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    Holy shit, I think their dancing just gave my AIDS cancer.
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    The more important question is, who gives a shit about Missandei ? She was just a fourth rate character in the books, On the upside, Brienne is no more a virgin
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    Euron Greyjoy is a horny Jack Sparrow, that is his character in this show. In the book he is a terrifying character and as close to a pure evil character you get in A Song of Ice and Fire.
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    I forgot the singer for his band was literally a GNR cover-band singer. I'd still probably go see him for free.
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    You mean like this? People actually did this?
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    Jon is now whipped by his girlfriend and he needs his two sisters to open his eyes. From hero to cuck. Arya is the most powerful being in the whole kingdom now. They don't show sex or gore anymore. GoT Light. Euron Greyjoy is a cartoon character who discovered after centuries that scorpions are great weapons. Cersei just drinks with a disgusted face. This series had villains like Geoffrey and Ramsay. Now they have drunk Cersei and horny Pirate. Night King had nothing to say, he just didn't like Bran much. All the other night creatures on horses that appeared at the end of a season were all nobodies. They couldn't notice Arya. This is probably the worst ending to a series I have ever watched.
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    thought that was hillary in the thumbnail for a second
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    Ha ha you fucking idiot. Tukka has been lights out the last 2 games and we are onto the conference finals.
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    Haha are you serious? Holy shit this is going to be hilarious
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    Also don't worry, these two dipshits will be writing the new Star Wars movies when they are done with Game of Thrones lol.
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    That's just too weird to watch the guy do Axl's moves like that while singing and looking like he used to. I get it, that's the point of cover bands, but it's really weird. They need Ashba to pose as Slash to complete the effect.
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    FUCK THIS SHOW. None of this shit makes any kind of sense and it is so rushed that is makes Boardwalk Empire seem complete in comparison. Just a couple of things off my head. - Night King and his undead army has the game won, he has Bran dead to rights and he slowly walks up to a cripple in a wheel chair and gets shanked by Arya, where the fuck was she? How did she sneak through an army of undead. The others are intelligent beings yet she just sneaks through thousands of them - How does two dragons with a birds eye view for miles and miles around miss a whole fleet of ships? - 3 Scorpion crossbows can kill a big ass dragon brought back to life through magic, a whole volley of them misses the bigger dragon. - Missandei kidnapped off screen...how? - Bronn literally saved Jaime's life, named his kid after Tyrion walks into Winterfell with a huge crossbow and threatens to kill both of them if they don't meet his demands. - Jaime, Brienne, and Tyrion drinking and making a joke about Tyrion's first wife. You know the woman that Tywin had raped and made Tyrion take a turn at the end. Told Tyrion she was a whore that didn't love him, when she actually wasn't a whore and she did love him. That whole situation is why Tyrion kills Tywin after Tywin tells Tyrion she went where wherever whores go. - Dany just going to go nuts in the span of 2 or 3 episodes. Also Fuck GRR Martin for not finishing the books and leaving us with this shit.
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    I'm trying to like it for what it is because Ive invested so much time into the show, but I cannot believe this season so far
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    It is actually hilariously bad now.
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    A badass villain like the Night King was caught in a trap like a gullible 12 year old and killed by a knife thrust ? Don't fucking insult our intelligence.
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    the cup is the least offensive thing about that episode.
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    I don't like sports at all anymore. The idea of worshiping a millionaire with a better life than me are over. This though is pretty much an event for rich folk that can pay to win. It's like when Ted Turner won the America's cup. Not for me. I respect boxing though, those guys got something to lose.
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    Democrats- Trump is crazy and unfit for office. Also Democrats- Yes mass murderers should be able to vote.
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    Bernie is the scapegoat to blame their losses on.
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    Yeah they just cycling through sexual harrasment, russian collusion, taxes, out of context racist comment. In a way it looks like they are clearing Trump. He sued Stormy Daniels and he won. He beat the Mueller probe, his taxes will be legit. Trump’s game is to look guilty of everything that doesn’t matter, but I’m sure there’s something they have him on. It’s like with Biden, he’s been creepy for years, but when he is thinking of running, they roll out the ten years of hair smelling. They control the narrative. They want it out of the way. Everyone will be over it by the time he wrestles Bernie. Bernie is a crash dummy. He’s just in it to lose and pave the way for the compromised one.
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    I hope they rigged it for Biden just so I can see that.
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    Does Trump troll Biden enough during a debate , for Biden to hit him ? I say yes.
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    People don’t seem to get that this whole Russian no collusion thing is just a distraction from Trump actually continuing Obama’s legacy on all the important fronts. Record high spending, nothing done about immigration, continuing genocide in Yemen and all the other 5 star messes in ME, really ramping up on Iran. Trump is chilling in the pocket with the nuclear football. We want our firework show, we need our memories cleansed. I would say Trump is a puppet of the deep state or he was compromised by the russia thing and couldn’t get anything done. As a Trump fan if not supporter I give him some leeway but really it’s to be expected, how was Trump ever going to change anything. I liked the ideas though. Solid soft shell crab deluxe meal deal. It’s still been fun watching him shake things up and expose all this stuff on the cable channels. But it does feel like the war party are just kind of unhinged at this point. They just throw Trump into the mix to cause a big explosion and are peddling like crazy on the back straight hoping no one notices. One more pay check before they all go to the big illuminati banquet in the sky.
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    "On the off-chance that we survive the Night King, what if the Seven Kingdoms, for once in their whole shit history, 💩 were ruled by a just woman, and an honorable man?" —Davos Seaworth Tell me you guys weren't thinking about GNFNR when he said this?
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    Just found out ABC is planning reboots of The Jefferson's and All in the Family. No way a faggy sjw network could screw that up.
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    Martin going to pull a Robert Jordan
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