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    These days, shouldn't it be Everyone Knows I'm a Lesbian?
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    He should start wearing the Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian shirt again.
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    I’ve seen a photo of him and the resemblance was uncanny. Not even joking, fat pale faced neck beard cellar dweller sums up his look.
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    I assume everyone here is at their local bar having a drink for our fallen DJ. What did you say when the bartender popped the question? Me: Give me a beer from the tap. Barkeep: Do you want the list? Me: You decide. Literally too heartbroken to choose.
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    Poured out a touch of my morning coffee for my homie.
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    That wasn't actually a photo of Broski i just googled "Neckbeard" and picked the second photo that came up
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    Bacardi's breakdown was over Broski's sudden passing. That asshole photo was Broski. Bummed to death after he met Robert Finch RIP Broski PS: DJ Anal Trauma might have been a better name than DJ TDR
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    Yeah you're right I should take up a more hetero hobby like obsessing over some indy wrestler's lack of big oily lats.
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    @Deadstar @bran @Alex Trebek
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    I'm sobbing into a bowl of ice cream right now.
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    You guys are going to say BS, but there was one distinctive dream where I dreamt that I was high, and I felt high. I think what happened though is that my heart skipped a beat and I woke up feeling strange.
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    Absolutely. If the Raptors pull this off, this will be my favorite finals since Dirk's Mavs upset LeBron.
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    Bud Light for you Broski. It is all I have in the fridge.
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    It's not really a sport anyway. It is more of a social network of celebrities with basketball talent.
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    If the Raptors win, I win money. If the Golden State Warriors win, I owe @Skeeter money. I won't disclose the details out of respect for skeeter. It isn't over yet. Win or lose, I want skeeter to come back to acknowledge the outcome.
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    Yes. They should reduce it to zero games to spare us the torture of the "sport" and the halfwits who play it.
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    Don't change the subject Nate. If the Warriors lose, you owe someone something. I forget what, but I remember you making a bet.
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    Do you think the NBA season is too long? It is mid-series and preseason football starts in a month and a half.
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    I see they've remade Men In Black with a chick and the guy who plays Thor.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of Neckbeard
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    I’m hoping for a bluesy hard rock album. No Layers No sounds effects No clean voice I want Rasp , long guitar solos and loud drums in a Adler style.
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    Sounds.like a no-talent, imaginary lat having jobber to me.
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    pride parade in edmonton got cancelled because some group of super-trannies held it ransom, using intimidation tactics and demanding a bunch of utterly ridiculous bullshit from the organizers local news is completely walking on eggshells with it, skimming over and saying it was cancelled for financial and logistical reasons love it when the left eats itself and the news buries the evidence
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    if we can't make fat axl posts is there really a forum to begin with
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    Lay off Axel's hair you fucking psycho!
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    I don't think this fatlete campaign is going to work out too well for Nike.
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    the fat acceptance movement isn't about normalizing fat as healthy, it's about making desirable men want to fuck fat chicks these bitches have no delusions about their health, they just want dick
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    Let's get real here. The vast majority of whales that buy these clothes will not be doing any exercise whatsoever. Instead they just want to show off that they are "real curvy women" while in reality their bloated carcasses cause they rest of us to gag on sight as they parade down the street on their mobility scooters.
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    Funny thing is that if you ask any sane fat person they'll tell you how horrible being fat is. They don't want inclusivity, they want to fucking lose weight.
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    when is the next show? how soon can we expect to gaze upon axl's new waistline?
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    Christ on a crutch, I haven't had a drink in over four years. I have drinking dreams sometimes and I always feel so guilty....I broke my streak. Then I wake up and realize it didn't happen and I'm relieved. But the other day I was thinking about how I used to come home from work on a Friday and buy a few cheap bottles of red wine. "I'll drink while I cook, like an Italian guy!" I thought. But I'd finish the first bottle in about 20 minutes, and then the next two, and an hour later I'd be out looking for more booze, and I forgot to cook altogether. Good times. Once I couldn't find my corkscrew so I took the bottle outside and used the shoe method to open it. You ever eat dark chocolate while drinking red wine? Damn, it's amazing. The wine just makes the chocolate pop. I feel like I've polished off a bottle of wine sometime recently....it's such a vivid memory. Almost tactile...the vinegar smell of it...the way it makes your lips sticky. But it really has been over four years. It's crazy how time flies. Unless I drank while sleepwalking somehow.....but I don't sleepwalk.
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    I won't argue that point. However, the original poster asked why this band is so reluctant to release new material. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they can more than comfortably rest on their past laurels and seemingly tour forever off of past albums. Until people stop going to shows, I'm not sure there will ever be any perceived "pressure" on this band to release new material. To be clear, I hate this situation. The leaks keep me engaged and have me hoping for new material: songs and albums I'd happily hand over money to buy, but they're never released. I imagine the leaks are discouraging to the band, but why not release them? I've spent an obscene amount of $ back in the day of the 3 track CD import single with an album track and perhaps a couple of b-sides (live tracks, etc). They could've done this with Shadow of Your Love... Throw in a live performance of the song and "Going Down," yeah I'd shell out $12 for it.
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