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    Anybody have a magic wand that can turn fully mixed chords from minor key to major while simultaneously not pissing off purists who don't want the instrumental to change at all while simultaneously bringing a guy who can't stand GNR anymore out of retirement to work on it? If so, please let me know. 😆 Just kidding, my man. And Dr. Strangelove....bwahhhhhh hahaha! Carry on.
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    https://revengeofthecis.com/2018/07/01/chasyn-rance-pro-wrestling-has-a-sex-offender-problem/ oh boy
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    Ok, I'll count it goddammit Unofficial vote count MIA: 2 (Deadstar, John Bonham) Ironfin: 2 (Dr. Strangelove, McDaddy) Uruguns: 1 (iwasjustkidding1) Dr. Strangelove: 1 (uruguns) McDaddy: 2 (Salsh Borski, GnRLiars) MIA: 1 (Damn_Smooth)
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    I am willing to vote for Ironfin, MIA and uruguns. I am just playing the waiting game.
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    Our song lyrics have been great, but what if we used the man's words himself? I am no audio wizard, but what if we did a mash-up of lyrics to make a new song? Similar to the general, we could call it the Colonel as an ode to Axl's likely love of fried chicken. Anyways just on AFD alone we have these nuggets: the price you'll pay you can taste it get's worse here every day you better not take it from me It's so easy you fall down I'm bored loaded like a freight train eat that's one for you, two for me It's nothing new to me You can always find a place to go break down the doors they won't touch me I lose my head I close my eyes I've got something I've been building up inside sometimes it's harder to leave Now I get up around whenever the little got more and more buy me something to eat Are you blind oats this song is true It's a feelin' than I know an ounce of I been lookin' for a Always hungry for something I might be too much I've had everything All I ever wanted
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    Sometimes at night when it’s quiet the players would remember their loved ones stateside some however flashback to the beginning of their lives as soldiers
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    Berenstein Bears fucking Mandela Effect
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    Was it Uruguns that helped you run that discord? If so, it would make sense that he'd start one for mafia. If not, it doesn't mean shit.
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    no no the texts said this couldnt happen the witch is DEAD GOD DAMNIT FUCK
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    Is this facepalm because nobody actually looked at the question above the survey itself, and more than half the people seem to 'like teh cock'? Too much foofer here. Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.
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    📂😄 └📁Guns N' Roses └⚠This folder is empty
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    I agree. Why anyone would just assume the only competed songs (in demo form, no less) are strictly from the 19 discs?? I'm no Insider (cue Tom Petty track) but to think Axl recorded NOTHING between 2001-2019?? That's laughable. Exactly how many completed songs is anyone's guess but it sure as hell better be more than the 4 and most certainly is. We'll just never, ever hear them. ::Laughs:: No, I pray Brasky is correct. We all want the same thing. New music that isn't tangled in bullshit, potential lawsuits, hoarders fuming, etc. Release this music. Take false sense of power and entitlement away from these dickhead Hoarders once and for all. If only GNR were anything like Radiohead, the day after Hardschool leaked, they'd release everything themselves, as Yorke/Radiohead did immediately after the Ok Computer Sessions were hijacked. The following day, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars to contain it (idiot hoarders & hackers) the band puts it up for free. I know it's different, though.
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    Or just don't care about a bunch of shit songs enough to worship them like you do. Probably that.
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    The preserve of knackers and gypsies here.
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    If people are confirmed to use discord to discuss the game then we should look seriously into that regard. Surely that warrents a 3 hour meeting
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    Someone’s daughter beat him up real bad in one of his sexual advances... she used her big wheel and teddy bear to batter him and then ran to her mommy who called the police. They were gonna sentence him to jail time but when they attended his gypsy camp to tell his folks the news, they decided that sending him home was more of a punishment.
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    I always thought she was latina? Apparently she is Italian American? Wtf
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    I don't know why she gets so much attention. She's a verifiable idiot. I guess it tells you even to an idiot it is obvious Epstein was protected by the establishment.
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    uruguns has meticulous comma usage in the fatcon thread. Check it out for yourself. I'm just saying. At the same time, "I'm sick of mafia guys" is a strange thing to say. Can we get a vote count? Why the Ironfin votes?
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    When a bunch of dyslexics misread your post and you suddenly become a priority target
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    Made at the very least as many posts as Mags.
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    holy s h i t
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    Also....idiotic that MLB hasn’t announced their awards yet.
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    Isn’t it ironic that MIA is MIA...?
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    You gotta remember they are also fucking old now. In my 20's I used to be able to out run the cops hopping fences and utilizing the back alleys of east Hollywood. If I tried that now I would be flat on my ass with a gun to my head. Not defending them in any way, but they are just old now. Any hope of GNR ever matching up to the AFD/UYI tours is long gone. The VR years were the window, and they missed it
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    been waiting for this day for a while
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    Today we went to a flea market that leases a space (like an old JC Penny's) in an abandoned mall. It was so cool. The rest of the mall was completely blocked off, but you could still see a part of it through a window. And there was a lot of useless, cool shit. I was so close to buying a Bud Light guitar. I don't even play it. Lots of vintage bar lights, there was a grandfather clock for less than $200, VHS, train stuff... ...I found some football cards from 1990. Here is a picture to show you how big it was inside. And since it took place in abandoned mall, there was a basement that was accessable. I loved it because it was so eerie. It is tough to imagine that this place apparently, according to the sellers there, used to be the spot. The whole strip mall across the street was abandoned, and the Toys R Us was borded up. The parking lot was overgrown this weeds. It looked like America became an apocalytic wasteland. This is the bottom floor of the mall. Down the hall on the left side there was a locked door, leading to an office, and the light was on. I love this shit. It would have been awesome to walk through the rest of the mall but it was all borded up and locked. The flea market happens once every month though. I plan on going back.
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    Yeah, but same as GNR with SCOM, without pretty-boy Axl, their chances would have decreased significantly. Like deafult said, the formula was already dying as well. The guy wrote the same song over and over again and thanks to mtv, the crowds ate it up. His (undeserved) 'legend' status today is more thanks to him blowing his brain out. The singles are quite Ok, I can give you that. But I doubt anyone with a brain can listen to a Nirvana album non--stop withou skipping any songs, from start to finish.
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    Nirvana is way more overrated than GNR tho, they needed a member to die to get into the music canon. By the time they released In Utero their popularity where already on the floor. Hadnt Kurt died theyd probably have Smashing Pumpkings level of popularity if not even less these days cause Kurt couldnt writte songs and eventually would dry and the whole depressed teen angst shit wouldnt work anymore. I like what they did but they was just a product of their time. Not defending Axl, he is also a product of his time that cant writte songs. Personality apart, they're kind of similar when it comes to musical abilities. Kurt knew three chords, Axl knew one Piano progression. Both had "sex" appeal and became popular for that.
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    Kurt and Nirvana were a big fraud. Remove Kurt's blue eyes and blond hair and they would've never appeared on MTV. Awful band. Kurt widows are just as creepy as Axl soccer moms.
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    Miser used to talk about Kurt a lot.....(where is Miser anyway?)....and one thing I agreed with him on is that if Kurt was alive today he'd be the most obnoxious cucked soyboy flaming SJW faggot of them all.
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    Holy shit, I knew Gaynar was an inbred gypsy with severe anger issues and homosexual tendencies but now it turns out he's a paedo? The more you know!
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    Admitting to be a pedophile is an odd choice to make in a public forum. Speaks volumes. And lol. I would destroy you on any type of an IQ test. Even if you were given the answers to the test the day before we took it. The only time you would beat me on any form of a test of intelligence would be at your current age and when I was six. But then again....you’d be so busy trying to fuck me that you would probably fail the test.
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    Only Gaynar would justify being a pedophile. Gross. But let’s break that down for fun. Saying you want to have sex with a seven year old is not “shitting” on that child’s parent. It just makes you seem creepy and gross. Faggot? “I’m gonna come fuck your wife...you faggot.” I thought gunner was low IQ, but holy cow. Finally. Being gay isn’t a bad thing, Mr Homophobe. PS What kind of sicko wants to have sex with toddlers. Gross.
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    Only when I know Gaynar's in town. Then I definitely shave my "public" hair.
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