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    >she allowed me This is the legacy of weak Boomer fathers (literal Boomers).
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    can't hear the IBO from the top of the box office http://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/05/14/avengers-endgame-box-office-closing-in-on-avatar-record/
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    when she won't let you build a cuck shed so you settle for a cuck corner
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    What Duff really says: We wanted Izzy, but he never came to a rehearsal. Fortus is damn good though, so it's fine that it's still him. Why didn't Izzy ever go to a rehearsal? Probably because he's not a cuck like Duff and Slash and he wanted the money figured out first. That's my speculation though. I won't claim objective fact like a retard.
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    Where are you @Damn_Smooth? I miss your constant contempt for humanity.
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    Imagine not being on Don Cherry's side from the get-go.
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    http://www.barstoolsports.com/philadelphia/you-all-owe-don-cherry-a-massive-apology So Don Cherry aka Hockey Legend was right again. and boy someone had to be a real stupid fuck to say bench Tukka for Halak.
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    Many a time i dreamt about being firmly latched to those juicy titties
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    when gary literally gives you the entire first period as a powerplay, you don't score, and then immediately give up two at the start of the second side note: jesus christ that ice quality is absolutely unacceptable hurricanes should have their cup revoked
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    shitrats across the hall got evicted about fucking time
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    Duff, man of letters, has literally zero idea what Third-person means.
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    private trackers, once you get power user on one of the good ones you can get invited to almost all of them, but good luck getting into that first one what.cd, the best music tracker, died recently and its replacement (REDacted) is utter shit as far as i'm concerned passthepopcorn is the best movie tracker and apparently impossible to get into, i don't even remember how i got in broadcastthenet is an awesome tv tracker that you don't even need to maintain a ratio on xtremewrestlingtorrents is where i've always gone for wrestling/mma stuff, i think registrations are usually open gazellegames (which i just joined) is apparently the best game tracker. after searching around for a bit i found some pretty mainstream gameboy advance games missing so idk. if i ever get my empornium invite i'll let you know how that is
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    installed starfox 64 on my pc and playing it with an xbox controller why didn't i do this 10 years ago
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    Peanut M&M master race checking in.
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    And I said that’s alright? They can’t do it. Utter failures at second person narration. I don’t even know what it is but damn step it up.
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    Everyone thinks i love Fig Newtons more than i really do, but i go along with it anyway
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    >not citing all of your opinions as fact and doubling down at all times you wouldn't last a day behind the sportsnet desk
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    *flashbacks to 8 years ago when the iwc insisted he was buried because john cena called him husky harris*
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    Brat Wyatt is the only decent thing in all of pro wrestling. Glad they put him on YouTube.
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    wow, good hockey journalism. never thought i'd see it.
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    I was too deep in teacher mode to get the joke. I tend to be oblivious to humor when I'm being serious. Gullible almost. I like it. Axl is Donnie Brasco. In second person, the audience is the "you". That's why LALD kind of works as second person. "You" in My Michelle is Michelle. The narrator reveals himself a couple of times with "I". He's a character in the story with Michelle.
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    And it's a cover. That was the joke. I thought it was funny.
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    I cranked it to her tits in Poison Ivy 2 soooooo many times. Now she just looks like Frances McDormand. Bleeeech.
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    Also, lol Justin WIlliams. Way to represent that C on your jersey.
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    It’s too complicated for the media. First person means author’s opinion. Third person means means fun Superhero movie. We in the Far Left Jungle, you’re a third person character. My Michelle might be Second Person.
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    Does n't exist.
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    A 3rd Boston championship in 7 months? It would be 13 since 2001, but they've never had 3 within a year.
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    I wanked a few times to Alyssa growing up, I never thought I’d say this but I now feel ashamed.
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    To be fair Axl couched it more as a real song from the streets, him getting off the bus and being scared. He should’ve been very clear it was a character. And maybe had a more overt rejection. Or not. Spin the barrels! But in a way any song is a character. Even Zack de la Rocha gets off stage and uses electricity to make a Pot Noodle. He can’t embody his songs completely. It really has more to do with what you think the role of a song is. If you are looking for manifestos in rock songs then you will be lead astray. Art makes hypicrites of us all. I guess it’s when you have a certain context that you put a song into you have to be careful. It’s not necessarily going to get a nuanced assessment from a panel of geniuses. There are actual Warrant fans out there.
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    He asked that as all of the others sat there being paid for fuck all in deafening silence. Pansy fucks. Or is that a punk thing to do? Where's Duff?
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    Are your saying that someone who built her career on selling herself as sex symbol to be exploited is such thespian classics as Posion Ivy and Embrace of a Vampire pic below Is a hypocrite ?
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    So brave of Alyssa to #sexstrike now that no one wants to fuck her old ass.
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    It feels like there is 3 seasons missing before this season. Nothing makes any sense.
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    Anyone name their wi-fi? Mine is called "Pretty Fly For a Wi-Fi." (That came up as a network in my friend's apartment building in New York when I visited years ago. I stole it. The name, not the wi-fi.)
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    Move to the City sounds 100% unaltered vocal wise, but Shadow Of Your Love does sound suspicious. Slash's solo is obviously at least partially new, and at 2:25 Axl sounds suspiciously similar to how he did on Sebastian Bach's solo album in a song I can't remember.
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    gave my wifi password to one neighbor, seemed innocuous enough looked at my router settings 2 months later to see this edited out a bunch of stuff because weirdos lurk here moral of the story: never do nice things
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