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    Then you need to watch Dexter Season 4! John Lithgow terrified me and I love 3rd rock lol I recently re-watched there will be blood. I forgot what an amazing movie that is. One of the best.
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    These rock and roll groupies have seen worse teeth. Gunner is too tough on Slash.
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    I know some things about "gangsta rap" which is exactly why I say they were overrated. For your knowledge, I'm not a Gypsy and you can eat a dick and choke while you're at it.
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    Fair Warning ain't no slouch either.
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    Yeah, that's a cool solo. Michael Jackson picked his musicians just as he picked his kids. Only the best.
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    I’m sure the last dentist I went to was a scam. They just swiped my card and looked at my teeth and did an x-ray. Aces. The chick even said good teeth.
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    Hair metal isn’t finished until CD II is released.
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    A dentist 🦷 please
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    Higher Learning is underrated. He kind of kicked off the whole school shooting craze with that flick.
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    I thought Uncle Tom's Cabin was off another album. Looks like I was wrong.That is their best song.
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    Skid Row's first album is hair metal but Slave to the Grind is metal. Hair Metal has a particular sound that includes a shit tonne of echo on the vocals and multiple peoples voices on the choruses. It is the sound of randy men made up to look like women who fall in n' out of love with big breasted strippers named Billie and Bobbie as they drink, drug, and fornicate their way up and down the Sunset Strip.
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