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    Tonight we celebrate the 9th anniversary of this web forum gunsnfnroses.com It is hard to believe we are still around 9 years later Personally, I am fatter, but not shittier, and my hairline is the same as in 2010 Thank you to everyone that is a part of this community, and of course, a big shout-out to our founder who put together this site 9 years ago today Next year is the big one
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    GNFNR is my internet home. If I am on my computer, which I often am, a GNFNR tab is open--non-negotiable. When Fernando, the magisme slayer, orchestrated my mygina downfall, I turned to GNFNR, but, to be honest, I'd didn't think it would fill the gina sized hole in my heart. There were so few posters and so few threads, and people didn't use smileys much, and if you were bullshit people would call you out, and there were no female posters, and there was no Len (inb4 bacardi). How in the absolute fuck was I going to get my likes with a crowd like this? I kept a somewhat low profile at first, believe it or not, unsure of how I fit in. Over time it came to me that no one really fit in, and that's how everyone fit in. The common thread was that everyone posted exactly what they wanted to post and fuck you if you didn't like it, and no mod was going to swoop in to delete posts or tell people to behave. If you wanted to go unfiltered, something possible literally nowhere else in life, this was your place, and everyone understood it, cherished it even. I don't lie low anymore, in case you hadn't noticed. I crack jokes here, I have debates here, I chat about sports here, and I release demons here. And I read every single post. I don't skip anyone. Not even Miser. I know some of you better than I know others, but I value all of you, and regardless of shit talking, I wish every one of you the absolute best in life, even theresnologicheretoday (and I hope at least 75% of you think I'm a faggot for saying it). So thank you to all of you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for everything you post. And thank you most of all to JB. What an absolute fucking champ in every way imaginable. I will never delete GNFNR from my favorites bar.
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    But what about Axl's VISION? He wouldn't have destroyed the old band just to release 14 subpar songs would he? I'm sure there 70 songs ready to be released with kick ass vocals and SRV meets Queen guitars + saloon piano. Axl is the best. This is the kind of hatred that makes my blood boil.
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    In the same interview, Slash mentioned they have plenty of footage from the UYI tour. A quick look at retarded forums and I could see a bunch of lunatics drooling at the possibility of watching 30 years old footage of stupid millionaires who hate each other. Seriously, why would anyone be interested in seeing how Axl, Slash and Duff spent their days 30 years ago? GNR fans scare me.
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    arnold really did PM me and JB. He forgot that JB wasn't mafia with us.
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    TY to all of yous. And welcome back to all the people... who came back Also, the missing apostrophes in Guns N'F'N Roses were provided by @Ragnar. Thanks Dude.
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    I wear my GnFnR badge proudly.. thanks @John Bonham
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    What stage of life does Axl have to be in before he does a danceable swamp rock number?
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    Thanks to my buddy @magisme I'm having a few cocktails, listening to Blind Melon, thinking of my younger days and shedding some tears, much needed btw... I only wanted to be 16 and free......
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    With a little luck, Axl will soon suggest a Greta Van Fleet cover.
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    lol does this toothless dumbass not realize no one wants to listen to constipationers? fuck me
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    None. I don't get the appeal one bit, Robert Finch is a shit guitarist and fans like Broski confirms every suspicion I have that they are a bunch of wankers
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    "Aint it fun when you tell her she's just a strong independent woman with cats for company"* *Revised 2019 lyrics by Duff McKagan
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    I like his hair in this rare pic:
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    i dont need pornhub,i have 11 porn channels on my tv
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    I had just gotten off work yesterday, and was at the grocery store. I had gone through the check-out line, and I made eye contact with a woman who was just finishing checking out herself, so I said "hi" and went over to the bulletin board area and waited for her. This woman was very pretty—blonde, with bangs and pert titties. She had a killer body, and a Russian accent, and, get this—she had white face cream all over her face. As I am standing there, she comes up to me and we talk. Keep in mind her voice sounds very nervous and anxious. She solicits me for sex outside, and of course, I am thinking that she is a prostitute. However, my 9-inch penis is fully engorged and rigid at this point, so I put my hand on her shoulder and lead her out towards my minivan. What ensued was 15 minutes of the most mind-blowing, powerful sex I have had in months. I fucked her doggy-style in the van until I came in several powerful spasms, emptying my load into her. We both napped briefly before I finally pulled out, still semi-rigid. She had a quick suck of my cock to clean me up and then she waddled out into the grocery store parking lot.
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    Jon is now whipped by his girlfriend and he needs his two sisters to open his eyes. From hero to cuck. Arya is the most powerful being in the whole kingdom now. They don't show sex or gore anymore. GoT Light. Euron Greyjoy is a cartoon character who discovered after centuries that scorpions are great weapons. Cersei just drinks with a disgusted face. This series had villains like Geoffrey and Ramsay. Now they have drunk Cersei and horny Pirate. Night King had nothing to say, he just didn't like Bran much. All the other night creatures on horses that appeared at the end of a season were all nobodies. They couldn't notice Arya. This is probably the worst ending to a series I have ever watched.
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    Not even the greatest 2 minutes in sports on the day it airs. It's not even a sport really.
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    State Fair Adler > NITL GNR
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    Don’t derail my thread or I’ll send you back to reading the thread on all the rules. Do you want to be reprimanded?
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    There is a shit tonne of important stuff leaked by wikileaks but said importance largely depends on what part of the world you are in. The Arab spring for example, pretty much kicked off thanks to the leak of U.S. diplomat cables which showed the widespread corruption between governments and the U.S. across North Africa and the Middle East. The Collateral Murder/Bradley Manning leak could be argued helped turn public opinion even more so against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan The Podesta/ Democrat emails definitely damaged Hilary but again it is hard to truly put a measure on such things. I guess it also depends on how cynical you are as to how shocking the wikileaks stuff is but he definitely exposed a lot of high level corruption. Unfortunately instead of people grabbing their pitchforks and hanging the bastards from the lampposts a lot of the stuff faded from the news cycle or was ignored eventually thanks to most people having the attention span of goldfish. Even the Edward Snowden NSA leak didn't really achieve much in the end. People want to live in the Matrix and pretend everything is ok.
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    You're just excited that you're not the biggest sucker on the forum anymore since he paid full price.
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    Too late. They found it in religion and politics long ago.
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    Scissoring is the new crossfit.
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    Right now the Dems are trying to push that Beta loser as the next nominee but there is no way a guy who lost an election to Ted Cruz is going to sit behind the big desk in the oral office.
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    That's all bullshit. He was despondent because Kurt embarrassed him and completely owned him. Kurt told the story of Axl threatening him at the VMAs. Nirvana openly called GnR corporate rock and stereotyped cliches of rock n roll excess. Axl got owned so hard by Kurt, you know it ate him up. Hell, we're talking about the guy who obsessed over a mod at GnR and rageposted at her over a t-shirt story. Yeah, he was despondent alright. Despondent Kurt's death cemented his legacy as douchey 80s remnant rockstar.
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    How can one be such a faggot?
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    I'm no Trumper, but that's probably one of the stupidest things I've ever read. A circus clown doesn't jump through as many hoops.
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    So it is being reported that Mueller recommended no further indictments lol.
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    No. We don't need more women here. Miser is enough.
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    I'd party with him. Bagged a wife from his site. He's alright with me.
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    I’d love to have seen those manly boxing sessions between big bad Duff and Wild man Weiland. Wasn’t Duff a Golden Gloves champion in the Punkweight division?
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    I'm about a decade older than you. I'm progressively learning not to worry about what "the world" will look like in 20-40 years. There's absolutely nothing I can do about it, and 99.9% of the world doesn't have much effect on my day-to-day. So I don't pay much attention to the news, I mind my own business at work, and I spend time with family and people who would never tell me to check my privilege. Fuck literally everything else. Things could get bad when we're a minority though. You won't have to search much to find out what happens to minority races when they're perceived as too powerful and historically guilty.
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    Um... no. It's bad enough that we have to deal with them in the workplace. We actually have a nice club here, and we are going to ruin it?
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    Maddow was crying apparently
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