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    You mean killing Gunner isn't the sole objective? 😂
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    This Man's music is shit. It's generic pop rock for Woman.
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    I was once like you. Dumb and stupid and brimming with ignorance. This is day 1 of mafia. So of course a rube like you isn't going to understand the nuances and subtlety of what is actually going on. Here's one nuance for you: retards who aren't in the game don't get to post in the thread. So fuck off. And go away. No one cares about you or who you are. Go vaporize and troll the forum elsewhere. Run along, tubby.
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    The only song on hell's jukebox is American Woman by Lenny Kravitz. He's like the Foo Fighters. Rock music for people who hate rock.
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    Remind me never to play mafia with Gunner again. Can't you just act normally on day one? Just once...
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    I guess that makes up for GUNNER being a complete retard and basically handing mafia a town kill.
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    How about we all show a little love and support for our fearless owner? Share what you like and appreciate about him. Dude runs this forum for free. Gives people 100 times more leeway than any other GnR forum owner. He pretty much lets people post whatever they want. For some reason, a lot of people have been really negative lately. People have been spamming the forum with pictures of bleeding anuses, lots of arguing and fighting, and just general fuckery. Just a friendl reminder....spamming or hating on a member or trolling, that shit doesn't have any effect on normal posters. Most of us just laugh it off. But you know who it DOES effect??? JB, because he is the one who has to deal with "reports." He is the one who has to deal with people arguing/fighting as he has to go back and read all the posts and see who is out of line and who wasn't. JB is the one who has to go delete trolling pictures and posts. JB is the one you are fucking. JB is a frigging saint compared to guys like Downs, Russ and Jarmo. Just out of respect for JB we all should chill out a bit. THANK YOU JB for all that you do. This forum wouldn't be what it is without your leadership.
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    That NY times article is all kinds of fucked up. These fat fucks need to start identifying with being morbidly obese and lose some weight. Another greasy meal out is the last thing these people need. The next thing you know these people will be complaining about how they have to pay twice the price for coffins and plots of land to house their dead fat asses.
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    I better remain quiet Thanks @John Bonham for accepting me back. Getting my old account again so I could access the hidden sections would be asking too much?
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    Hey Skeeter, not be it for me to side with anyone but we have a great deal on Salami flavored Chapstick at the moment. Give me a call.
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    The easy rebuttal is, GNR was a good band... 30 years ago.
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    Playing obviously. The only thing I’ve been able to come up with so far is @John Bonham hates me. cleaning up GUNNERSs aftermath is always a big task that requires many man hours. For the town, we really have nothing to go on yet. I would like to see the non players stop spamming the forum. Anyway, Burnsie was really on my case today, let’s go to Moes!
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    Damn wish I had picked this alt when returning to the forum.
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    I have a fine collection of stds. Rock n roll live forever man.
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    Well, I had my doubts about you but once you mentioned sweet sweet Deidre and poor lamented Lewis... All hail our new Salami Overlord!
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    I hear ya. I just have to stay loyal to my good friend sixes, the original salamiposter, you know? If he's cool with the company, so am I.
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    Hi @magisme. Thank you for your enquiry. As it happens, @sixes is one of our more valued customers. He actually cut the ribbon at our new store recently. He is a man that knows his salami. Many a time he has taken advantage of our 2 for 1 saturday offer. He has also taken my sister, Deidre out a few times for many a stiff cocktail since the untimely demise of her husband Louis.
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    It's actually the inspiration behind my Salami Emporium.
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    Mr Rose is a regular customer of mine. He has his errand boy Ferdinand or whatever he is called, order up one of our special Family Baskets every 2 weeks.
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    It certainly does but before we hit that desperation point, try some rings of real, authentic Long Island Salami around your head like a bandana. 2 for 1 all day Saturday!
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    T Don't blame OP too much, guys. He's an autistic faggot who doesn't understand that we all see this for what it is -- an unlikable poster making a pathetic attempt to brown nose JB. We all love JB. We don't love faggot OP with autistic faggot motives.
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    I struggle to find 5 good Kravitz songs.
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    A topic telling the owner of the site “thank you” is a shit topic in your mind? Wow.
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    Terence Trent D'arby.....good Lenny Kravitz....not so much
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    Thank you JB by take care us
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    Decapitation works in a pinch
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    "Smells like seven layers...that Beaver eats Taco Bell!"
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    Fat acceptance will kill a lot of people. Acceptance will be the end of the human race. Soon pedophiles will ask for acceptance, murderers, portuguese trolls...
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    On a serious note, not that Salami isn't the most serious of serious business, it is out there. Good luck trying to get one of the pathetic mongrels who hoard it to entertain you though. Shower of bastards.
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    Unfortunately not. My meat empire leaves me with just enough free time to post on important forums and exchange pleasantries with buxom wenches via messenger.
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    Toothpuller (Izzy) is the best of the bunch.
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    Thunder only happens when it's raining
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    Who decided Steve Coogan was good?
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    I'll stay out of the politics and just say JB is a great man.
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    What is Portugal good for anyway, it's best known for that girlyboy Ronaldo.
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    I can't listen to a song by this guy but that riff was cool.
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    The Heat was on him from the start The pressure and freedom was to much for him he only knew 1 way His Way
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    You shouldnt talk in public about prvt conversations. Show some integrity.
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    Bull Durham & Field of Dreams Been awhile since I'd seen either. Got me amped up for baseball season Next up....Bad News Bears
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