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    Reports surfacing that he'd been listening to an album called Tenderness before shouting "I can't take it any more!" and then stabbing himself with a bread knife.
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    Guarantee if he done himself in those three would the first with the crocodile tears and my brother bullshit. Especially Duff
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    Steven Adler with a stab wound still plays better than Frank Ferry.
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    Did he stab himself with a heroin needle?
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    Apparently he was practicing slicing pies and cakes in hopes that he could be of service to Axl
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    Generally our days go long. I was just pointing out the difference on the other forum. Bit hey! This has been one of the best games in recent memory. You're doing great
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    Thanks! I hope I'm not doing too bad I'm still laughing at the Vlad/Val confusion. I changed my name to commemorate the occasion 😂
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    @GNR444 your doing a great job hosting and we all appreciate it
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    Steven > > > Mr. PC Duff "MeToo" McShitgan.
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    With all of the guys faults and the dude has a lot, I bet he’d never wish someone he doesn’t know to die. Just food for thought .
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    I watched that new Charlie’s Angels trailer for a laugh and I swear towards the end one of the girls lifts up her arms and it’s fuckin unshaven. plus the “angels” are fucking busted. Kristen Stewart? 🤢
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    I am tempted to try this Subscription box. Every month I get 5 treats from around the world to try. Sounds fun Anyone have a subscription box of any kind? Right now all I have is Boxycharm
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    Yea, sorry guys. I assumed everyone liked longer days otherwise I would have cut it shorter some time ago. Plus, with the way I set things up I think after the first lynch, things will get "interesting" lol
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    I'm gonna keep that to myself for now. I've said enough about other suspects in the thread. People can read back. You sound like mafia trying to find the best night kill.
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    I honestly don't mind if the game goes on for long. As Magisme said, you guys are here all the time anyways lol It has been a week since I opened the game. I think it's pretty fair to give a timeline on the vote at this point. Wasted and Bill can only go back and forth for so long lol
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    @John Bonham The roles were decided at random
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    I am so goddamn tired of these "days" lasting weeks. Jesus Christ. This shit is ridiculous. Honestly I am losing interest in this game. Here I am trying to get the game going, putting down a vote, and that is considered suspicious. The game involves voting. That is how it works. If you all want this game to last until 2020, then I don't fucking want any part of it. God damn it.
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    When is the downzy, dazey, classicrawker, omar Bradley debate?
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    My reasons for voting popcorn's snare. Out of everyone in the game, he is playing least like his usual self. He usually plays like a quote aggressive asshole. This game, he is laying low, playing nice, and shitposting non-substantive filler. Posting something non-controversal, rather than posting nothing. Very, very atypical gameplay from altered beast/popcorn's snare. This is what my vote is based on. Not any crazy double-blind or wine before me theories (wasted) or fake news detective work (Brasky). I wouldn't even call it gutposting (magisme). I am basing my vote entirely on my observation of his gameplay in this game, this thread. Very atypical. Perhaps, popcorn's snare has 2 weak mafia partners, and he is just trying to survived day 1 without calling too much attention to himself. Val, how were the roles determined? Every one else: please take a good look at my day 1 work. Don't try to tell my I am working with someone else. There is no pattern. I am playing the same as I always do. Popcorn's snare has set off my shit radar. That is where my vote is going.
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    Stability is the last thing this tour needs.
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    Yes it has. It's supposed to come out in August. It's gonna have Charles Manson ( the same Charles Manson actor that plays in Quentin Tarantino's film) . I'm super excited about it
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    The one good thing about the Mafia Championship I was just playing in, was Days and Nights had time limits. Either 72/48hrs Or 48/24hrs Days to nights. It worked out great
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    You should change your name. GNR444 sucks anyway.
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    that makes it all the more absurd
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    lol, did we lose Arnold? Like Hotdogman said, I think it's faster after the first day
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    Lol. Thats the kind of news you get from gnr nowadays. Poor Steven. He's really mentally fucked. Unlike some posters here who brag they are omg so depressed anxiety weed but are just losers without friends. Get well soon Shitsteven.
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    Freudian slip? maybe i want to be fucked by some Vlad and you can all fuck off it is 2019
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    Val as in, Valentina, not Vlad, Jesus, who the fuck is Vlad ? Get the fuck out..........
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    Wonder what's going on with him. Still think he's been treated like utter shit by Axl, Slash and Duff. Even Adler playing one song each night on the tour can't be that fucking difficult. Hell take those stupid damn bongos off Dizzy and let Adler bang away on them for the whole concert, nobody will even notice.
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    Seriously though... This move by @arnold layne got me triggered now...
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    No debates. Just text me the parties policies. Then I’ll tick a box.
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    failfuck junkie gonna failfuck, I guess. Hope he dies
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    saw a clip of today's debate and they were all shouting over eachother like a bunch of retards kamala yelled about race bullshit and "won" apparently fuuuuuuuuuuck this
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    I think we can all agree that Axl in the Chinese Democracy era was quite similar to what Michael Jordan was in the Washington Wizards era. And now Axl is even older and in even worse shape physically and vocally than he was in the CD years. Watching Axl, Slash, and Duff today is the musical equivalent of what it would be like to watch MJ, Pippen, and Rodman play in Ice Cube's Big 3 league. Axl should follow Jordan's example and return to his home state and buy himself a pizza place.
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    Youve changed your vote more times then a Chinese abacus can count. You’re gone bro, exposed and ousted. Even your mafia team mates are ignoring you and not even bothering to help you out.
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    Still trying to figure where Magisme fits Indy maybe ?
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    I'm town, so please remember that John Bonham and Bill Brasky came after me. Please mark this post. You can find it easily by searching for cuntlickerjbrasky.
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