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    Join me for my game in January 2020 - The Death of Bill Brasky
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    America is just living in a completely different reality to the rest of the world. Everything being told to you by your media and your politicians is a lie.
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    so the non-lizard candidates all get a nice shade of supervillain GOP red behind them? 🤔 even more obvious from a distance, just look at that random red stripe behind bernie
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    Thanks for the game @Bill Brasky I got pretty triggered in the last 24 hours and was posting at work from the bathroom. This means it was fun. also Good job Mafia faggots
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    fun fact - mafia were a successful nightkill away from winning on night 3 after the deadstar lynch nate's successful roleblock on me was essential in keeping the game going
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    John Bonham was the guiltiest looking innocent guy ever 🤣🤣
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    Dude, the amount of work that these nerds have put into it is astonishing. They ripped Blu-ray audio, took out crap that wasn't supposed to be there. They've gone so far as to track down actual film prints of the movie and scan them for HD, unfucked with scenes, just as the theater showed.
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    Fact of the day: Salami and mafia don’t mix.
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    Eyy, we won! We did it! My mafia playing sucked but I will try to get better for you guys 💗
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    Why the fuck did you night kill me Night 2. Fuck you all I wanted to play Braskys game. You're all a bunch of gook faggots
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    so, we could never win? just like Viet Nam? Brilliant game @Bill Brasky
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    All I know is, mafia would be known as vegans
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    i still lol at Punkie thinking she has a choice when it comes to the next game
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    Maybe we can do a washing the dishes and scrubbing the pots Mafia sometime!
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    @Punkie@McDaddy@Iwasjustkidding1@Dr. Strangelove You guys were fun to chill with while we planned town's demise. I hope everyone plays again.
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    Yeah I didn’t unlock the game and was writing the story and some inpatient mother fuckers posted 20 plus replies
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    Punkie was legit distressed in the discord chat.
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    The lists made by Dr. Strangelove designed to mess with our heads? Official Vote: John Bonham
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    Smash that like button and be sure to subscribe!
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    Going back to 2006, I never understood the reluctance to use torrents to spread them. Instead... people would rather use yousendit, megaupload, rapidshare, 4shared, etc. which were guaranteed to be flagged and deleted in five minutes...forcing reuploads. With torrents...it would never be flagged or deleted and the links would essentially last forever. I guess it simply made too much sense to use. Three days?!? It took me half a nanosecond to realize that.
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    If the Dems had any sense they'd get behind gabbard. She doesn't take any shit. But Lord Clinton just had to smear her. Now she has the Russian narrative smeared on her so retarded cucks will think she's compromised. I actually wouldn't mind her as the Dem nominee
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    one of my favorite youtubers dropped this recently the actual song begins around 4:30 there's also this
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    I'm down for next game. Should be available since its going to be a slow month next month
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    New year is fine after the first week. *too 🤪
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    I didn’t even sign up, want or agree to play again and somehow I was added.... you can weasel out any time you want but you can never leave.
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    “The Deadstar retardation” The name for the whole retardation of your nonsense with Bacardi and Brasky switching you to cop. Not “Deadstar's retardation”.
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    Bravo team congratulations 🎈🍾🎊 Terminating the weak minded magisme was Captain Willard town the switched day 2 to mafia aka bravo The rest of Bravo aka mafia Punkie was Richard Nixon Mcdaddy was John McCain iwasjustkidding1 was John Kerry
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    Bravo has eliminated Alpha JB - Was Sgt Elias - Town Leader The rest of Alpha Team aka Town Damn Smooth was John Rambo Doctor Salsh Borski was Jesse Venture Hotdogman was Private Joker power of 2 votes kfc bucket was Martin Riggs
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    Impossible. Beta keeps his balls hidden away in a jar.
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    Then explaining multiquote to butter up Punkie, all while he's certain McDaddy is town but can't be bothered to make an argument. Official Vote: John Bonham
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    JB trying to sell my post as me saying Doc wasn't converted. This is enough evidence for me. Who else is down to vote Bonham? Then we get McDaddy and hotdog.
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    Yeah we like to laugh at how shitty the rest of the world is. Instead of looking in the mirror.
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    I feel as if I spend enough time on the internet as is. I don't feel the need to be online when I am out in public. The worst is when people pass you their phone and expect you to scroll through all the stupid pictures they've taken. Sorry, but I don't give a fuck about your stupid pictures.
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    Anyone see the debates last night. Just listening to these morons talking about foreign policy should be enough to rule them out in the mind of any sane individual. Apart from Gabbard, they were all on about beefing up NATO and confronting Russia. Jesus fucking Christ
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