like that pal!
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    I think one day it will be revelaed that Warchild is indeed Axl.
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    I find it interesting that one of the charity's is named WarChildUK. Is this one of Axl's favorite charity orginizations? And is this where Jim/Mojo got his WarChild screen name all those years ago.
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