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    I don't want a cold hand job.
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    It is n't. The sooner you start to accept it, the better it'll be for you.
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    Just as I thought...alien replicants from beyond the moon. Well....don't blame ME, I voted for Kodos.
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    I remember when I thought it was really going to happen then 2007 happened and I was off the forums for 10 years. Slash and Duff coming back brought the fanboy back in me. I spent 600 dollars so me and my wife could see them at Foxboro i bought the 50 dollar lithograph poster. So listen to me my friends. We will get a NITL live cd/blu ray but nothing else until atleast fall 2020 and that is big maybe. Axl will not spilt the loot equally on a new album and wants complete creative control. So unless Slash and Duff are in full Cuck mode don’t expect a new album.
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    Also don't worry, these two dipshits will be writing the new Star Wars movies when they are done with Game of Thrones lol.
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    What? I don't expect an album from Axl. If he does release something and it's anything remotely like CD it'll be shit. I don't think they care about an album, they're mega rich and have other outlets for their creativity. The way I see it is, the balls in Axl's court and he doesn't exactly believe in rushing things.
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    @imsorry is amazing
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    I’ve also noticed the songs have proper temp. Once again fuck Frank. Fire his ass. Bring back Adler or Sorum.
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    I hear they are going to rename the show Punka the Expunker.
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    Wonder if they will launch CD II at the fried chicken festival. Bucket replaces Slash and they play Serpico for the first time.
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    Of course he was bought and paid for. They all are. The people that own the politicians know what they hell they're doing. You know we're fucked. We're nothing. We're less than nothing. Nothing we do or say or think matters. Voting for President is no different than rooting for one team over the other in the Super Bowl. But it gives the masses that illusion that they have a say in things. That they "matter." What a waste of time bickering about something that will never, ever change. Politics is Sports. It's entertainment. It's pro-wrestling for nerds.
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    At least in the US even though voting is basically just agreeing to the war economy you can have a good life. Maybe the voting process is more of a safety net for anything really really bad happening to your self interest. If Trump tries to turn the White House into a golf course congress will find some supreme court judge to take him down. If the Dems wants to turn California into South America people will temper that by voting Trump. In the context of that it’s kind of okay to not know anything and vote or for people in prison to vote. People seem to be good with the wars, bank bailouts, gov spending, narional debt etc. They are willing to roll the dice. And they like to have personalties based on immigration, abortion, trans rights and yell at each other on social media. What people don’t like is someone taking a shot at the system like Alex Jones. And in some ways that makes sense. To shake up the war economy etc would cut into people’s lifestyles, threaten their families well being. It is strange to see life change like Facebook and social media break through and they want to be regulated by the government. Big gov and big business go hand in hand. But then if people don’t like that they will find some new way to high five. If that grows it will get sucked into the system too. The only problem is if you have some deeply held moral beliefs about what is going on. Whether it’s stopping Trump or being anti-war most of us put a cold beer and hand job above that in our life. So we have to deal with that. That’s why free speech is so important, we aren’t going to do much but can we at least bitch about our opinions openly?
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    looks like katz has been doing too much coke since he moved to LA
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    If that’s the case then he’s a loser. i take it back
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    Does rock need to be danceable. lmao
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    GNR? New Album? Still this? Geez Please delete this thread JB.
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    Punky Brewster is clearly the name
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    Brother if his kids were young then yes you’re 100% right but they are in their 20’s or late teens so being a dad has nothing to do with it.
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    Euron Greyjoy is a horny Jack Sparrow, that is his character in this show. In the book he is a terrifying character and as close to a pure evil character you get in A Song of Ice and Fire.
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    FUCK THIS SHOW. None of this shit makes any kind of sense and it is so rushed that is makes Boardwalk Empire seem complete in comparison. Just a couple of things off my head. - Night King and his undead army has the game won, he has Bran dead to rights and he slowly walks up to a cripple in a wheel chair and gets shanked by Arya, where the fuck was she? How did she sneak through an army of undead. The others are intelligent beings yet she just sneaks through thousands of them - How does two dragons with a birds eye view for miles and miles around miss a whole fleet of ships? - 3 Scorpion crossbows can kill a big ass dragon brought back to life through magic, a whole volley of them misses the bigger dragon. - Missandei kidnapped off screen...how? - Bronn literally saved Jaime's life, named his kid after Tyrion walks into Winterfell with a huge crossbow and threatens to kill both of them if they don't meet his demands. - Jaime, Brienne, and Tyrion drinking and making a joke about Tyrion's first wife. You know the woman that Tywin had raped and made Tyrion take a turn at the end. Told Tyrion she was a whore that didn't love him, when she actually wasn't a whore and she did love him. That whole situation is why Tyrion kills Tywin after Tywin tells Tyrion she went where wherever whores go. - Dany just going to go nuts in the span of 2 or 3 episodes. Also Fuck GRR Martin for not finishing the books and leaving us with this shit.
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    I learned in high school English class that Kurt Vonnegut famously said that people become who they pretend to be. He even made a book/movie about that idea. It's funny how actors can eventually become the characters they portray. All the actors/actresses in Citizen Kane are good examples of that. I'd like to see Mandy next.
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    Adaptation was pretty messed up. I have no idea what happened. Lord of War was pretty good too.
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    My fave. Closest to Fight Club in terms of social commentary, mores and shock value.
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    Quality Nic Cage movies: Fast Times At Ridgemont High Valley Girl Rumble Fish Racing With The Moon The Cotton Club Birdy Peggy Sue Got Married Raising Arizona Moonstruck Vampire's Kiss Wild At Heart Honeymoon In Vegas Red Rock West It Could Happen To You Kiss Of Death Leaving Las Vegas The Rock Con Air Face/Off City Of Angels Bringing Out The Dead The Family Man Adaptation Matchstick Men National Treasure Lord Of War The Weather Man World Trade Center Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans Kick Ass Joe Snowden Mom And Dad Mandy
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    "On the off-chance that we survive the Night King, what if the Seven Kingdoms, for once in their whole shit history, 💩 were ruled by a just woman, and an honorable man?" —Davos Seaworth Tell me you guys weren't thinking about GNFNR when he said this?
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    Bacardi is my main drink
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