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    there should be a law that would prevent our users from attending myVagina ... so unethical ... fuck myVagina!
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    Guns N' Roses trying their best to make the Not In This Lifetime Tour last an entire lifetime.
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    Slither is a great rock song. Weiland sounds aboslutely fantastic in it. Axl switches between two voices. The low voice which he finds a way to fuck up and sounds like a clown and Mickey. Probably as a retaliation for Slash's laughable work at Axl's solo songs.
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    This forum is much better. You guys see what's real and what is shit. MyVagina is a cancer fuck myVagina!
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    I think I might be black. I have a big ass like all black people do.
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    Yes yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes. I better save that Brazlian kids video to my hard drive in case it ever goes down. The best cover of SCOM or any GNR song in the history (and future) of mankind.
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    These Brazilian lads are better than the real band. I hope Fernando is lining them up to tour with a hologram Fat Axl in 2030
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    Yeah, I love the song but it just sounds horrible.
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    And if you go to myvagine you'll see the same posts from every tour since the rio 2011 disaster. Axle sounds better tonight omg that 0:30-1:23 in Nightrain was classic Axl gets better as tour goes on here's a great version of ycbm (just another mickey version) he has total control of his voice (looks like he's about to have a heart attack when holding a note for more than 2 secs) not raspy but in tune and powerful (mickey) that version of better was full on rasp (frog rasp and mickey)
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    Are the little red stars against certain songs for the crew to have medics on hand incase Axl collapses from trying to hold notes in said songs?
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    My favorite top 3 bands of my life: GnR Metallica Nirvana
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    We already have two soundboard Coma recordings where he actually sounds like he's dying onstage. Can't imagine it could be worse than those....but....it will be.
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    Assuming "1 for you, 2 for me" refers to salami sandwiches
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    I wouldn't listen to that one again without vocals. Axl should have guested on a Chemical Brothers song instead of taking GNR down this road. I am afraid his ambition outstripped his talent when it came to making electronic music with Pitmon.
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    I for one take great amounts of gratification knowing that every mix Axl did he got further and further away from what he wanted. Haha Fuck Axl
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    I'll repeat what I've always said about the CD album. It's just not enough material to justify carrying on the GnR name/brand. On its own, CD is a great rock album for 2008. It's a great rock album for Axl Rose....in 2008. But it's not enough to carry the entire weight of "this is why Axl kept the name, this was his vision, this is GnR with Slash/Izzy/Duff?" No album is good enough to hold that torch. The 14 songs on CD represent 15 years of Axl's new vision of GnR time. But if Axl had released the stripped down 14 CD songs...........and the Perhaps/Eye/Hard schol/Atlas/State of Grace and 7 of the instrumentals we've heard plus throw in General.........and then one more album that was more of a pure old fashion hard rock album............ THEN my friends, things would be different. All these songs are judged more harshly than they would be if Axl had released 40-50 songs after Slash/Duff/Izzy left. For you guys who like to take a shit while in the shower, I'll make it easier for you to understand. Let's say you are in jail for three years. Your GF looks like Kate Upton. She waits for you. Every week she sends you a letter saying how she's gonna rock your world when you get released. So every day for three years all you can think about is how your gonna rail her when you get released. You finally get early parole.....you make your way home........your beautiful GF strips down naked, yanks your pants down.....and gives you a handjob. Sure, hand jobs are great. But three years in jail and all you get is a handy? NONE of us would turn down a topless handjob from kate Upton....but in the above scenario, we'd all be disappointment. Now imagine a different ending. You got out of jail....made your way home......and your GF fucked and sucked you for three hours straight. The next morning, she woke you up with a blow job. That night you went to the movie and she jumped on your lap in the theatre and rode you to climax. When you got home and went to bed, she grabbed your cock and glided it into her anus and told you to go to work. This went on for a week straight. Then on day eight, while you were at a Pizza joint have a pie, she reaches under the table and gives you a handjob, she saves your cum in her hand and wipes it all over her pizza and then eats it. That hand job is perfectly fine and receives high remarks. One hand job is a huge letdown.........the other hand job is awesome and you love it. CD is the first hand job. Three or four albums from Axl would have been the 8 days of sex.
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    Okay so if you bought the Matrix on VHS back in 1999 and there was an advertisement at the start of the VHS showing you a montage of all the cheesy action movies you could own by joining some ripoff movie club promising to sell you tapes for a buck each, this is the generic "royalty free heavy action music #5" that the advertisement would be set to.
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    The list of Alts is better than the actual set.
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    Which set of words best reflects 2019 Axl Rose?
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    I agree. they should (re) release the song, and play it at every concert.
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    He looks like hes actually wearing a fat suit. WTF?? Sad thing is, he looks better than he sounds. Alot better than he sounds. And he looks like shit.
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    Are U famous now @maynard?
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    State of grace = Robert Plant screaming over top of a song from NIN's Fragile album. Dac maddy = Evader needs to remix this one with Michael Jackson's parts on Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me. Atlas Shrugged = Mid 90's Pearl Jam meets mid 90's STP. Axl should leave the drum intro as it was on the first leak. The shit he put over top of it detracts from the song. Less is more, Dummy! Perhaps = Maroon 5 doing a song about the murderor of John Lennon Hard School = Needs to swap out the guitar parts for some Out Ta Get Me style Slashing
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    I can't be bothered to follow this story. CNN, NBC, The New York Times, and the Dems have cried wolf at least a 1001 too many times now.
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    Ho. Lee. Fuk. Hawks pulled it off, Zuerlein actually can miss.
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    I moved to Mexico in June. I had never had Pepto Bismol before. I have since drank litres of the stuff.
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    Pets cost. A lot. Ain't worth it.
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    Atlas has to have different vocals I mean those barley even sound like him now. But who knows Axl can be silly at times
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    Pitman's work with Tool: Tool (BMG/Zoo) - In 1994/95, Pitman toured with them and, in 1996, played synths on the song "Third Eye".
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    the more pitmanshit i hear, the more convinced i am that tool is entirely to blame for the downfall of axl rose
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    I'm highly dubious to the legitimacy of this. Like gunsntortillas, it sounds to me like a Matrix soundtrack B-side.
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    You have to listen to it with 1997-1999 ears. It's not good, but it was a different time. It's like listening to some of Neil Young's 80s albums. Most of them stink, but they don't stink because they aren't timeless due to the topical style he tried to take on. They stink because they aren't very good. Even if PRL, Silkworms, and OMG were considered good (I like OMG sue me) - a huge chunk of the fan base would still think they suck. This is because they are as cheesy and out dated now as the caricature of 80's glam rock that Axl was trying to step out of the shadow of was when Axl put together these "Moby Animal Rights/Nine Inch Nails" inspired songs.
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    Sounds exactly how I envisioned the follow up to Use Your Illusion back in 1991 before I was born.
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    Really only view Atlas & Perhaps as song with legit potential. If he ditches A LOT of the woaah, hey heyyyyy whining shit, re-record better vocals, and master they could be good songs IMO. I just hate all the whining. Who the fuck told him "Oh yeah!! The whining sound awesome Axl!" Fuckin ridiculous. If they release Atlas with 20 year old vocals, drums & whatever else is in there, it'd be one of the most EPIC shows of laziness by musicians that i can recall. For Christ sake, its been 4 years! The supposed pros couldn't come up with 1 single song in 4 years?? WTF
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    Robin Finck did a song Saying Goodbye for a movie called Negative. Billbrownmusic is who put the soundtrack together. Best solo work from Robin I have ever heard. I play this often on repeat.
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    Debatable whether having NITL vids removed is actually a humanitarian act.
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    Bro, you are too intelligent to play the “refs cheated” card. I was a sports editor editor for about a decade. And the losing team - and their fans - almost always play that card. A die-hard fan of a team watches a game differently regarding the calls for and against his team. I’ve been to sooooo many games where I’ve watched a play and saw fans freak out over what they perceive as a missed or bad call....when the official 100% made the correct call. Go to a T-Ball game and you will hear a parent argue a call and say the 17 year old umpire is against their kid’s team. Whats really funny is when BOTH team’s fans say that the refs cheated for the other team. That also happens a LOT. Refs don’t care who wins. They really don’t. Roger Goodall suspended Brady for four games over an incident that ended up being proved to be false. You think he is telling or letting officials cheat to help NE win?
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    The Democrats are fucking retarded.
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