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    The reason you never see Axl in any of the band photos is because he is the background
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    MIB: International was so shit. Chris Hemsworth fucks an alien for no reason. Has nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. What the fuck. Why.
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    Read the thread I’ve already made that post.
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    I want to vote you for asking something like this.
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    Election season is truly upon us! that means new sexual assault allegations for Trump. Never mind the complete lack of evidence, the timing or the new books coming forth. It’s the truth, swears.
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    See my quoted Bonham text I included in last post
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    Album releases are title fights. Axl knows that he's gotta be in shape to present new music to people for the first time. Not in This Lifetime tours are about funding 24 hour fast food service and leisurely pursuits.
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    Let me see if I’m following the Fatter the Axl the further away he is from releasing new music ? Where the lower Axl’s BMI the closer he is to releasing new music ? This is some groundbreaking scientific work.
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    What's the skinny on the Girther Movement? Will Axl release his BMI number in order to block Chinese Democracy II from coming out?
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    No. He’s also not lost. Really best day 1 gameplay By him ever.
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    Corrected Vote Count-  1 GNS - (JB) 1 GNRLiars - (Arnold Layne) 1 KFCBucket - (GNRLiars) 1 Wasted - (Bill Brasky) 6 Votes to Lynch
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    Official vote: GnRLiars I may be right. I may be wrong. But I do know that MIB needed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
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    What we still miss: - 96 pages of day one - Liars pointing at every aingle player hintig they are mafia. When asked about reasons replies "I do more than you. i question, push the game forward. I am necessary". When pushed he will role reveal and ragequit, - somebody saying "JB is 94,5% mafia, mags is 65.4 town etc." - "I was sent a PM by... Can't show it though, cause ... You know... The rules!" - someone writing "if I get killed this night, remember I said X was mafia!!" Damn, so many ahead of us I'm getting a boner!
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    Does this game feel rushed to you? Anyone else? Is anyone here feeling that this game is moving too fast?
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    No offense taken. But a vote this early, with no credible or valid evidence is simply a vote in haste and will be absolutely detrimental to the town. And plus, it's scummy
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    The Crow is such a cool movie.
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    The latest accusation by E.Jean Carroll did make me laugh. She wrote a biography of Hunter S. Thompson back around 1991. It's total trash. Every second chapter is her attempt at Gonzo Journalism. It's embarrassing drivel and full of outright lies. I'm not even exaggerating. She wrote total fiction about her time with Hunter and then presented it as fact. He thought it was complete shit. When I saw her accusations against Trump I literally laughed out loud. She's a complete fantasist. Oh and what's this? She has a new book out called "Why do we even need men?" Obvious publicity stunt attention whoring is obvious.
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    Red wine and coca cola with ice.
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    So Nate, how much interest are you charging and is it compounded daily? If not collected after 30 days are you gonna hit his credit report?
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    I don't know if I agree or disagree because I see objectively zero detective work. "B-but evidence in the film thread." No one is gonna sift through that thread. Post links to incriminating posts or you're FOS.
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    I don't need to see Axl in October. I live by a bunch of cows already. They have better voices too.
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    Liars you need to stop playing mafia outside this forum. You are loosing your nose. Shall I expect an e-mail from JB on how I hurt your feelings?
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    The reunion all started when Dice was in line at the bank with his tongue up some chick's ass...
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    10 albums of pure greatness
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    No serial killer can stop me making fat Axl and cuck Slash jokes.
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    I agree. North American and European masculinity are shit. Time to go Middle Eastern and African.
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    Toxic masculinity is nothing more than man shaming by self identified feminists. Vote Trump in 2020 and we will send these ladies back to the kitchen.
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    I don't know whether I'm the boxer or the bag
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    We also need one of these guys as an emoji Will look for one
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    Encanarcion is a fucking bum. He can't hit shit.
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    So Yankees got Edwin Encanarcion for a bag of peanuts. Stanton is back Tuesday, Judge by the end of the week. 3B LeMaiheu SS Gregorious RF Judge DH Encanarcion LF Stanton C Sanchez 1B Voit CF Hicks 2B Torres I think Frazier will be flipped for a SP soon. Severino is back at the all Star break and Jordan Montgomery in August. Betances is an unknown at this point.
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    Dreamt I drank a bottle of gin and projectiled into the toilet at 4am on Saturday morning and woke up and realised that it was in fact reality.
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    Never appreciated the Blue Oyster Cult as a teen, when I lived and breathed Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Purple, Floyd, Alice Cooper and all their ilk. They are right up there for me nowadays...it was cool to have another one of those love affairs in my thirties♥️
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    You guys are going to say BS, but there was one distinctive dream where I dreamt that I was high, and I felt high. I think what happened though is that my heart skipped a beat and I woke up feeling strange.
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