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    None. I don't get the appeal one bit, Robert Finch is a shit guitarist and fans like Broski confirms every suspicion I have that they are a bunch of wankers
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    I'm no Trumper, but that's probably one of the stupidest things I've ever read. A circus clown doesn't jump through as many hoops.
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    So it is being reported that Mueller recommended no further indictments lol.
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    Cenk Uygur: "Backtrack backtrack backtrack backtrack."
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    Maddow was crying apparently
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    I hope the whole report gets released and it says jack shit. We can then see every crazy ass radical leftists talk about how they got to Mueller.
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    This whole thing has been libshits clapping their ostrich feet saying “I wish I may, I wish I might”. Not surprised they’re moving the goalposts to continue. And fuck off Cenk.
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    Are you serious? Were you even alive at the time? The obsolescence of "the culture displayed within" was always the main joke. It was funny because they were unabashed shitrockers well after anyone thought it was cool.
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    Mueller investigation big waste of time and money. No surprise here. Trump 2020 is a lock. Let the tweet show begin.
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    http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/03/22/chris_matthews_why_was_there_never_an_interrogation_of_trump_how_can_mueller_let_him_off_the_hook.html How can you let him off the hook!....maybe is innocent fucktard.
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    "Aint it fun when you tell her she's just a strong independent woman with cats for company"* *Revised 2019 lyrics by Duff McKagan
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    Is this from a Sara Silverman skit or something? This is a halloween costume, right?
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    But the production of these iconic records let you know what was going on at the time. You think any band anywhere anytime other than the Beatles could plug a fuzz box straight into the mixer like they did on Revolution? Fuck no. The same way that some of the iconic 80s metal is gonna have reverb up the balls on their drums. If everything we're mixed the same, it'd be monotonous, and there's be no separation between eras.
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    Well that certainly didn't take long. Fuck. The only wind in Trump's opponents' sails has been that this report is gonna bring it all down. This is a Yuge blow to opposition.
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    That is my hope as well, the meltdowns so far have been amazing, especially Chris Matthews spazzing out.
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    All right. Consider this a world premiere. "SEVEN" ( 七 "nana") by Guns N' Roses and Marco Beltrami. Grab it now before Team Brazil fucks your butt. http://instaud.io/3srx
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    The Spiral. It came out just as I was experiencing true heartbreak for the first time at 16 when my first ever gf dumped me after almost year together. I just couldn't put that anguish into words....and then Trent wrote an entire album. Just for me. Fuck all y'all....he wrote it for ME. For MY pain. This was my bible. I listened to it over and over and over. Trent was my messiah. Somewhere in Italy there's a painting of me reaching my index finger out to Trent in the heavens and he's streching his out to meet mine. 25 years later, the lyrics can be a but of a cringe, but production wise it holds up better than the 80s synth of Pretty Hate Machine. I don't listen to it often, but every now and then I like a little trip down nostalgia lane, to relive that angst. The song "Reptile" still fucking rips dude....mean and nasty sound and it really sums up the feelings of what cunts bitches can be. I was so glad that when I finally saw them in concert all those years later, they played it and it ripped the roof off the joint.
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    False."Seven" is pronounced "nana"in Japanese. Little known fact....Seven was intended to be the bonus track for CD for Japan but was left off at the last minute. Marco Beltrami's contribution is amazing. I've had it for years through official channels I can't mention....but fuck it...you guys are cool and it's been forever....you wanna hear it?
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    Is it true that the all the verses in Seven are just "You... Me!" 7 times, followed by this sound as the chorus?
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    I'd only agree to it if Bonham adds a cam whore section and makes me official gnfnr smut baron. Come on Bonham you know it is a winner.
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    How can one be such a faggot?
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    "He cheated on his math test! But it was after he turned it into the teacher."
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    Let the meltdowns commence
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    We don't have a whole lot to go on as it is basically day 1. Mayhem misrepresented details to pile on me but also pretended he was under pressure to vote Bonham when there was clearly no such pressure on him. It's not much but when a player is not being truthful on day 1 when there is no pressure and no need to distort (unless Mafia) it just kind of stands out as odd. I think claiming you made mistakes by rushing through the thread on day 1 with no pressure just doesn't ring true. That's basically it. Not much but it's all we got right now.
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    Is the entire case against Mayhem just that he said hotdogman attacked Facekicker?
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    Maybe Axl could play a similar role to what Mike Tyson plays in The Hangover movies.
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    Where are they going to find a phone booth to time travel in?
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    The anons are all really good people Cc: @Barry
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    The way he manages to work past sexual conquests into almost every post about Guns N' Roses or any other random topic makes me laugh.
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    I think I still have a nude or semi-nude of her on my hard drive. We do not need more women here. If they were actually young and attractive, they would only be here for attention and attempting to cause drama. And if they actually like they band, they're gross old soccer moms with fat zitty asses and saggy wrinkled tits. Muhgyner is full of them. Go there if that's what you want.
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    It absolutely will not be a problem soon. Even with our near historic low unemployment, we still have a job surplus right now. Dems are just promising as much free shit as they can to try and get (statistically low turnout) young people whoever don't understand finances or economics to vote for free shit that has no backing. Old people have nothing in their lives to do but wait to vote, that's why their numbers are so high. And by then, they already have their free shit (social security) so fuck those damned Democrats and their handouts. One group votes, the other talks a big game and doesn't.
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    1 downzy 6,481 Posted 2 hours ago The investigation likely made money when you consider civil forfeitures of Manafort’s property. Plus, what do you think has cost the taxpayer more: Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s trips to Mar a Lago?
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    The Fragile and Still
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    Never got into their music. Then I saw them live with Soundgarden. It was a fucking amazing show.
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    @EstrangedTWAT I'm going to white knight and say you shouldn't do any of that. Seriously.
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    Theys something about downing a bottle of wine that makes me not care about dying of liver disease.
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    Brain is no Geraldo, objectively speaking.
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    Women don't bitch that much.
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