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    I am officially a conspiracy theorist on this one
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    Do you guys know Kang the Conquerer? We need him to go back in time and kill the Beta before she meets Axl
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    Did you wear a black armband when they shot the man who said.. "Day 1 could last forever" 🎸🎵🥓
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    I could never figure out what was quite so "off" about Germo until MSL let slip that its a ftm tranny
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    I have a psychoactive garden. All the plants will fuck you up. I want to add some mushrooms next.
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    You would think his lawyer could have worked out a pretty cushy plea deal given the dirt Epstein had on some of the most powerful people in the world. No doubt that this was murder.
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    That makes no sense. Thanos didn't make zombies, and although Axl probably ate a few people, the only zombie to escape his ass was Slash.
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    alex jones needs to go live right the fuck now
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    they're just rubbing it in our faces at this point complete fucking horseshit
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    Didn’t McBain kill you?
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    I’m Canadian. We like to apologize for saying sorry.
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    Don't watch that garbage, bro.
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    I'm on Mountain time -2hrs from Brasky and Bonham
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    We need Joe Rogan and Alex Jones to do a podcast today.
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    My guess is the band members Cuck themselves and become mafia
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    If I understand the game mechanics correctly, Town members will be converted into Mafia as the game progresses. Be careful men. Do not role reveal.
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    I am in the Northeast United States, currently observing Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Greenwich Mean Time -4 hours). It's 9:35am
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    Clinton Body Count can't be stopped. Ever.
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    @popcorn's snare hasn't read his role PM S
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    Watching Bill Maher now.....don't know why I do it every week. Old habit I guess....he's either playing a role of lunatic leftie or he really believes the bullshit he spouts. Anthony Scaramuchi is on the panel, and so help me, the guy is actually really well-spoken, composed, considerate, and makes a lot of sense. I thought this guy was supposed to be some kind of fucking goombah retard? Every week, Bill makes sure to have some screeching leftist harpy shrilly scream over everything everyone says. Sometimes it's an old lady; usually it's a black chick. This week it's actually a pretty bangable looking Jew-ess....still scREEEEEEEEEEching like an unhinged retard though. I think the "The Mooch" is really getting her wet though....tonight when her boring ass husband mounts her missionary style with all the lights on, she's gonna be picturing Scaramuchi giving it to her. Or hell, maybe the Mooch just straight banged her in the green room after the show. Gotta love these fucking retard talking heads, screaming about nonsense that doesn't even matter when the real problem is that the whole fucking system is irrevocably rotten to the core. Damn Smooth knows what I'm talking about.
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    This is my third post in a row... so im objectivity triggered
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    You know it's bad when auaadd sends up the Brazil Signal, hoping someone fluent in English will come to his rescue.
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    Thats hilarious -Ali
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    Everyone hates the French. In Canada, those French hail from Quebec
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    I think the night kill only turns to Mafia if it’s one of the original 5
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    these dishonest cunts on cnn make me sick hang them all
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    Tomorrow I'm going to see the latest exhibit by Hisashi Eguchi. I was lucky enough to meet him for two seconds last summer and get his autograph.....tomorrow I'll be attending a lecture. I feel a bit guilty since my Japanese is so shit I'm only gonna understand a fraction of it, and I "won" my place in the audience by lottery. So that means some Japanese guy didn't get to be there. But you know what they say!! Fuck em!! I know I'm greedy, but I'm hoping to get him to sign something else for me.
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    tabbed away and within 3 minutes forgot i was listening to a cover 10/10 liked commented and subscribed
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    _ How the fuck is this even possible?
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    My last doctors checkup was $46,000.
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    Why do we have to kill each other? Let's just be happy that everyone is alive and doing what they want to do.
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    shit is the philosophy of our little comunity
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    Lol! I remember Ali!
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    Hoping/predicting this is all a fad and these shows and movies from the 2010s are all going to look incredibly dated in the future. In a few years, we will see the return of strong men and beautiful women in our stories. This is what 90% of viewers want to see.
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