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    "Iiiiiiii want your soul.........IIIIIII will EAT your soul!!!!" Come to daddy.....come to dady.....come to daddy....COME TO DADDY!!!
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    If I can’t call someone a fucking cunt during mafia then it’s not real mafia.
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    The American public has no say in this.
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    I wonder did Broski know he was a meme shared almost 10,000 times before he croaked?
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    I’m going to a vigil tonight at my local strip club. The strippers are going to light candles then pour the melted wax onto their tits.
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    He is a very underrated player, a truly great career.
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    I honestly don't expect skeeter to ever pay me on the wager I just won, but I would just like to say that I am a man, and I pay up my bets. This is an opportunity to show us all who you really are @Skeeter.
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    Sign up If it goes as planned, should start by next week
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    I'm on way...I'm on wayyyyyy...ICE CREAM CONE!!!
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    You should call them a bunch of faggots, role reveal, and then peace out.
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    I'll give this one a shot just because Val is hosting it.
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    I think I’m getting lynched tonight in my Mafia Chamionship game. its not the same over there boys... They have different rules, they play differently. i got a PM during the last night phase because I insulted someone. Its different. but it’s still fun
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    In. Bets on who quits the forum close at the open of Day 1.
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    @GNS @magisme @KFCBucket @wasted @Major Mayhem @popcorn's snare @Facekicker @hotdogman @arnold layne @John Bonham
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    That's the stuff Tony Soprano eats Gabagool
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    @Salsh Borski can you please identify the deli meat in the picture ?
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    Only in the sense the coroner said he was.
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    If's a game where you have to find out who is the "good guy" and who is the "bad guy". The moderator (who has no dog in the fight) will PM you before the game begins as to which role you are. If you are Mafia, you are aware of who is Mafia. (you can contact each other) You then have to persuade others to "lynch" a player without rising suspicion. If you are town, you are unaware of who is who. You must deduce based on the thread who is Mafia. By the game night, someone will be lynched. Sometimes you are given a role. The Moderator will instruct on how to use your power. You can also contact the Moderator if you have any questions. It should be fun. It will be my first time Moderating, so I'm sure to run into some issues lol. So playing in my game would probably work best for you, just to get an idea of how it works.
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    He intentionally did this because he bet someone else this thread would be made to double his money, or that's what he'll tell us.
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    I love Mafia and Val Mafia sounds great, but I am going away on vacation next week. Have fun
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    I just hope he gives us a wall of text about how some people might think it's OK to skip out on their bets, but he's a man of his word and always pays up. LOL that we questioned him.
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    fuck off, you already made this thread two weeks ago
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    Don't enjoy the taste of your own dick medicine? Life isn't fair champ.
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    Strange coincidence. this album appears in my youTube yesterday as sugestion. Will listen now.
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    @Miser Do some research and report back.
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    Golden State fucked up by not putting Klay back in the game. If I was Klay I would walk away from this team after that. Not putting him back in the game was a cheap pr stunt by The Warriors after their gross mishandling of Kevin Durant.
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    Looks to me as if the US has staged another Gulf of Tonkin type incident as a preamble for war with Iran. Hopefully the American public doesn't fall for it this time.
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    I don't know which was more shocking: Price giving up 6 earned in 1 1/3rd innings, or the bullpen giving up nothing in 7 2/3rd innings. Still seems like a lost season, Mookie can kiss his dreams of a $300M contract goodbye. Yanks will be fine once they get some starting pitching help.
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    Skeeter owes me forty bucks.
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    I wonder if he got into the band death grips because the only action he could get was with his right hand.
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    I'll admit I never actually listened to the Death Grips. Almost though.
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    The goal would be: Find out how many people would want to join the game Read up and plan up for the weekend and then the game would start by Next week Would that work?
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    If Robbie Robertson dies do you think they will add The Weight to the setlist?
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    My father's own recount. No, I was born 2 years later. Yes, he's healthy and still kicking. Thank God !!!
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    The late Bill Buckner struck out a grand total of 205 times in the entire decade of the 1970s
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    Yup, I envy it. A strong bullpen is so essential, the ability to protect leads is more valuable than anything. And it takes the pressure off the starting pitchers, they can go full-out for 5-6 innings and know the relievers will finish up. This is why I've always said, of all the great players during the Yankee dynasty of 1996-2000 the most valuable wasn't Jeter or Pettitte or Posada or Bernie ... it was Mariano. With him, nearly every lead was safe.
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