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    Dany basically went Tommy Wiseau at the end of the room but killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people instead of herself.
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    imagine leaving a guns n roses concert and you bump into msl on the way out and for a split second you think he was one of the guys selling a bootlegged gnr shirt, when it actual fact he just attended the same show you did. What a defining moment of self awakening.
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    It felt like a rip-off of this
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    I think it's possible that Duff is more of a faggot than DJ Ashba.
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    >Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan talks about his solo album, his acoustic track “Parkland” and gun control. >55 minutes SHIT
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    Cleganebowl was the only good scene in the whole episode. The Hound died like a boss. Fucking Mountain looked like Varys on steroids
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    I thought they were Canadian? I was pouring maple syrup on my pancakes listening to CCR thinking I was doing right.
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    How can people with a straight face believe in Jesus but not extra terrestrials? There's definitely something bigger than us man. LSD taught me that. We are a collective conscious man. You. Me. Him. Her. We are all one. BUT WHY? Maybe if we all took LSD at the same time we would cause a system crash.
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    I’m on board for the comedy GNR album. It’s not a bad idea or out of the question. Something like Lies or Spaghetti but in a full album format.
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    I always thought Weird Al should have redone MJ's "Jam" as "Ham".
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    tony looks like a straight BITCH
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    Cringe-o-meter has gone through the roof
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    Jon Snow, From King in the North to Daenerys' toyboy
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    It’s fucking delicious. You our go to the grocery store and get those small hams, slice that shit up and put it on a sandwich. Jesus Christ, that’s what dreams are made of Slice a piece and fry it up for eggs and ham.. god dammit it’s delicious
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    Now I finally know what frog rasp is.
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    LOL. I'm literally laughing.
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    I was reading about the history of sci fi movies once and there was a story about how Alien comic books in the 40s were made by the CIA to brainwash kids into not liking communism. You know the fear of being invaded by china or russia was planted in 40s and 50s kids by comic books. So that basic alien you have in your mind was put there by the CIA. The other one was in Power of the Dog by Don Winslow. The idea being put across seems to be that the War on Drugs in Mexico/South America was really a cover for fighting communism in those areas.
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    http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/canada-s-new-gay-coin-riles-opponents-some-supporters-lgbtq-n998636 Canada: So cucked, even its money is gay
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    John Fogerty invented frog rasp. Run Through the Jungle > Welcome To the Jungle
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    I'm looking forward to Snell vs Tanaka today, should be good.
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    I try to stay positive and not ever go on facebook while listening to Tool. This is probably how school shooters are made. Don’t ban guns, shoot Tool and facebook before they destroy the country.
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    When I lived in Prague years ago, a Czech girl instructed me that I should follow her up stairs and lead her down stairs. The man should be in position to break the woman's fall. I don't mind a stronk woman if she's stronk about trad gender roles. Looking back, I probably should have married one of those Czech girls.
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    I've listened to all their stuff over and over. Carlin too. And Bill Hicks. But the guys I listed are still my favorites cause they're my generation.
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    If it’s anything like recent guns n roses releases, you can’t wait to taste the beer , you try it once and then you chuck that shit in the incinerator.
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