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    Bill Brasky you‘re my personal hero and inspiration. Things you have done, helped me in rough moments of my life. Rough moments caused by Alex. When I went to their show he was so fat that I immediately got a depression. When he started to sing I wanted to kill myself. After visiting doctors and reading your post i felt better. But now I watched videos from their last shows and he is even fatter and his voice is just atrocious. Fuck you Alex Fuck you Beta for destroying his brain and life with your sandwiches
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    Guns N' Roses trying their best to make the Not In This Lifetime Tour last an entire lifetime.
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    This forum is much better. You guys see what's real and what is shit. MyVagina is a cancer fuck myVagina!
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    Yes yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes. I better save that Brazlian kids video to my hard drive in case it ever goes down. The best cover of SCOM or any GNR song in the history (and future) of mankind.
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    Yeah, I love the song but it just sounds horrible.
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    And if you go to myvagine you'll see the same posts from every tour since the rio 2011 disaster. Axle sounds better tonight omg that 0:30-1:23 in Nightrain was classic Axl gets better as tour goes on here's a great version of ycbm (just another mickey version) he has total control of his voice (looks like he's about to have a heart attack when holding a note for more than 2 secs) not raspy but in tune and powerful (mickey) that version of better was full on rasp (frog rasp and mickey)
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    Are the little red stars against certain songs for the crew to have medics on hand incase Axl collapses from trying to hold notes in said songs?
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    We already have two soundboard Coma recordings where he actually sounds like he's dying onstage. Can't imagine it could be worse than those....but....it will be.
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    Assuming "1 for you, 2 for me" refers to salami sandwiches
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    I for one take great amounts of gratification knowing that every mix Axl did he got further and further away from what he wanted. Haha Fuck Axl
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    Okay so if you bought the Matrix on VHS back in 1999 and there was an advertisement at the start of the VHS showing you a montage of all the cheesy action movies you could own by joining some ripoff movie club promising to sell you tapes for a buck each, this is the generic "royalty free heavy action music #5" that the advertisement would be set to.
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    The list of Alts is better than the actual set.
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    Which set of words best reflects 2019 Axl Rose?
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    I think it istruth, it is cool and I’d like to do it by myself but I’m too lazy 1. Axl 2. Melissa 3. Duff and Dizzy 4. Richard 5. Frank 6. Frank’s Animal Lector 7. Slash Maybe but not very much
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    I agree. they should (re) release the song, and play it at every concert.
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    True, sorry mr. maynard In a few hours we will laugh at soundboard version of Mickey, I’m sure it’s gonna suck
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    I know you’ll keep your eye on me but who’s your mcdaddy?
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    Republitards set that up and fooled all the other republitards into thinking it's real, so the snowflakes are running around Facebook sharing it and posting how outraged they are.
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    Another spetacular performance of Weiland! Great fuckin song!
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    I love hand jobs. And I love blowing in chick's faces/mouths. But if she sat there and wiped it all over a slice of pizza and ate it in front of me, I'd probably hurl. You can be pretty messed up sometimes, brah.
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    Ho. Lee. Fuk. Hawks pulled it off, Zuerlein actually can miss.
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    I moved to Mexico in June. I had never had Pepto Bismol before. I have since drank litres of the stuff.
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    Schiff said he never talked to the whistle blower nor did he know what was in the report. This is blatantly a lie since in August he tweeted out the same exact false information the whistle blower said was in the phone call. There is no way he didn't talk with the whistle blower and didn't know what was in the report. We also know the whistle blower has a political bias in all this.
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    Atlas has to have different vocals I mean those barley even sound like him now. But who knows Axl can be silly at times
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    I have two cats.
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    Pitman's work with Tool: Tool (BMG/Zoo) - In 1994/95, Pitman toured with them and, in 1996, played synths on the song "Third Eye".
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    I'm highly dubious to the legitimacy of this. Like gunsntortillas, it sounds to me like a Matrix soundtrack B-side.
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    The quote sampled in the beginning of the Dub Suplex is from Hannibal Lecter...
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    Sounds exactly how I envisioned the follow up to Use Your Illusion back in 1991 before I was born.
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    Really only view Atlas & Perhaps as song with legit potential. If he ditches A LOT of the woaah, hey heyyyyy whining shit, re-record better vocals, and master they could be good songs IMO. I just hate all the whining. Who the fuck told him "Oh yeah!! The whining sound awesome Axl!" Fuckin ridiculous. If they release Atlas with 20 year old vocals, drums & whatever else is in there, it'd be one of the most EPIC shows of laziness by musicians that i can recall. For Christ sake, its been 4 years! The supposed pros couldn't come up with 1 single song in 4 years?? WTF
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    SOG is top notch in terms of NuGNR, but you can't call it a big gun in terms of GNR in general. I'd put it on par with The Garden. It's like a deep cut gem.
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    Robin Finck did a song Saying Goodbye for a movie called Negative. Billbrownmusic is who put the soundtrack together. Best solo work from Robin I have ever heard. I play this often on repeat.
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    Not debatable. My current nomination for the next noble peace award 🥇
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