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    I think my dealer is cutting my blow with butter. World's fattest cokehead...
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    I remember it well because originally he said that he had a story to tell but that he'd have to wait a calendar year to tell it. I smelled the winds of shit in the air, so I put his post in the magisme mind-vault. Exactly one year later I quoted him and requested the story. Faggotry ensued.
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    You have to call in to my good friend’s store.... Frank’s Meat & Produce. He stocks a wide variety of salamis. Tell him Salsh sent ya!
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    Fuck somebody's cousin.
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    I bet you could give one of those strippers 20 bucks to shove one of those authentic Louisville baseball bat’s right up her twat.
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    The media backlash has begun
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    Boyd. Walton Goggins is the man.
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    It was sad hearing that great crowd deflate with every goal. Pitiful performance for their first home game. >when your goaltending options are Jordan Shittington and Jake Allen
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    Valid but I always will remember my damn smooth emailing me and staying in touch. Skeeter and GNR Liars also stayed in touch. JB also a damn good friend. i just really hope Gunner returns and Skeeter too
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    Remember how easy it was to make you come back? Me neither.
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    I don't think so. I think it's intentional, but not in a staged way. We can argue whether it's the best strategy, but I think this is just the way he manages people who work for him. If he doesn't like what you're doing, there will be absolutely no mystery about it. Everyone will hear about it. Bolton, in this case, gets a grace period to realign himself with Trump, after which Trump will not hesitate to replace him. It's a recognizable pattern at this point.
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    Can't wait for Facekicker to report back that Southerners are actually some of the nicest people he's ever met. For me, it's a toss-up between Southern Americans and Italians (the ones in Italy).
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    Yep, I remember Downsyndrome's backpedaling and excuses when he bought the forum like it was yesterday.
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    Finally finished watching all of Justified.
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    Mickey Rourke's trainer, wigman, and pussy provider is gonna hook him up.
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    The Blue Album -The Beatles LA Woman - Doors Physical Graffiti - Zeppelin Sticky Fingers - Stones Highway 61 Revisited - Dylan Hotel California - Eagles Back in Black - ACDC Rust In Peace - Megadeth Pump -Aerosmith Pulp Fiction Soundtrack The Departed Soundtrack Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix The Division Bell - Pink Floyd ChangesBowie- Bowie Screamadelica - Primal Scream Morning Glory - Oasis Parklife - Blur Everything Must Go - Manic Street Preachers Unplugged in New York - Nirvana The Real Thing - Faith No More Is This It - The Strokes Hysteria - Def Leppard Kick - INXS Like a Prayer - Madonna Doggystyle - Snoop Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits Shake Your Moneymaker - The Black Crowes Electric - The Cult Grand Theft Auto - Soundtrack Green - Weezer I Should Coco - Supergrass Dummy - Portishead A New Morning- Suede 12 Golden Country Greats - Ween Elastica - Elastica On the Beach - Neil Young
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    Four Roses also offers a pretty good bourbon tour
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    Go to the Louisville slugger place downtown. If you have a car, leave Louisville and go to one of the Bourbon makers - I'd suggest either Buffalo Trace or Maker's Mark. Churchill Downs is cool if you want to play the ponies. There are some funky neighborhoods in east Louisville with decent food.......otherwise not a fan of the town
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    The baseball bat factory
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    faggotry. In all its myriad forms
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    It was Downzy. They are all cunts though. All of them. Gunsguy's photo looks like an unaired still from To Catch a Predator
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    Yeah...very good album!
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    No I like Russ. The unnamed cocksucker has been named in this thread though.
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    he was clearly battling grievous injuries for each of those matches that would have shelved a lesser wrestler simply showing up proved his iron will
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    But, back to the task at hand. lol Moxley is completely spineless.
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    I expect you to name the liars when this turns up false.
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    That must have been a giant piece if shit. I bet it was with half digested tacos on top.
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    I miss Gunner and he needs to come back.
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    Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits Nevermind-Nirvana The Wall-Pink Floyd Songs from the big chair-Tears for Fears The black album-Metallica Staring at the sea-The Cure Music for the masses-Depeche Mode Sincronicity-Police Ten-Pearl Jam The Joshua tree-U2 Once upon a time-Simple Minds The songs remains the same-Led Live after death-Iron Maiden Live Magic-Queen ...
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    This Yankees bullpen.......and we don't even have Betances in there yet.
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    Always found the way Prince performs around these legends to be inspiring, it's like everything is just simple for him. It starts around the 3:15 mark or so, and at 4 minutes....fuck
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    A bottle of whiskey and a hot tub might help.
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    Called it. This weekend is going to be the greatest weekend ever.
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    Fucking Skynet wins by our own laziness.
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    You won't be saying that after your Twins, Vikes and Wild do the same thing.
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    When you're a kid, you hear the doorbell and you think, "OH MY GOD! WHO IS IT?!" When you're an adult, the hear the doorbell and think, "WHO THE FUCK IS IT?!"
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    I get deliveries all day. A tube of toothpaste came the other day in this huge bag. It took a while to open it.
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    I don't answer doorbells. I'm not sure who it was but not happening.
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    Where's @GUNNER when you need him?
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    Kneel before me ya shits!
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