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    I don’t have one I just had a look. I can’t go on twitter it would be like wastedmania.
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    Axl will be fatter and shitter than ever in 2019. To be fair to him, 99% of us get fatter and shitter with every passing year. Age isn't kind to any of us.
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    Spending time with family. Playing tennis. Playing music. Reading. Listening to music. Drinking beers at the bar. And last but not least.... Salami.
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    Remember: Any man who doesn't know how to suck dick in 2019 is a bigot
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    5 episodes into new Stranger Things. Still not mad. Nancy is shit, and that little black girl has to go back, but it's fun otherwise. Hopper is the Fat Axl of law enforcement.
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    Close. I'm the guy's ex wife.
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    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7232485/How-fighter-jets-track-UFOs.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark I can already see CNN saying Trump is doing this because he hates illegal aliens.
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    When the lights went down in your houuuuuse Yeah that made me happuhhh
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    Any man who fucks a woman in 2019 without first getting signed written consent witnessed by an independent party, preferably with a breathaliser to hand is a sexual deviant.
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    Dude he’s doing his reimagined version of AC/DC long way to the top if you want to rock in roll ! called long way to the top if you’re a cuck who eats jelly rolls.
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    when the mail is mcdonalds coupons and not flyers
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    Omg who is writing that? Maybe it is a Skrull impersonating JJJ
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    Actor Rip Torn arrested, charged with breaking into local bank with loaded gun SALISBURY - Actor Elmore "Rip" Torn was arrested Friday night for allegedly breaking into a Main Street bank intoxicated, armed with a loaded revolver. Torn allegedly forced entry into a Litchfield Bancorp building, at 326 Main St., setting off an alarm, state police from the Troop B barracks in North Canaan said today. When police responded to the alarm around 9:40 p.m. they found Torn "with a loaded revolver and was highly intoxicated," according to a police news release. Torn allegedly entered the bank through a back window, police confirmed. The small bank appeared untouched in the front and on its left and right sides. A screen resting adjacent to the window was also torn. Police refused to release a videotape of that incident, which allegedly showed him acting belligerently toward officers, because he was granted special probation. Torn reportedly told the trooper he, too, was a police officer and showed him a New York auxiliary police officer identification. Torn also mentioned he was an actor, Dugan said. Much of his slurred responses were punctuated with profanities, Dungan said, and Torn reportedly told Dungan he would go to jail, too. http://www.registercitizen.com/news/article/Actor-Rip-Torn-arrested-charged-with-breaking-12080851.php RIP
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    wasted can't be contained to 240 characters
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    ... and that's how I ruined a perfectly good woman forever.
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    nvm it was just some beat writer rumor he's coming back next season
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    Ted and Ted 2 are phenomenal.
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    I think Antifa and other SJW movements represent the darkside of the internet. In the past these socially isolated losers would have in all likelihood committed suicide, but the internet has given them a portal to meetup in real life and play out their superhero delusions. Don't do drugs. Do drag. My how times have changed.
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    Conservatives sort of have similar views to progressives in the 90s now. So probably by 2050 all these things will be normal. But sort of glad to be missing where this whole thing is going. Ironically liking John Wayne and playing Mario Kart was like the toga mindset of American Empire. It won’t be long before they are harvesting our bodies off world while our minds are imprisoned by social media forever. Human consciousness traps itself on a jump drive with CD II songs. The simulation implodes.
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    I used to be of the mind that it's not an issue because it doesn't affect me. Live and let live and all that. Not any more. It's an openly hostile political movement now and most moderate people have been completely caught off guard. We gave an inch and they took a mile. Not any more.
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    That’s like when AOC says tax 70%. Most see that as ridiculous, but the left see that as just going in the right direction. It’s similar to Trump’s think big. Aiming for everyone being one hairless genderless species is not crazy, it’s virtuous. That’s the ideal of equality. They don’t want equality of opportunity they want other people to actually be as good as me. Preposterous!
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    The last five to ten years have been really bizarre. I thought, "Oh, I'm just getting older. It's natural for your views to shift a bit as you get older." But I really don't think it's ME. I think this fucking clown world shit is just getting more and more outrageous every day. Or maybe it is me just looking at the past with rose colored glasses.....but I don't think so, cause it's just been so recent and so rampant. I don't know.
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    I kind of expect CD II to be completely different to CD sound wise maybe even thematically might not be as focused as CD was. More like UYI but switching between AFD, UYI and CD material. Maybe that is VR plays CD to most people.
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    Conan....what is best in life?
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    True. Myles Kennedy is boring as fuck and these new songs are mostly shit. The guitar is good and all but after a while you just start skulling pints
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    I didn't even know he was here, my shitradar must be broken. I still can't wait to get shitfaced at an Adler gig and bring him to abrakebabra afterwards the fucking loon
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    Let's cut right to the most important question: who serves the best Ulster fry and did Slash dine there? Great weatherposting BTW
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    Well, to be fair, round is somewhat a shape
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    You tagged me on porpose. You are implying me and cardi are bff and a couple. All I did was a normal post about life. Obviously you are begging for me to troll YOUR thread, so you can cry a river about it.
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