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    But what about Axl's VISION? He wouldn't have destroyed the old band just to release 14 subpar songs would he? I'm sure there 70 songs ready to be released with kick ass vocals and SRV meets Queen guitars + saloon piano. Axl is the best. This is the kind of hatred that makes my blood boil.
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    In the same interview, Slash mentioned they have plenty of footage from the UYI tour. A quick look at retarded forums and I could see a bunch of lunatics drooling at the possibility of watching 30 years old footage of stupid millionaires who hate each other. Seriously, why would anyone be interested in seeing how Axl, Slash and Duff spent their days 30 years ago? GNR fans scare me.
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    arnold really did PM me and JB. He forgot that JB wasn't mafia with us.
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    Just to bring everyone up to speed: http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/ make of that what you will
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    None. I don't get the appeal one bit, Robert Finch is a shit guitarist and fans like Broski confirms every suspicion I have that they are a bunch of wankers
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    Guarantee if he done himself in those three would the first with the crocodile tears and my brother bullshit. Especially Duff
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    I was more thinking that I want to keep you both alive for an epic game-long feud.
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    it'll still get more bids than adler's drum set
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    If the game is really GN'R the mafia guys are like the setlists. THE SAME as usual. Maybe with one shitty cover.
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    Imagine being such a dingus that you sign your name after each response. /arnold
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    This blood is on your hands, Rick http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5229110
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    I will be at the next shows just to smear my poop on these fuckers. Fat Axl, Gay Puff, and Shit Salsh will be getting bags of piss to the face.
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    Hoping/predicting this is all a fad and these shows and movies from the 2010s are all going to look incredibly dated in the future. In a few years, we will see the return of strong men and beautiful women in our stories. This is what 90% of viewers want to see.
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    I loved MAD for about a year, when I was in 5th grade. It was funny, rude, gross, and had just enough element of feeling "naughty" like something we weren't supposed to see. For example....look at what Battyman says in reply to the thug saying "Doesn't anything hurt you?" This a kids' comic from 1989. Can you even imagine the fucking unbridled outrage over something like this nowadays? The publisher would go to jail.
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    The candidates the Democrats have are fucking appalling. And the one exception, Tulsi, is being sidelined and villified because she's anti-war Makes you realise how far off the deep end they have gone.
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    Worse than Hitler with aids and ebola
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    E.T. phone homo. The story of a cisgender alien who crash lands on earth and helps a young boy named Elliot transition into a young girl called Ellie. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will puke in the aisle.
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    Happy Marriage.... The Ballads of Max and Geraldine Bailey
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    Guns N' Roses now is a crossover between NuGNR and Velvet Revolver, and it's shit.
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    I'd love to play with her big floppy cans. Just unhook her bra and free them droopers....plop em all over my face. She's thin and has big tits. She doesn't even have a very pretty face anymore. She was pretty in that college video, but not now. It's just sad that a thin chick with big tits is all it takes to get so much fucking attention. Ridiculous.
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    Um... no. It's bad enough that we have to deal with them in the workplace. We actually have a nice club here, and we are going to ruin it?
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    Literally shaking here.... From laughter. Tony Clifton Rose you are my hero
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    I want reparations for having to live through all this bullshit.
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    Man, Doctor Doom really was an asshole, wasn't he? He was so freaked out over a little scar that he decided to hide his "hideous" face forever. And so he puts a scalding hot METAL mask on to his face and instantly burns the flesh off, making him a million times uglier than he was. All cause of a small scar. What a fucking retard. No wonder. He's of gypsy blood.
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    Hi. I believe I formally introduced myself, rather embarrassingly it seems, in the wrong section/thread. I am Salsh Borski, Salami King of Long Island..... Everyone loves my length of sausage...
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    I'm just gonna chill and watch everyone freak out. At the end of the day I'll either have a shit NuGNR demo to listen to or I won't. Whatever.
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    Imagine waking up every day, and saying, I am going to be murdered today. Then you get raped...and live. That's basically what you're describing.
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    this will be a good episode of storage wars
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    same shape as the potato they used to record the ritz in '88
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    If I can’t call someone a fucking cunt during mafia then it’s not real mafia.
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    Let's cut right to the most important question: who serves the best Ulster fry and did Slash dine there? Great weatherposting BTW
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    http://radiohead.bandcamp.com/album/minidiscs-hacked This is OK Computer sessions that somebody hacked and demanded ransom for, so the band officially released it. Free listen and a link to buy at the link.
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    It’s a strange paradox that the guy reporting on the guys committing war crimes is the one we lock up.
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    Am I an asshole if I post a pet after that post? Sorry, man. He enjoys the snow.
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