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    My wife told me the live action one they are making casts an African little mermaid. Also Mushu is gone from the new Mulan they are making. I don't know why anybody would even bother watching this shit. I saw the preview. Trash. Told my wife she is setting herself up to feel upset. Miser's suicide threat has been upgraded to Orange.
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    While I maybe liked like 2-4 songs (at most) from his first three albums, I didn’t even bother with this one. He’s had enough chances to wow me. He hasn’t even tickled my balls with a tail feather. I guess I don’t give a shit in the long run, but it does baffle me why he’s even bothering with this shit anymore. How much money can it really bring in for him nowadays? And I don’t understand what incentive the audience has to go these shows anymore. Before it made sense since it was the only way you could hear Slash play classic gnr. But now? He hasn’t had one hit from his solo career. And he’s not even playing anything from VR? How in the blue fuck isn’t this tour tanking?
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    Trump is well on track to execute Order 66 on the illegals before 2020 and secure his victory
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    Wife, beer, cats, football, basketball, GNFNR, Reddit, learning, coffee & donuts, weed
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    Axl should fuck more groupie sluts, would literally melt the fat away.
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    I want a high budget BBC documentary narrated by David Attenborough on the day to day life of Axl Rose. They can call it Planet Fat.
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    Getting my knob sucked by a chick with big titties. Wish it happened more often though
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    Forcing a shitpost is dangerous. Just let it happen au naturel or you’ll get a post hemmy.
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    Just sent it to 10 people If you haven't gotten your PM yet be patient, there's a lot of you
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    I think Slash will treat CD material as demos. Just like he did with Izzy’s songs on UYI or AFD. Fortus might have already worked on old Slash material too. But it will be this line up on the record. Writing credits will be diverse but Slash and Duff will be in control of the sound.
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    No she isn't. I downloaded it last night. Also, black people are afraid of water.
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    The Little Mermaid is black now I guess. Mickey Mouse can shove that film up his ass. They are reverse racists. I don't give a shit what they say.
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    Just caught a few YouTubes of Anastasia just to see how his live playing compares to gnr. Fuckin ay man. What happened to his live playing from 2012-2014?
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    Close. I'm the guy's ex wife.
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    When the lights went down in your houuuuuse Yeah that made me happuhhh
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    The Beatles didn't just achieve commercial success. The critics got it right. They are one of the most influential bands of all time. Kudos for your epic shit post.
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    Actor Rip Torn arrested, charged with breaking into local bank with loaded gun SALISBURY - Actor Elmore "Rip" Torn was arrested Friday night for allegedly breaking into a Main Street bank intoxicated, armed with a loaded revolver. Torn allegedly forced entry into a Litchfield Bancorp building, at 326 Main St., setting off an alarm, state police from the Troop B barracks in North Canaan said today. When police responded to the alarm around 9:40 p.m. they found Torn "with a loaded revolver and was highly intoxicated," according to a police news release. Torn allegedly entered the bank through a back window, police confirmed. The small bank appeared untouched in the front and on its left and right sides. A screen resting adjacent to the window was also torn. Police refused to release a videotape of that incident, which allegedly showed him acting belligerently toward officers, because he was granted special probation. Torn reportedly told the trooper he, too, was a police officer and showed him a New York auxiliary police officer identification. Torn also mentioned he was an actor, Dugan said. Much of his slurred responses were punctuated with profanities, Dungan said, and Torn reportedly told Dungan he would go to jail, too. http://www.registercitizen.com/news/article/Actor-Rip-Torn-arrested-charged-with-breaking-12080851.php RIP
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    I had a clip of Seven on my harddrive for 3 years before I realized it was another artist with singer that sounded like Axl.
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    http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-and-the-conspirators/2012/northern-alberta-jubilee-auditorium-edmonton-ab-canada-2bdcacf6.html this remains the best rock concert i've been to
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    Let's cut right to the most important question: who serves the best Ulster fry and did Slash dine there? Great weatherposting BTW
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