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    I was just thinking to myself, “I wish Glacier would come back and save the wrestling industry“.
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    Let's be honest. It was one of the worst NBA games either of us have ever watched. Thank God I chose to watch The Masters live and that abomination recorded.
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    One is a mythical creature who has hoardes of brainless disciples following around, pandering to him. The other is Jesus.
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    Even Jesus wouldn't hang out with Del James.
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    all rock star careers are based on Jesus. Fight the power, bang strippers, get persecuted, have fans posting about you 24/7, rise from the dead with bunch of bootleg merch. It’s all right there in the bible.
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    Mary Magdalene is objectively hotter than Beta Lebeis
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    A win is a win The NBA has sucked since the 90’s if we are being honest
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    This is the greatest comeback story I've ever seen @magisme.
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    I watched the entire round. Absolutely incredible. One of the greatest sports moments I've ever seen.
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    TIGER IS BACK Listened to it all on the radio at work.
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    It seems every movie is a super hero movie nowadays. Utter and complete shit
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    @GnRLiars are you trying to tell us something?
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    Ok assholes who’s hosting next !!!!!!!! We need a May / June game you have the players need the host
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    @Salsh Borski more vinger less oil sir.
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    "as we reach the end of the concert and November Rain starts playing, the man's own heart, filled by God knows what, attacked him and got him killed immediately." His heart had the sense to pull the plug there and then. Must have had advanced knowledge of This I Love landing some day in the future.
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    We couldn’t live without you manets
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    @forum Doctors 👨‍⚕️ Orders ✍️ Please listen to this with the Drink 🍸 or Smoke of your choice
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    There was a bunch of Chinese IT specislists on the way to a conference or something. One theory is someone hacked or interferred with plane controls. I think these IT specialists were kidnapped by terrorists or they stole the plane and landed somewhere.
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    Told you he made the libtarded sjws REEEEEEEEEEEEE. Proof.
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    Watch out white I hop waitress Tiger is back !
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    There is a shit tonne of important stuff leaked by wikileaks but said importance largely depends on what part of the world you are in. The Arab spring for example, pretty much kicked off thanks to the leak of U.S. diplomat cables which showed the widespread corruption between governments and the U.S. across North Africa and the Middle East. The Collateral Murder/Bradley Manning leak could be argued helped turn public opinion even more so against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan The Podesta/ Democrat emails definitely damaged Hilary but again it is hard to truly put a measure on such things. I guess it also depends on how cynical you are as to how shocking the wikileaks stuff is but he definitely exposed a lot of high level corruption. Unfortunately instead of people grabbing their pitchforks and hanging the bastards from the lampposts a lot of the stuff faded from the news cycle or was ignored eventually thanks to most people having the attention span of goldfish. Even the Edward Snowden NSA leak didn't really achieve much in the end. People want to live in the Matrix and pretend everything is ok.
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    The fact that Black Panther got universal acclaim is the reason why I give up on movies. That movie sucked. Three hours of pure shit. An easy 0/10.
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    Marvel is shit. Captain America movies are pretty good, Iron Man is shit, Hulk is shit, first Thor is pretty good, second and third are shit, Avengers movies are meh, Guardians are shit, Ant Man is a one-watch wonder, lol Negro Panther, Spiderman is shit, Doctor Strange is shit, lol Captain Bitch Face.
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    If exposing Hillary rigging the Democratic primary and revealing tons of war crimes, along with exposing the government pedophilia ring is nothing, I'll take some more nothing please.
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    I saw the first of the new Star Wars movies in cinema. I fell asleep and woke up just when they killed Han Solo. I immediatly left the cinema. Bullshit franchise.
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    You're just excited that you're not the biggest sucker on the forum anymore since he paid full price.
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    The stupid sheep will forget about it as soon as the news cycle tells them to. His tweets aren't going to have any lasting impact and he proves he'll follow their policies every chance he's given. The deep state isn't even the real problem though. The complacency of us morons is the problem. Without us being retarded they couldn't operate. 'murica!
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    It's all just smoke and mirrors. Trump, the Clintons, Obama and every other politician are just puppets for them. What has Trump exposed? Nothing that wasn't already public knowledge readily available to anyone interested enough to look.
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    This is what happens when you let your kids believe that you can be a savior of the people. They grow up thinking that doing the right thing and doing it at any cost is the way forward. His parents should’ve taken the marvel comics off the geek.
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    Season 6 without a Doubt Has my favorite episode "Homer Badman" Which is still pretty relevant today lol
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    Does Jesus come back with NU Apostles ? Peter , John , Matthew you’re out DJ , Dizzy, Frank your in.
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    Jesus actually buried his breakthrough with a triumphant return that was full of shock and awe. Then he had the sense to fuck off into eternity leaving the audience wanting more. Nobody wants a fat shit bloated Jesus to come back to a chorus of angels only to try and wow us with shit magic tricks and shoddy overpriced merchandise. Get off, you suck fat cunt
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    Effing beautiful day here outside Tokyo. Cherry blossoms will be in bloom soon....loveliest time of year!!
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    Turning water into wine is pretty bad ass.
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    Fuck I don't know... Jesus never said "Gimmie some reggae", and he sure as all fuck never said "gimmie more reggae" when talking of heaven's door
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    Objectively false Jesus retuned with Rasp and gave the true believers eternal life Axl returned with Mickey voice and gave us Chinese Democracy So in my book this is a clear win for Jesus
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