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    fun fact - mafia were a successful nightkill away from winning on night 3 after the deadstar lynch nate's successful roleblock on me was essential in keeping the game going
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    John Bonham was the guiltiest looking innocent guy ever 🤣🤣
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    Punkie was legit distressed in the discord chat.
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    one of my favorite youtubers dropped this recently the actual song begins around 4:30 there's also this
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    I'm down for next game. Should be available since its going to be a slow month next month
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    rumor has it Punkie is still panicking in the Discord chat, convinced the mafia is doomed tomorrow
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    I didn’t even sign up, want or agree to play again and somehow I was added.... you can weasel out any time you want but you can never leave.
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    “The Deadstar retardation” The name for the whole retardation of your nonsense with Bacardi and Brasky switching you to cop. Not “Deadstar's retardation”.
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    Don't worry, i'm being retarded again I hate mafia. I kinda love it too. #retarded
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    Already told you. Night one's dumbfuckery was enough to piss me off. The Deadstar retardation was the final straw. If I was ever going to ragequit a game this definitely would have been it.
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    People don't like the truth. Especially so-called "liberals" In regards to Manson, not surprised. Guy is legit from what I've heard. He married Dita Von Teese not far from where I live. He was friends with Hunter S. Thompson too. Hunter's nickname for him was shiteyes. Manson thought it was hilarious. Hunter sent him a great letter and finished it with something like - "Beware the flagsuckers for they will eat your heart but not your brain for it is unclean." They used to have conversations on the phone at 4am.
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    Then explaining multiquote to butter up Punkie, all while he's certain McDaddy is town but can't be bothered to make an argument. Official Vote: John Bonham
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    Are you serious? You guys lynched Deadstar because she said she knew Stangelove was converted.
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    I feel as if I spend enough time on the internet as is. I don't feel the need to be online when I am out in public. The worst is when people pass you their phone and expect you to scroll through all the stupid pictures they've taken. Sorry, but I don't give a fuck about your stupid pictures.
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    I have the complete Star Wars collection on my hard drive. It's 3 movies.
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    Is that why you were on discord?? 🤣
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    @magisme What happened?? Is there gonna be a breakdown of events in plain English? @Damn_Smooth My retardation?? rude!!
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    The reviews on Amazon .ca of his book are all over the place. Kind of proves his point!!
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    In an interview he said that he should call it ‚Marilyn Manson’. King Death is possible too since it is on his twitter. I doubt it will include only covers but we will see. I love a lot of his cover so it would be cool, he’s always good at bringing his own style to it.
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    That's nice to hear. I've met a bunch of famous people. The two nicest to me were Jonathan Davis and Marilyn Manson (mansons guitarist Zim was fucking my sister so that probably had something to do with it ha!) He seems genuine on the show. I will say this he helped me see things different so I'm thankful to him. If you see him again tell him he helped a guy sort things out and he says thanks!
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    I'm fine with dying if it means people will take me seriously when I turn up town (Sgt Elias) @KFCBucket go after these guys on my list
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    Beside tryptic, Pale Emperor is my favorite. Judging by the sound of this cover the next one can be very well too.
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    I'm not sure how it's different in the US then. You guys act like we all just blindly believe the mainstream news. We invented the term "fake news", homie.
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    Random visit to the front page of CBC shows a story about how Disney+ racism warnings don't go far enough.
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    Funny you should mention that...... http://wetransfer.com/downloads/bb0ac7f7bf2a48ed6e81e10c8edd1d1c20191122125612/765696
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    1. MIA most of the game. 2. Little substance when he does post. 3. Only shows up when heat is on. 4. Salsh is convinced and I've felt good about Salsh all game.
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    Re-reading the entire thread and have a few thoughts so far. 1. Salamiposting is an excellent poker face. @Salsh Borski's posts are impossible to get a bead on. He literally posts about salami and nothing else. If he keeps this up every game, all we will be able to go on will be his votes. 2. Brasky tells the story on page one. There are three teams: The Alpha, Bravo, and Echo teams. Echo Team had five members. All five die. Four were Town, and one was Mafia. 3. I absolutely hate that there was a conversion (Dr. Strangelove) on Day Two. It just sucks. Have fun re-reading Day One where all the clues are supposed to be, except just fucking ignore it all, because the alignments change on Day Two. Whoop-de-doo.
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    Here's how I see it......the cell phone is essentially a modern version of a book. If you are alone, Nobody would say a bad word if you see a dude eating lunch and reading a book. But when you are with other people? If you were at lunch with four friends, would you pull out a book and start reading it? What I find disturbing and sad is when parents are on their phones when they are at their children's activities. Go to a little league game and half the parents are on their phones. Go to a playground and 3/4 of the parents aren't watching their kids and instead have their eyes glued to their phone. Maybe it's just a personal thing. But I'd much rather watch my kids playing and having fun rather than checking up on Facebook or Instagram. And a smaller side aspect is safety. When you watch your kid you see if they are in danger, if they are doing something wrong, if they are about to get hurt, etc. Last summer there were 5-6 times when I saved little random kids from getting hurt - kid hanging off the top of a slide, smaller kid being picked on by bigger kid, kid stuck on top of a high monkey bars and about to fall, etc. I was able to walk over and help the kid......meanwhile, their parent was clueless about what happened because they were glued to their cellphones. MIA - I agree with you though. It was enjoyable to hang out with friends and actually talk to the people in the room.
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    Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends...
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    After three days of intensive research, I can assure you these leaks are not real.
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    I can't stand his voice so I'm far from a fan. The classics are cool and imo superior to Black Sabbath. But we are once again talking about other artists. Let's focus on the band this forum is dedicated to. So, Nevermind or In Utero?
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