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    GNR already use a similar pricing strategy for their concerts. It is based on IQ instead of ethnicity. Smart enough not to waste money on a GNR ticket in 2019=0 dollars Dumb enough to spend money on a GNR ticket in 2019=200+ dollars They used the same pricing strategy with the Locked N' Loaded box set. It was a huge success.
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    OK, since there is now an afro-centric festival that is charging people of different colors different admittance fees, could GNR charge Brazilians double? If so, would they still show up? What about charging fat boomer moms triple, so I don't have to hear the caterwauling cunts sing?
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    Stranger Things is set in the 80s and I havent heard any Phil Collins. Thats strange.
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    They have no chance to be good until Westbrook is gone. You should thank your lucky stars if some other team is willing to take him.
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    I still hope to see this line up but it feels like 2006 it might evade me. The pre release excitement isn’t enough to move. Once the album is out I cross oceans. Maybe they base their release dates around what show I book though. Worth considering.
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    i predict 2037 (50th anniversary of afd) will be the fattest year of all time for gnr they'll release another ridiculous shitbox, even more expensive than the last, with even less new material 75 year old axl will write a 2 sentence tweet to thank the buyers, his first communication with the outside world since the daily mail published a photo of him shirtless on his balcony in 2025 the tour will be a video (too cheap for holograms) of ritz 88 followed by 75 year old izzy singing an acoustic version of nightrain as the encore mygnr will still think the new album is coming soon
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    One ticket. 3 trillion dollars. They might play Shotgun Blues.
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    the only way i'd buy it is if i'm paying less than a dollar per version of you're crazy (so $7 or less) and only so i can take a shit in the box and tweet the picture to axl
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    I can wait till it's like 10 dollars and even then would battle myslef to buy it.
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    nancy pelosi's daughter preparing for the shitstorm, already playing damage control and no one's even been arrested yet this might be good
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    Got in an argument about the drag kids on Reddit. One guy was vehemently defending it and calling me a troll. Looked through his post history and found this, posted 9 hours ago. Fucking degenerates.
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    Will give it a try, hope you’ve been well man
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    Vlad isn't Miser you retards, it's Valentina
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