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    Third post in a row, fuck me You know, I thought I could be considered mentally disturbed. I left the forum in a fit of rage years ago, returned as a character I made up that comprised of processed meats, spent 2 years in character making hot dog jokes, and I spend hours a week discussing a shitty, fat, washed up 80s singer that has only released 4 full albums of original studio material in his life... YET I see this shit and I feel like I just might make it
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    Brazilian hot dogs come loaded with garnishes that might sound unusual, such as quail eggs, mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, and potato sticks. Many Brazilians cook their hot dogs in tomato sauce before placing them in the bun.
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    That's the most Brazilian thing I've ever read.
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    We should all go to Axl's house and just kill ourselves on his lawn. What else is there to live for if not 20 year old demos? Thatll show him
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    To me it just sounds like a retard incapable of forethought got in way over his head.
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    We got to hear more of Checkmate and a full minute of Atlas. There was some kind of convoluted bullshit story about CDs retrieved from a storage locker, and some jackoff on mygnr said he was gonna go drive 14 hours and retrieve them, and then 14 hours back, and then he'd share all kinds of unheard wonderful goods with us. Everyone was so excited about the idea of actually hearing more (and there was physical proof this time, for the first time in years) that nobody said "Hey wait a minute. What the fuck is all this about driving for 28 hours and physical CDs?" So everyone waited patiently for something to happen. Nothing happened. Same as always. And the jerkoff that claimed he was gonna share shit hasn't been heard from since, but his name and pictures are all over social media, and he has an insanely faggy haircut. And allegedly, MSL's chicken greased fingers are all over this again, somehow. Whatever....just another day in the life of a GNR fan. I knew we weren't getting shit, but it would have been nice to at least hear all of Atlas.
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    This blood is on your hands, Rick http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5229110
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    Either they got to him or as someone else pointed out, the plan all along could've been to get hold of the material, make some noise then recieve shut up moneys from TB and recoup what he lost on the HOB debacle. It makes too much sense. He gets his money back and still has the material. Cunt if true. Praying the supposed other people involved find a way.
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    Don't hype shit up, not deliver, and then act like a woman when people aren't happy with you. Sack up, Rick. Admit you deserve the shit you're getting and let's move forward. Or stay a bitch. Your choice.
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    What a trade! You get to hear 20+ CDs of unreleased material, but you can never get an erection again
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    We are all fucking idiots for expecting one of our own to come through. Half of the Gnr fan base would sell their own mother to breathe in a fresh fart out of axls ass
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    And I'd be remiss if I weren't to take this opportunity to once again point out the severe fagginess of the gentleman's haircut. It's as gay as John Waters felching the cum outta Joel Schumacher's ass. That's how faggy that haircut is. It's so faggy that even a Korean pop boy band told him to butch it up a bit. It's so faggy that Kevin Spacey punched him right in the face and said "get the fuck away from me you fucking homo cum-guzzling faggot."
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    The only people who give a fuck about these leaks are people who would buy, and have been begging to buy, official releases of these tracks anyway.
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    I'll give you Exhibit A ...... you've been warned Maureen Catherine Anhalt (@AnhaltMaureen) | Twitter Maureen Anhalt - YouTube just a sample of what ol @Bill Brasky and I were introduced to on the Discord chats..........
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    Because we are an excitable and stupid fanbase.
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    Rick is rapidly losing my respect. MSL's 15 minutes were up over a decade ago. Here is a "Fuck off" MSL and I can put that in your escrow account if you'd like. Fuck Team Brazil.
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    If we just got a phone recording of him humming the songs and then overdubbing it with lyrics made up of synonyms for the actual lyrics, could Axl theoretically sue him?
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    Did they ? what a fag Clownzy is
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    Jar jar Binks could have handled this disaster better
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    Do those look like Rick’s scrawny hands or Walker’s nope they sure don’t Hello MSL
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    This was all ruse and nothing more. Soft Dick's only goal was to get hush money, to trade, basically, he pulled off another MSL. He had no intention of leaking those songs. Am I the only one who sees through all this bullshit ? I mean, come on, it's very easy if you think about it. I understood everything immediately the moment this dipshit started feeding myvaginer retards with crap talk about 24 hour drive, finding a motel, getting sleep and so on. He knew very well those imbeciles would fall on the edge of knife to get those songs. Plus, he's buddy buddy with a fat tub of lard MSL. I would n't be surprised if all this was planned by fatty himself....
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    A haha poster is one who proposes a distasteful hypothetical scenario and follows it with "haha". The appropriate response to such a poster is to tell him that he is based.
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    If only it would have been Leakin' James Comey who purchased the CD's
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    Yeah, the posters on the gyna. And I imagine gtgth, if that's even still a thing. I got banned there something like 10 years ago for suggesting that a reunion might be cool. Haven't been back since. But I'd like to think we're cooler here. The minute one of us gets something, we share it with everyone. It's too bad we have to do it by PM now, but fuck em. They can take down youtube videos but they'll never stop us. Eventually we're gonna liberate ALL of the music, cause fuck them, that's why.
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    The cunt has axls autograph tattoo’d on his arm, now think about that before you ask that question again.
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    Only hope now, one of the other parties who has copies of songs partners up with a "foreign entity" from a country where copyrights are not a high priority and distributes the songs on foreign (non-USA) soil.
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    Zero. I told you, I'm never paying for GNR music ever again. I'd go steal the fucking LALD from Best Buy right now if there was a Best Buy here.
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    Imagine having $20k to blow on old ass material, driving 28 hours in a short period of time and then being dumb enough to talk openly about leaking it before hand and being weak minded enough to listen to a big fat bold Jewish cunt and his pimple prick bitch boy
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    I suspect the op is Walker and or a certain fat cunt
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    Probably Walker or some shit
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    Man, the absolute joy I would get from seeing Axl have a piss bag explode on his face.... haha. Fuck off Axl
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    I will be at the next shows just to smear my poop on these fuckers. Fat Axl, Gay Puff, and Shit Salsh will be getting bags of piss to the face.
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    Thia is the worst group of...people...whatever. What a bunch of enormous faggots
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    Alex ross is so miserable, he cant even writte a song without shadow companies and hired hands. I have no idea why we are still at it.
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    This is the movie version of Hard School
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    Is Big Dick Rick being blackmailed?
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    I refuse to get sucked into the Discord for this reason. The amount of absolute circus freaks Axl attracts makes me sick to my stomach. I need to stay away for my own mental health
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    .....Salami... Salami that contains leeks... damn that’s desirable.
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    Msl stopped this , now I’m just waiting for cholesterol to finally stop him.
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