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    If anyone wants the 'vocal track' let me know. I still don't think it's a modern recording.
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    This seems logical. Also didn't Adler come out and say that it wasn't him drumming in the track?
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    real shame i cant get adobe audition working to isolate the 5.1 vocals and prove it
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    No, YOU'RE wrong. Logic doesn't matter. He BELIEVES it's Fat Axl, and his need to believe trumps all. After all, he can "hear" Fat Axl, therefore it's obviously Fat Axl. This is about his feelings, so fuck you and your "facts."
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    i didnt think nustarwars could get any fucking gayer but they just keep on surprising me
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    Who comes up with all of these idiotic ways to micro-categorize music?
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    "His hunger never fades"....."Always hungry for somethin' that I haven't had yet" "Though it may not be wise, I'd still have to try" - to avoid the supersize We should mash up lyrics and make a Denny's tribute
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    I've got some bad news for you.
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    Christ on a crutch, I haven't had a drink in over four years. I have drinking dreams sometimes and I always feel so guilty....I broke my streak. Then I wake up and realize it didn't happen and I'm relieved. But the other day I was thinking about how I used to come home from work on a Friday and buy a few cheap bottles of red wine. "I'll drink while I cook, like an Italian guy!" I thought. But I'd finish the first bottle in about 20 minutes, and then the next two, and an hour later I'd be out looking for more booze, and I forgot to cook altogether. Good times. Once I couldn't find my corkscrew so I took the bottle outside and used the shoe method to open it. You ever eat dark chocolate while drinking red wine? Damn, it's amazing. The wine just makes the chocolate pop. I feel like I've polished off a bottle of wine sometime recently....it's such a vivid memory. Almost tactile...the vinegar smell of it...the way it makes your lips sticky. But it really has been over four years. It's crazy how time flies. Unless I drank while sleepwalking somehow.....but I don't sleepwalk.
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    Anyone name their wi-fi? Mine is called "Pretty Fly For a Wi-Fi." (That came up as a network in my friend's apartment building in New York when I visited years ago. I stole it. The name, not the wi-fi.)
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    I've listened to all their stuff over and over. Carlin too. And Bill Hicks. But the guys I listed are still my favorites cause they're my generation.
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    Back on the Casa Red. Turned the fridge up to 5. Ice cold.
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    Axl knows mystique. Did he even acknowledge Rock the Rock?
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    I can’t get youtube so I probably won’t hear it. I find the podcasts more fun in general though. Stand up seems very long. So it has to be your very favorite comedian. I’ve seen a few Burr, Stanhope, Louis stand up shows on youku. They are clever and make me smile. Di Paolo makes me laugh but it’s more him just being offensive. He’s just completely unreconstructed. I’ve never seen his stand up. I’m normally disappointed. Di Paolo is kind of like an ignorant Bill Hicks from clips I’ve heard. But when I’m cycling up a mountain in Italy at the gym and he calls Nancy Pelosi a leathery faced cunt I kind crack up but I’m not sure why, I think it’s the speed of delivery and I just don’t really hear that kind of thing much.
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    I'm a bit of a comedy snob. It wasn't very good. It's refreshing to hear someone just say offensive things for the sake of being offensive, but it doesn't mean it's good comedy. Still, most comedians aren't very funny anymore. I adored David Cross for decades and now he's just a grumpy liberal who just rambles without a punchline. I enjoyed Jim Jefferies routine, not so much him as a person, but he's a fucking disgrace to the profession these days. Chappelle's still got it. Louis CK....god bless his stiff crunchy post masturbation socks.......Bill Burr still has his moments but his fucking harpy of a wife seemed to have sucked the very life out of him. Patton Oswalt has terrible politics but I still enjoy his jokes. Doug Stanhope is still awesome, but I haven't heard his routine in a few years so maybe he's lost it too. I think comedy is like music....you have a few good albums in you and then you start to suck.
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    Oh good lord. I just heard my first clip of this masterpiece. In a song called "School Shootings (Are Bad)" Duff came up with these haunting, cryptic lyrics: DO WE GOTTA WATCH ANOTHER SCHOOL KID DIE??? Jesus, that's so deep. So mysterious. I wonder what he could possibly be getting at here with those impenetrable lyrics.
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    It sounds fuck all like fat Axl.
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    Maybe my abnormally high Xbox Gamerscore will come in handy. Shows commitment to digital media but posts paeudo anarchist rants. 3 points to deactivation. Beer and Carl’s Jr purchases suggest early death, delay and hope for nature to take its course. Assessment: waste of gb
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    gave my wifi password to one neighbor, seemed innocuous enough looked at my router settings 2 months later to see this edited out a bunch of stuff because weirdos lurk here moral of the story: never do nice things
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    Would love to hear the isolated vocals if you eventually get it to work.
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    What a mess! by the way, I use audtion, very good editor.
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    Someone did that on mygina and the spectrals (or whatever they call that) sure looks different.
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    That logo honestly looks like some of the Ashba-era merch designs. Based on that, I assume it's awful.
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    That recording (TIL remix) is at least a decade old though. His raspy voice on Rock The Rock sounded like current Axl. Nah man.... that's definitely 80's Axl, this version of SOYL is kinda like the bridge between his 'Hollywood Rose voice' and his 'Classic GNR voice' but it's definitely an old recording. I just got home and I'm re-listening to it now, Axl simply doesn't sound like this nowadays.... even if Angus was playing on the track, lol.
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    In my opinion all of move to the city sounds like new Axl if you have heard TIL remix you know he still has studio rasp
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    if you truly believe the shadow of your love vocals are all from a 1986 track you have severe retardation yeah they just had this pristine, perfect track laying around and released the piece of shit one instead it's like you all just heard the first 5 seconds and ignore the obvious nuaxl (and extremely obvious nuslash) all over the rest of the track
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    imax godzilla 😎
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    So I had to do one of those psychometric personality tests today with an actual clinical psychologist. I straight up told them not to get too excited by the result and if they wanted to save time I could just tell them outright about my general attitude. Holy fuck though the results were hilarious (and dead accurate)
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    GNR members dancing around questions about a new album is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. No mystique whatsoever.
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    Cuck to English Translation: What are you doing?! Don't ask me that question! I might say something that will upset Axl. Not that he gets upset or anything. No. Don't mention that I said that. Write that he's in the best mood ever and that he almost never yells at us anymore. We love our dear leader. I can't wait to see what he has planned for us next!
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    S8 E4. I’m coming in late. Have no idea what is going on.
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    Jon is now whipped by his girlfriend and he needs his two sisters to open his eyes. From hero to cuck. Arya is the most powerful being in the whole kingdom now. They don't show sex or gore anymore. GoT Light. Euron Greyjoy is a cartoon character who discovered after centuries that scorpions are great weapons. Cersei just drinks with a disgusted face. This series had villains like Geoffrey and Ramsay. Now they have drunk Cersei and horny Pirate. Night King had nothing to say, he just didn't like Bran much. All the other night creatures on horses that appeared at the end of a season were all nobodies. They couldn't notice Arya. This is probably the worst ending to a series I have ever watched.
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    What are ya gonna do, kill me? Everybody dies.
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    What you describe is surely out there if you look hard enough. Is it relevant with today's youth? No? I guess that answers your question.
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