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    To all those wishing he’d top himself, just remember. This “retard” fucks more pussy in a year then you have in your whole lifetime. And he does it while dribbling from the side of his mouth.
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    Man, people are fuckin harsh. I know Steven's a retard, but damnit, he owns a large piece of Appetite's groove. He's a legend. And he was great on Celebrity Rehab. When he told Gary Busy to shut the fuck up because he had brain damage too, that was great television.
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    Steven’s stabbing had better tempo and sound than Frank. Get we’ll soon Popcorn.
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    So here's my question. Mafia team, did you know of a traitor in the game?
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    Lana Del Rey should cover "Don't Cry," and make a music video where she dresses up as Shannon Hoon and Axl Rose
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    now you motherfuckers believe me? Go back and read my posts. I said you can quote me if Wasted is not mafia* you can vote for me. Eat my shit mafia. I'm coming for the next one now.
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    Steven would have to hang himself in order to bring swing back to GNR. I know. Sick joke. Besides, Axl needs no inspiration whatsoever to cover Knockin' On Heaven's Door for the 500th GNR show in a row.
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    "Performance wise the shares of American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:AXL) rose up 10.26% for the week, it also fell -6.13% for the monthly performance, while for the quarter it went down 36.49%. (...) http://factsreporter.com/2019/04/03/face-to-face-hot-stocks-bloomin-brands-inc-nasdaqblmn-american-axle-manufacturing-holdings-inc-nyseaxl/
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    I’m at work, I’ll put together my reasoning later tonight when I clock off. I’m going to sever every ligament before I slit the throat of each mafia player. Gonna have me some fun.
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    I have never looked up someone else’s role before. the fact JB did makes him look a tad dirty. I mean, if he got his role as Mafia, and was told of a traitor in the ranks, he would obviously not know who it was. Thats the whole point of the role. So that’s why he looked it up, for clarification.
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    I’d likely @hotdogman let us know if he has a keen insight that benefits the town.
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    @Bill BraskyBrasky Im pretty much on board with your theories. @John Bonham accused you of knowing the traitor, but didn't really provide evidence. @hotdogman is an odd duck @arnold laynecomplains that the days last too long rhen disappears. I'm ready to vote. Of the 3 listed above, it's a crap shoot between Arnold and JB
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    So I see the usual players have decided to take the game off..
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    My everything hurts after watching that trailer.
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    Right. Holy shit the ideology is in your face from the opening line of the trailer.
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    Since Liars asks the same questions, I trust he is a townie looking for the truth. This makes @hotdogman even more suspicious.
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    I'm still tryiing to see where Bill knew of the Mafia traitor.. Am i missing something here? From what I understand about the role, Mafia sometimes knows of a traitor in the ranks but doesn't know who the player is. So if Bill knew of the traitor, and who it was, to me at least, that makes Bill not Mafia
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    Someone is always the lynching vote. I changed my vote for a number of reasons A) You were if ful meltdown mode for legitimate reasons I've come to believe B ) Arnold was complaining about the length of the day C) I was getting annoyed at the length of the day D) There was enough evidence to change my vote at that time to believe he was dirty
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    I can’t imagine what it will be like a 50 years. I feel like I really hit the sweet spot in the history of the world. There’s never been such a good run. But looks bad up ahead.
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    Like Dead Rising on xbox 360. I spent a year or two hacking zombies in an empty mall and saving survivors.
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    I never said any of that.
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    I expect GNR UFO at the next Area 51 Residency. “Unidentified flying objects are stopping us from recording a new album. Axl keeps throwing tacos at the band.”
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    “After women hit 35, they are basically a post wall woman. It's like they hit a wall at full speed and their face got all messed up” You learn something new eveyday. Never stop developing and trying to better yourself as your lver dissolves and degenerative disc dusease makes it difficult to plug headphones into your smartphone.
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    Dogsie, you've slipped on the radar. You better step up your game and come up with better excuse as to why you did n't vote for wasted.
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    So what the fuck were me , Ragnar and GNS doing ? it can’t be this easy
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    @hotdogman when did you go after Wasted please post the quotes or you just fuahhhh cked up.
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    We'll avenge you @popcorn's snare and @magisme. Your deaths will be repaid ten fold.
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    Here is a hint. Look at all those who said any excuse under the sun to not vote wasted, after he blatantly fucked up this person/people still came up with an excuse to not vote
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    wasted i told you i could pick your pattern of play and I did. Now your dead. who else wants some?
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    No, but I think I found some good stuff in the first few pages. Might complicate the game.
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    I think I am not surprised with one of the things that happened 😱
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    Sorry everyone I had something scary come up but seems like everything is ok now. Back to the story: Everyone entered the room. Ragnar looked around. Nothing but old pieces of machinery. "Look!" And pointed to another smaller room in the corner. "Careful, that might be another trap!" Yelled Hotdogman. But everyone went closer anyway. The smaller room was empty as well but in blood had writing on the wall- WAIT! DO NOT ENTER "Yea, I'm not going inside" said GNRLiars. Everyone kept looking around to find something. Anything that would help. Frustrated and tired, Magisme decided to try the smaller room. "No serial killer is gonna stop me. Especially if it's cause of some fat singer and his sidekick!" Magisme went inside while everyone looked in suspence. "See, it's nothing." Suddenly the door slammed shut. In the background, Jigsaw began to talk: "Magisme, you have shunned the legendary band GUNs N Roses and have closed the door on them. Perhaps it's time to close the door on you!" With that, the walls began closing in. "Help him!" Yelled JB. Everyone began to look for a way to help Magisme. But it was too late. Crunching Bones could he heard and screams of "I regret nothing!" In the background. Everyone just starred in horror. Magisme was: "Oh my God" said Bill. "You guys! Look over here!" Said Arnold as he pointed at a dead body. "Who is that?!" Said KFCBucket. The body on the floor was: "How did that happen?!" Said GNS. Suddenly air masks came from the ceiling and a tape. "Hello. These masks will offer you air to survive. But only enough for 7 of you to survive. Otherwise you will all die Time is of the essence in this game. Remember to breathe." You all have until Thursday to put in your vote. Then decisions will be made. Live or die. Make your choice
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    Yeah the abandoned mall series on YouTube is fascinating. There is a mall struggling to survive a few miles down the road. Half the mall is vacant.
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    He was sent a copy of Tenderness by King of Punk, Duff Punk McPunkgan, listened to 47 seconds of it and decided that death was a better proposition than listening to the rest of it.
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    I am tempted to try this Subscription box. Every month I get 5 treats from around the world to try. Sounds fun Anyone have a subscription box of any kind? Right now all I have is Boxycharm
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    Good point. Still wouldn't have brought Bischoff in though.
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    and yeah im like the fuck i got a fuckin problem
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    There’s a burger machine that makes them faster than workers too. It never gets tired or ask for a raise. Most people here use their phone to pay the touch screen in McDs. But people still need somewhere to go for lunch. Who actually needs to go to the office though. The top people get excited about those video conference rooms. It’s a big glass screen and it’s like you are in the room with people. Star wars hologram style. So that will be everyone’s future. Once the chip is in your head you interface directly with google. Google becomes your brain.
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    Your very first post was to vote for me lol and here you are accusing others of what you are guilty of in the first instance. im not going to vote yet but I’m keeping my eye on you. If your town you are going to get us killed.
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    hotdogman and KFCBucket do not appreciate life. Both will kill you and both are dead meat.
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