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    Thanos and the Dark Order have come to Earth in search of the Infinity Stones, but something has gone horribly wrong. It all started after Thanos acquired the Mind Stone and set his sights on Earth. Upon crash landing in Malibu, California, the Mad Titan was approached by a man in hysterics, claiming the ship had flattened his family. Having lost his beloved daughter Gamora in the battle for the Mind Stone, Thanos felt an ounce of sympathy for the little red-haired man's plight. He held the Infinity Gauntlet out, preparing to break the man's mind and help him forget his loss, but he had made a fatal mistake. The stone was improperly lodged into the gauntlet. As soon as it began to glow, Thanos knew the error he had made, but it was too late. The Mad Titan collapsed to the ground, and the human followed suit. The Dark Order could only stand and watch the grotesque display as the bodies and minds of Thanos and W. Axl Rose merged together, ultimately taking on the physical attributes of both beings, and thus, the being known as Fat Thanos Axl was born. INFINITY TOUR After what seemed like an eternity, Fat Thanos Axl rose to his feet. Ebony Maw and the Dark Order approached warily. Maw knew exactly what was going on. The Mind Stone had caused the consciousness of the pathetic mortal Axl Rose to merge with that of the majestic Mad Titan, creating a being with vastly conflicting, yet equally weighted goals. It only remained to be seen what Maw and the Dark Order's new mission would be once the two minds converged and decided upon a collective goal. After retrieving two sandwiches from his house, Fat Thanos Axl detailed his new plan to his loyal troops. "Long have I grown restless playing three hour shows and dozens of tour dates." He pulled out a copy of Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. "Guns N' Roses was beautiful once. It was like most 80s rock bands. When we faced extinction, I offered a solution. A contract. They called me a madman, but I'm a survivor. One by one, they left. I lost nearly everything. But now, the tables have turned. 80s rock nostalgia has reached unimaginable heights, and I remain in complete control of the band name. With all five original members I can simply snap my fingers, and the whole setlist and tour will cease to exist. Instead, I will simply cut them in half. I call that mercy." "Then what?", asked a baffled Maw. "I finally rest, and watch the Sunset over a grateful Strip. The hardest choices require the strongest wills." ------------------------ Players: @John Bonham - Iron Man - Town - Day 3 Lynch @Bill Brasky - Hawkeye - Town Cop - Night 1 Kill @GnRLiars - Fat Axl Thanos - Mafia Boss - WIN @KFCBucket - Steven Adler - Town - Day 1 Lynch @hotdogman - Rick Dunsford - Town @magisme - Slash - Mafia - Night 2 Conversion - WIN @Val - Hulk - Town @popcorn's snare - Thor - Town - Day 2 Lynch @Ragnar - Ebony Maw - Mafia - WIN @Deadstar - Izzy Stradlin - Town @Damn_Smooth - Captain America - Town Cop (Protected Himself, Himself, Deadstar) - Night 3 Kill @uruguns - Duff McKagan - Town - Modkilled Day 2 ----------------------- Roles will be going out soon. Consider this an open pre-game thread until I say otherwise.
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    I want to add more plants to my garden, I have conifers and small flowers such as pansies. What does everyone recommend. The soil is extremely gypsiferous, does this effect things? I’m thinking of shrubs mainly.
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    This "band" is not about music and creativity anymore. It's a mix of bad taste and greed. A bunch of old rats.
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    You'll see what happens. *angrily curses in Romani*
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    Yeah ever doubt this fucking site again.
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    Thats hilarious -Ali
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    I'm legit super fired up. Awesome theme Bacardi
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    Imagine being such a dingus that you sign your name after each response. /arnold
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    What? Just because he sounds like a moody middle-aged woman who hasn't been fucked in 30 years? Just because his vocabulary is limited to low level sexual terms? Come on now. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Do you have to be a chef to tell a certain food tastes bad? That doesn't make him a good musician. It's like saying Calypso is great because they sell out their shows. That's not how you measure someone's talent. Still struggling with the English language. I feel sorry for you. Yet I wonder if he received any warning from the ADMIN for comparing me to monkeys. Guess not because I didn't cry to the mods to ask the evil people to stop hurting me Agreed.
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    Seriously anyone who thinks bumblefoot is a good singer or that performance was any good needs to go flush their head down the toilet and then have someone whipe their ass cause your brain is floating. Fuck off with your fake posturing that he’s a good singer or that was good, he couldn’t sing for his supper in a soup kitchen for the homeless.
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    Now even the gypsies can buy the box or separeted itens of it! Universal Music selling off USB sticks, guitar picks and more from unsold Locked N’ Loaded boxes The Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction reissue campaign of 2018 was massive and in hindsight, perhaps over ambitious from a record label point of view. The ‘Locked N’ Loaded’ mega-box was created in the hope that 10,000 fans would be prepared to pay $1000 for a music box set that literally came in a wooden cabinet. You could hold it in your hands, but only just. Fourteen months on from the release, Universal Music have discounted this to less than $400 and furthermore, it appears they are actually breaking them up to sell off, separately, individual components that were once exclusive to the sets. Let’s take a look at what’s going on… The US GNR Merch site is not only offering the ‘Locked N’ Loaded’ box for $399 but it also has for sale something called ‘Appetite For Destruction Hardcover Book + 4CD+ Blu-ray‘ which looks very much like the super deluxe edition, WITHOUT the outer slipcase and the ‘collectables’ (lithos, replica concert tickets, posters, temporary tattoos, flyers etc). The $49.98 pricing on this is curious, since the same site has the actual super deluxe edition for ONE CENT more – $49.99. Superfluous as those ‘collectables’ might be, you may as well get them for a cent! Full shit here: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/spares-and-parts-guns-n-roses-appetite-for-destruction-sets-broken-up/
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    Gypsiferous soils are soils that contain sufficient quantities of gypsum (calcium sulphate) to interfere with plant growth. Soils with gypsum of pedogenic origin are found in regions with ustic, xeric and aridic moisture regimes.
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    I was growing Tomatoes but Hornworms came and ate it all. There is just one that survived and it's still growing. I have Jalapenos that are growing beautifully as well as Carrots and Lettuce. They have yet to grow fully. Hopefully they make it lol
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    I’m possessed by the gypsy spirit of rape and pillaging
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    Yeah, sorry but I have been infected with the sexy and passionate gypsy spirit and I can't stop it. I don't want to hurt anyone but I can't help it, I'm possessed by the Gypsy Spirit of love and seduction.
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    Who’s idea came from a Syrian who is half Brazilian.
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    Good fucking question !
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    Is Jarmo a gypsy? @maynard what will happen if I call a Swedish person a gypsy to their face?
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    Every thread is a gypsyfest now. The posts are encroaching and plentiful, just like gypsies when they invade.
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    Not yet. this is classic
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    How many hotdogs can Rick Swallow ? Without Chewing !
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    This guy is the angry teenage Borat. Confirmed.
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    FYI I will be changing my sn back to John Bonham for the game
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    This feud is better than Axl v Slash ever was.
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    myginaposting Fuck off with this shit, awad. Also, Bumblefoot is terrible.
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    The Ashba hate is fully justified.
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    strange and bizarre her "sense of humor" for sure. Bitter person who doesn't like anything. Now, it's quite interesting ... many here don't play a single note and want to criticize Bumble or Ashba.
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    You have a strange sense of humour.
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    OK, guys. I think we all know what's going on here, so let's just get it out in the open... Frank Ferrer visits GNFNR regularly and he's trying to communicate something to us with his "SHIT" shirt. Clearly there's no other objective explanation. I don't know whether he's trying to communicate with Brasky because he's an insider, or with me because Fernando talks to me, or with bacardi because he is the Shit King, but he's trying to say something to us. It is our duty to figure out what. So, the "Shit" t-shirt... WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS???!!!
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    Probably posted years ago, but for those who never saw this gem
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    I'm possessed by the gypsy spirit of shitposting
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    What is a gypsiferous soil?
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    Is daddy the one who's also your brother, cousin and pet goat?
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    Dave Seville is living with the emotional and financial fallout after the tragic and abrupt deaths of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore several years prior. Their passing ripped a black hole in his heart. The money he had through managing their musical group quickly dried up after taking to gambling and drink. Now, Dave Sevelle living alone and in debt, struggles with a lack of coping skills and suicidal thoughts. Meanwhile, John Arbuckle is living through his own personal hell. His beloved companion, Garfield, was fatally hit by an automobile. In shock, John finds himself in a deep state of grief and rage. He struggles to cope with his anger, and lashes out at his dog, Odie. He develops a lasagna addiction, Garfield's favorite meal, as a desperate last ploy to feel closeness to Garfields fading memory. He finds himself becoming more hopeless and overweight Be it by chance or fate, these two men meet. Through their shared pain, they develop a friendship like no other. They learn to cope, look back fondly on their passed loved ones, and learn to love and laugh again. They have a beautiful 6 months together, but John's lasagna addiction catches up with him... The cheese has congealed and hardened his arteries. The diagnosis shocks the new couple to their core. John has developed terminal lasagnatis. Through what they have endured and through their love and support, they get on with strength and perseverance. Dave breaks down one night knowing John's time is running out. He finally goes into Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's room, a place he hasnt entered in years. He sobs as he sifts through their old records and belongings. There, he finds an unfinished recording; the last song they were working on before their demise. Alvin would often desceibe it as their masterwork, and would not let Dave hear it until it was finished. Knowing he cant listen to it alone, Dave takes it to show John, but John is unresponsive on the floor in a puddle of secreting mozzarella and bolognese. At the hospital, John gains a bit of consciousness. The doctors have told them that the cheese has formed into brick cheese. He has hours left. Dave tells John about the unfinished record. He's afraid to listen to it and go on without John. John tells Dave that they have been through too much and both learned they can go on after such hardship. He gives Dave a poem he wrote about Garfield and dies. Dave cries but knows John is right. He goes home and after a few weeks, finishes the song using Johns poem. He calls the song, Garfield and the Chipmonks. The song becomes a world wide phenomenon and Dave knows he can carry on
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    i wear levis slim straights but at this point i'm too skinny for the ones i have and resemble the situation in the video when i put them on
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    why is he still wrestling in his fat-size jeans? i guess the CLW pay isn't too great
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    I don't give a fuck he's still shit. Please do write a wall of text how guilty you feel for liking Chinese Democracy Now, imagine this fluffer chimp saying all this in a dimwitted accent of his Yo, auadfag, you inbred pillow bitter, did you try to say anything or was it tourette's kicking in ? you primitive crossbreed between a monkey and a pygmy...
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    Play mafia. You are missing a lot of gnfnr context if u miss these games
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    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.... that’s salami.
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    In all my years here, I've never played mafia. If the next game revolves around gypsies and faggot haircuts, I might be inclined to do so.
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