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    We all know Tommy "Punk Embodied" Stuson loved to bully BH. He probably felt scared that a nerdy guy with a mask was much more punk than him. Tommy is a joke by the way. All his fans are pathetic and nobody really likes the Replacements. They are irrelevant to music's history.
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    Currently at my son’s soccer game and sitting next to a bunch of 30 something year old soccer moms blather on like a bunch of hens with their metro sexual bearded hipster husbands i get why the rest of the world hates us
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    Kyrie should go to LA next year and play with LeBron again. Don't compare Kyrie to Iverson. AI had the heart of a lion.
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    I thought the consensus on that jacked bitch was that she was just bad photoshop? I gotta google and find out. Would definitely not bang though.
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    All empires fall. But first, jacked bitches.
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    Watership Down is f’d up why I was watching it when I was 6 I’m not sure. It’s like 1984 meets Saw.
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    Today is going to be the best day ever.
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    I'm not assuming anything. You are definitely the minority.
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    Fucking Celtics. Im very close to being done with Kyrie. They just don’t play as a team with him.
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    Was Buckethead really like punk enough to be in GnR?
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    Too much of a libtard for me. Used to like him when Kenny Bolin would be on though. That was some good shit.
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    I have literally spent the last two days of my life listening to Jim Cornette's podcasts on youtube. Always liked the man, sweet Jesus is he entertaining. I suggest you start with Vince Russo.
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    He outfatted and outtrannied Guns n' Roses by himself. Impressive.
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    I’m sure the last dentist I went to was a scam. They just swiped my card and looked at my teeth and did an x-ray. Aces. The chick even said good teeth.
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    He is likeable. hes just a guy who likes to have fun, not a bad bone in his body. All he wants is happiness
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    Axl's gut enters the picture about 5 seconds before the rest of him.
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    fuck your fucking mother's smelly bunghole. i do not want to be your friend. leave me the fuck alone.
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