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    It's bizarre seeing those tattoos. It's about the only thing that reminds us that it's actually him in there, somewhere.
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    They say it's all over when the laughter ends.
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    I imagine they looked very seriously at it again, and decided to play the Kentucky Fried Chicken Festival instead
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    I don't know which one I should hit with my square mouth shovel first
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    Is the Trump presidency proof there's a Deep State? Based upon his campaign and how things are going, I think there's no doubt someone or somebody else is pulling the strings.
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    Speaking of LAGuns. Have you heard their new album The Devil You Know? its fucking amazing
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    Yeah, of course. Politicians come and go every four years. Bureaucrats, military and intelligence officials and other unelected goons are often there for 40-50 years. You think they just roll over and let some blow in start telling them what to do every election? Not a chance. They are embedded in the system. They are the system.
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    Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice were good shows (for bad reality tv I mean). I was so hoping that was the Trump we were going to get- smart, calculated, well-spoken. Instead we got some drunk guy in a bar.
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    Great start to the weekend oh enjoy Watching this faggot getting beat for tackling Bret Hart http://t.co/3IwjyhMGzX
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    Given how paranoid American are about everything I'm actually shocked at the widespread scepticism over the existence of the Deep State. It's not even unique to America. It's pretty much a given in every Western country these days. Here it is called the Permanent Government.
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    Toy Story 1-2-3 are all good Into the Spider-Verse is amazing I love Fantasia of course
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    Bret Hart attacked Briscoes attacked Wrestling Fans be crazy Glad to see Enzo and Cass are back
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    I have no suggestions. Wrestling has been taken over by nerdy, lightweight, no-talent, no-selling and flipping faggots from top to bottom. Probably will never be good again.
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    By far, my favorite animated film of all time is AKIRA. Nothing else comes close. For Disney, I've always liked Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast the most. I don't like CGI animated movies. It was cool when the first Toy Story came out, but I hate the way it looks now. I'm much more interested in traditional 2D animation.
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    If Izzy rejoined I'd actually buy a ticket to the next tour (if he came out for that). Ditch Frank please and then it'll be 100% fine.
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    I will mock you all when AEW Is the best pro wrestling company going prepared to be mocked
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    I do like a lot of wrestling companies and watch way more than I should but I already hate AEW. I love that there are different places for wrestlers to work but I despise everyone involved with AEW
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    Same exact question as “can you put your dick in my ass?” Only a fag would ask it.
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    Gonna put all of these on my gym playlist so I can see what you're talking about. Dr. Feelgood is the only one I'm familiar with.
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