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    I miss his complete bastardization of the English language. I miss seeing him struggle in simple conversations which quickly became confrontations. Swing free brother
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    The only medication I take is gypsy tears. Of course you do. I presented you with logic and you chose to avoid it because you are simply incapable of answering to it without sounding like a primitive dirty caveman. As you always say: "Change the vinyl" Oh yes, yes you are. Change the vinyl Change the vinyl Yes, it's very funny actually. You get triggered so easily it's always funny. Ladies and Axl Rose How old are you? I think entering the forest is the furthest you can go with your little Axl.
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    Lol, this dipshit is off his meds again I have no idea what the fuck you're rambling on. Nor do I give enough fucks to find out Eat a dick you myopic dimwit, I'm not defending or protecting anyone, dipstick. Geez, so much cock gobbling has taken its toll on you Brazilian monkey thinks he's civilised. Comedy gold right there It'a actually quite funny watch you obsess over me like a bitter ex girlfriend, Unfortunately for you I'm into ladies Little trivia for you, I fucked your mother yesterday. I know I should n't have but in my defence I was drunk. I have to ask you a small favour, tell her to shave down there next time. I felt like I entered a thick forest
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    Axl has some very bizarre fans.
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    Ragnarina, I know you gypsies only care about gold and wealth and stealing from us, the civilized. But money is not everything. And Axl is not the frontman of two bands. His stint with ACDC is over (It's been over for 3 years, let it go). Yes, Axl makes a lot of money. But so does Bon Jovi, U2, any pop act in the world. Will you defend them too? Will you apply reality to them? Or will you only protect the God of the Gypsies Alex Rosé?
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    I knew it was all over when I heard the first clips of WTTJ from HOB01. Voice gone, musicians gone, that's the end of it. I've tuned into the freak-show ever since, for shits and giggles.
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    Axl Rose is no Tiger Woods.
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    It was a good 1st / setup episode Tough crowd here at GNFNR
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    From one pussy grabber to another, freedom is also just one grab away (if the price is right).
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    2011 called. They want their thread back. I can drop it off for you on my way to take this joke back.
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    Tiger just doesn’t know his way around the holes on the course.
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    Wonder if he can trade that Freedom Medal for another 500 mil Nike deal.
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    Side note Oldest ive fucked was a 52 yo last weekend, but she was fit and tighter then some girls I’ve been with who were less than half her age. Weird thing was she’s had kids and the younger bitches havent
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    In honor of Tiger's win.....could you imagine the shit storm if this happened in 2019?
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    One is a mythical creature who has hoardes of brainless disciples following around, pandering to him. The other is Jesus.
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    I hope he’s swinging on some vine freely without a care in the Amazon jungle, living the life only primates can dream of. off topic, but guys please only buy recycled products I don’t want his home destroyed.
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    Gunner is a fascinating character. I am still not sure if he is the dumbest troll poster of all time.....or if he is a brilliant, hilarious, genius who is one of the greatest posters in GnR history. Cons. He will beat a dead horse to a second death. The 9,937 post about Slash's teeth went from being funny to just annoying. Once he gets onto a specific thing, he'll make a million posts about it. Pros. He could troll better than anybody. You could tell Gunner that chocolate chip was your favorite cookie and he would somehow turn that into you being a Nazi that loved to have sex with horses. When I mentioned my wife was a nurse, he turned the entire nursing career into "nurses are people who have failed at life. They wanted to be doctors but weren't smart enough. Now they just clean up shit all day." And you couldn't have a meaningful back-and-forth with him because he had no set base or core values. I've told this story before. He once insulted the USA medical profession by saying "it sucks. Because you will let a man die on the hospital door steps if he doesn't have insurance." Somebody pointed out that ER's have to treat a dying patient even if they don't have insurance. His response was "that's why it sucks. Because you will treat anybody even if they can't pay." How can you debate or insult somebody who will literally just switch sides of what they are saying? His other pretty clever way of arguing was to take control of whatever clever insult you might have had against him. If you came up with a funny insult against him, he would just start using the same insult against you. Effectively negating your initial insult. What could you say "Hey buddy, don't call me that. I called you that first." That just makes you sound like an idiot. I believe Gunner is a good kid at heart. He sent me a PM once letting me know some forum members were trying to get my personal information so they could Doxx me (or whatever it's called). That was a cool move on his part. A popular longtime forum member once told me. "He is a retard. But he's our retard." I like the guy. Off the forums he is probably a pretty nice guy and would be pleasant to share a steak lunch with and then go for a horseback ride together.
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    He brought flossing insults to a GNR forum more familiar with tossing insults.
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    One of the most uniquely weird characters I've ever met on the internet. Has a very fucked up mind but I'm sure the guy has a good heart. Maybe one day he will forgive me.
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