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    It's just a way to sell certain music by presenting it as "new and different". Funny thing about CCR is they identify as a Louisiana-roots band, but the members were all from around San Francisco.
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    When I lived in Prague years ago, a Czech girl instructed me that I should follow her up stairs and lead her down stairs. The man should be in position to break the woman's fall. I don't mind a stronk woman if she's stronk about trad gender roles. Looking back, I probably should have married one of those Czech girls.
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    You want your deep state? It's simple. Three words: Entrenched bureaucracies/bureaucrats Do research on how hard various Presidents have found it to reorganize the Executive Branch because of pushback by entrenched burecrats both in the White House staff and in the various cabinet level departments. Also consider as well that Presidents have 8 year terms whereas an FBI Director has a ten year term, which means that an FBI Director need not be loyal to ANY President since he's going to likely outlast most. Consider also that Congress has no term limits, meaning they can outlast potentially any/all Presidents. Then consider as well that the Supreme Court is composed of individuals who are serving for life. Then consider also the various lifers in the higher echelons of the Military establishment. And also consider as well that a President depends on his advisers, each of whom have their own agendas, sometimes beyond serving the Presidents' agenda. It's less "X Files" and more Game of Thrones, just modernized.
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    miser go forward
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    I guarantee the nba fixes the draft so Zion ends up in New York or Los Angeles.
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    Who comes up with all of these idiotic ways to micro-categorize music?
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    Anyone else a fan of swamp rock bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc?
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    Fortunate Son is a great tune, motherfuck anyone that says otherwise
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    Anyone listens to Ditch Rock ?
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    And ESPN needs to fuck off with the Lakers talk. THEY SUCK. Newsflash dipshits, they didn't make the playoffs. Stop sucking their dicks.
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    Logan Couture is such a beaut.
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    i didnt think nustarwars could get any fucking gayer but they just keep on surprising me
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    The writers don't give a shit anymore, after 8 years, and after being told they're gonna be writing billion dollar movies. They figure, fuck it, we're getting paid no matter what we write, and people are gonna watch it cause it's Game of Thrones. It's a mixture of laziness, emotional doneness, and basically, financially, they're leaving the old tired wife for the hot new mistress (Star Wars).
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    people who only listen to classic rock and want to make their tastes look diverse
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    Minus the stronk women stuff, the first two episodes were pretty good. 3 was fun until they completely botched the dragons (people shielding themselves from dragon fire with lol stone walls), the Night King's death (just about the clumsiest Deus ex machina you'll ever see), and the death toll (exactly zero main characters get killed). Episode 4 is mostly Dragon Cunt being a cunt and John Snow being a pussy, and the Golden Boy fucking the Golden Beast. Sansa Stark is now the best character on the show. Kind of a stretch that this is who she became though.
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    "His hunger never fades"....."Always hungry for somethin' that I haven't had yet" "Though it may not be wise, I'd still have to try" - to avoid the supersize We should mash up lyrics and make a Denny's tribute
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    Christ on a crutch, I haven't had a drink in over four years. I have drinking dreams sometimes and I always feel so guilty....I broke my streak. Then I wake up and realize it didn't happen and I'm relieved. But the other day I was thinking about how I used to come home from work on a Friday and buy a few cheap bottles of red wine. "I'll drink while I cook, like an Italian guy!" I thought. But I'd finish the first bottle in about 20 minutes, and then the next two, and an hour later I'd be out looking for more booze, and I forgot to cook altogether. Good times. Once I couldn't find my corkscrew so I took the bottle outside and used the shoe method to open it. You ever eat dark chocolate while drinking red wine? Damn, it's amazing. The wine just makes the chocolate pop. I feel like I've polished off a bottle of wine sometime recently....it's such a vivid memory. Almost tactile...the vinegar smell of it...the way it makes your lips sticky. But it really has been over four years. It's crazy how time flies. Unless I drank while sleepwalking somehow.....but I don't sleepwalk.
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    I'm a bit of a comedy snob. It wasn't very good. It's refreshing to hear someone just say offensive things for the sake of being offensive, but it doesn't mean it's good comedy. Still, most comedians aren't very funny anymore. I adored David Cross for decades and now he's just a grumpy liberal who just rambles without a punchline. I enjoyed Jim Jefferies routine, not so much him as a person, but he's a fucking disgrace to the profession these days. Chappelle's still got it. Louis CK....god bless his stiff crunchy post masturbation socks.......Bill Burr still has his moments but his fucking harpy of a wife seemed to have sucked the very life out of him. Patton Oswalt has terrible politics but I still enjoy his jokes. Doug Stanhope is still awesome, but I haven't heard his routine in a few years so maybe he's lost it too. I think comedy is like music....you have a few good albums in you and then you start to suck.
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    UPDATE Axl Rose offered no comment to CNN on his often delayed line of tequilla. However, earth creatures close to the Frog Rasperor and fast food enthusiast are claiming that he fired all of his worms after accusing them of living a trans lifestyle and not having the dive in and find the monkey attitude neccessary to deliver a tequilla worthy of the Guns N' Roses name. The worm has turned but the channel remains stuck on the same ol' shit.
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    Meh. I liked the episode for what it was I guess. The death of Rhaegel was very anti climactic, but that isn't a surprise at this point. So far this season seems to be anticlimactic death after anticlimactic death. Only one I've thought was done well was Lyanna's, and she was just a bit character. I guess Edd's was good in terms of shock factor. Then we got Theon dying for a half dead retarded vegetable when if he had just waited another minute, the main antagonist would have been taken out by Arya Ex Machina, and Jorah somehow managing to fend off all those Wights by himself; in a similar vein, apparently the Wights have forgotten how to murder, since it seems like most of the main cast spent a good two thirds of the episode being overwhelmed by them but still somehow managed to survive. And in this past episode, in addition to Rhaegel, we get Missandei being beheaded after being captured off screen... Somehow. All these character we've gotten to know for 70 episodes and their deaths have been so hollow, I didn't really feel anything when most died. The writing team definitely phoned it in, at least it's being performed well for the most part, but good god. Can't even imagine how the long time book readers are feeling, knowing that this is likely going to be the only type of conclusion they get for their beloved series. What the heck was up with Bronn, by the way? Seems like the same scene could have been accomplished without him acting totally out of character toward the Lannister brothers. Maybe I just missed something, but sheesh, I didn't see the need for him to punch Tyrion and nearly shoot Jaime. Also, gotta love how the same show that inserted unnecessary rape scenes (Daenerys and Drogo, Jaime and Cersei in S4 - if I understand right, neither was rape in the books?) is now acting like its always been about strong, empowered women and how Jon is now unable to act without their insight and it seems all of the plots and characters revolve around them and their actions now. Funny how Varys seems like the only one not completely neutered at this point. Just chiming in on the Euron thing real quick. I'm not a reader of the books, I do enjoy reading in general but the books themselves weren't my cup of tea when I tried them, just not a fan of Martin's writing style I guess, I might try to read them again in the future though. That being said, I do love to read about the lore, the history and its world building, and I find the characters and plot itself interesting. Even though I haven't read to that point in the series, I am also pretty disappointed with how Euron is portrayed in the show. I feel like they took a very interesting character and made him a stereotypical bad guy pirate caricature (horny, drunk, just an all around degenerate), so much that I'd almost prefer they didn't write him into the show, like they did with the Aegon plot which I'm also very interested in seeing unfold eventually. I do think the actor does an alright performance with what he's given, which makes me like the TV version in a particular way, but not in a "Wow, I'm blown away by what a well written villain this is!" I'd compare my liking of TV Euron to liking a main antagonist in an old Rockstar Games plot: They're the kind of a mustache twirling evil bad guy that you can only like in a "Love to hate" way because they don't have any redeeming features or depth to them, and you like the performance okay enough, but the main appeal is that you're looking forward to watching them die at some point. One more thing: That whole "Prince Who Was Promised" thing is abandoned now, isn't it?
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    I think he is honestly dead and the Yankees are going full "Weekend at Bernie's" with him.
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    They need to take the soy out of Tony's diet ASAP. Excited for Bernthal. He's good at violent hothead.
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    Too many new names with familiar post This has to addressed
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    I’m excited to see this was a big fan of the early seasons fan of the sopranos
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    If he nails his performance and it has a good script this could be great.
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    Kram: "i don't vax" Act 3: kram gets measles, jerry won't drive kram to hospital "he has measles!!!" Elaine: "but you're vaccinated Jerry!"
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    Why is baked pronounced baked. But naked is pronounced naked.
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    Why wake and bake when you can rise and sein?
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