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    pride parade in edmonton got cancelled because some group of super-trannies held it ransom, using intimidation tactics and demanding a bunch of utterly ridiculous bullshit from the organizers local news is completely walking on eggshells with it, skimming over and saying it was cancelled for financial and logistical reasons love it when the left eats itself and the news buries the evidence
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    Terminator was always about Arnold. That's why 1 & 2 are the only good ones. NuTerminator has sucked dick for decades.
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    People would have no issue with his weight if he wasn't wheezing and panting and screeching his material whilst cutting words short to gasp for breath.
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    That wasn't actually a photo of Broski i just googled "Neckbeard" and picked the second photo that came up
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    That's my little virgin ♥️
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    I've never bought into the Cameron hype. He's Michael Bay + fedora.
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    No Jacket Required by Phil Collins, but unironically.
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    does anyone remember that dumbfuck who quit because of a nerd internet game?
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    "You have to train like a pro athlete." What planet is this retard on?
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    Wait a second. Miser died?
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    What is "Dental Care" for $1,000 Alex
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    It would be rad if Axl ditched that Glen Campbell shit and added Eat It to the setlist.
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    Ive never been a huge Punk Floyd fan but David Gilmours guitar solos are nothing but perfect. Every single note is important if you change it you ruin the whole thing.
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    Where is @Major Mayhem I miss him. ps Gunner wtf
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    it's literally been 28 years since the last good terminator release who the fuck cares
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    I can't remember a time when pop culture terminology was shittier. Fucking "woke". The word alone makes you want to go right wing.
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    "Axl's one smart dude. He looks at the cubed slice of pizza from every angle."
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    Pardon me!? The buffet is out of sweet and sour spare ribs?
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    New season of Black Mirror is giving Duff's new album a run for biggest shit of the year
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    if we can't make fat axl posts is there really a forum to begin with
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    I’m telling you guys it’s a trap a new user makes a post about Axl not being fat which it knew would result in the factual fat Axl pics rolling in. The poster probably wants them to issue false copyright claims. i know it’s sad some have that much free time and sadder they decide to spend that time pretending Axl isn’t a fat ginger.
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    Alex training revolves around lifting square pizzas.
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    Guess Axl didn't get that memo
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    Hey he trains like a over 40 ladies professional softball player. While Axl trains like John Daily.
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    Imagine coming into someone's death thread and spreading unsubstantiated rumors that they're alive. This isn't Stranger Things. Broskirose is fucking dead. Show some respect.
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    We can only hope. Thread of the year material right there
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    But what if it's not? Freaks me out so bad.
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    It's not a death hoax, man. No one was ever supposed to buy it. It started because maynard and arnold hilariously misinterpreted something bacardi wrote. Then we laughed at their misinterpretations. Look at the posts. Then we posted increasingly ridiculous things, ensuring that even a GUNNER tier brainlet would get that it wasn't serious. A hoax is not a joke until the hoax is revealed. This was a joke the entire time. Also, don't be a faggot.
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    You mean I rubbed one out over a picture of Robert Finch in vein? Fuck you guys.
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    I love jokes. I call people fags sometimes even though I know they're not gay. It's funny cause it's not true. I've just never found death hoaxes funny, even if it's someone I don't like. We already had one member die tragically young and that was enough for me. I'll make a joke about just about anything, but I think death hoaxes are as funny as doxing or swatting someone.
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    It's not a fan page. You were wrong. Sorry to confuse you. Run along now.
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    Lay off Axel's hair you fucking psycho!
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    Funny thing is that if you ask any sane fat person they'll tell you how horrible being fat is. They don't want inclusivity, they want to fucking lose weight.
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    Might try Catch 22. But that would be crazy.
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    I’m binge watching House. i’ve seen all of them before. But i fucking love the show.
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    Mother Fuckers terminator dark fate spoilers
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    E.T. phone homo. The story of a cisgender alien who crash lands on earth and helps a young boy named Elliot transition into a young girl called Ellie. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will puke in the aisle.
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    I watched Aquaman last night. Charlton-Heston.gif Worst movie I've ever seen. Holy shit
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