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    Darren Ashba is a joke. Probably wanted to break into the emo scene but realized he was almost 40 and had someone to tell him to look for something else. Then he went for a modernized Motley Gay look and generic pop hard rock. He wore a tophat during his stint with Axl. Yes, a tophat. At least Finck was original. Pitman. This guy was Axl's #1 brownnoser until Axl got tired of him and kicked him out. Simple as that. He was in his band because he was Axl's friend until Axl decided to call his old friends back. There was nothing artistic or related to music keeping him in the band. Bumblethal had to use a guitar in the shape of a foot or a slice of cheese to get someone's attention. If he were 20 years younger, Youtube would be his gig. He's like a kind of primitive Steve T. He seemed nice enough to the fans which gives him a lot of credit. All his solo work/other bands are TERRIBLE! UNLISTENABLE. The Conspirators are shit but there will be at least 10 seconds of something catchy or mildly interesting there. With Ron, you get the worst of prog rock/metal out there. These guys made NuNuGNR very unlikeable and hilarious at the same time. I can only imagine how NuNuNuGNR would look like now if Axl hadn't give Slash that call to beg him to return.
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    Ashba, pitman and bumblefuck are the holy trinity of shit A gay attention whore, a drunk bum and a complete dork. Non should have ever shared a stage with Axl Rose, even in his Tony Clifton years though they did make that period even funnier it was so shit
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    Upgrade to 4.4.1 today successful
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    Well that's not entirely true. Although we are a fun bunch.
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    Like most Americans, I lost interest in his music when he showed up for "Bad" and he was suddenly a white guy. I think the last song I ever enjoyed that he did was "Black or White" and he already looked like a freak show then. By the time he was first publicly accused of diddling kids, all I could think was what a disgusting creep show he'd become. I think most people in the States anyway felt that way from the early 90s until his death, upon which he magically became "one of the greatest entertainers of all time" again. Jesus look at his face towards the end. He was a goddamned ghoul.
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    Those Langoliers are devouring everything from the 90s. Soon there won't be anything left.
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    2 skinny guys loved by the majority of Brazilians Both were famously shirtless and had their careers end prematurely Both got fucked by their Dad
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    Like, Axl literally could have gone on youtube and googled "gn'r guitar cover," picked a video at random, hired that person, and ended up with someone better and more suited for GN'R than Ashba. The weird '00-'02 era of NuGuns was really weird and fascinating and it appears from leaks, the most musically interesting. Bucket was fucking incredible, in ways are strangely great fit for Axl. In retrospect the 2006 era of Gn'R is the saddest to me, but not in a funny way. Axl sounded incredible, and it was probably at the peak of commercial viability for the original guns to get back together. The Ashba era was when it all hit the fan, and any defense of the nuguns experiment expired. The tour started months after CD was released. It was the same setlist from 2006. The new lead guitarist was as if hot topic became a person. Axl was in full Tony Clifton mode, hardly even trying to sing. It had become clear the rest of the band was there for a check, which nothing wrong with that, but they were miserable doing it. Going back and watching recordings from that era induces nothing but pity. While I'm here, today's GN'R is great but still feels like a waste. It happened 10 years past when GN'R could have been musically relevant. It is interesting to see how GN'R gets respect these days from the rock world, Axl in particular. Axl getting back with Slash and Duff effectively erased negative feelings toward him in the eyes of many fans and even fellow musicians. Dave Grohl lent him a throne and they have joined each other on stage. Axl joined AC/DC for a tour and the consensus was that he was excellent. Imagine if Axl had just fucking done this when Bucket left? So when I see video of GN'R today, it is great to see Slash and Duff where they belong, but it is hard not to imagine what could have been if everyone had gotten over themselves sooner.
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    I feel like anyone who isn't answering DJ is trying to be too cute. He is bad at playing the guitar, which is problematic if you are employed as a professional touring guitar player. He looks like an ass hole. He is what happens when you don't grow out of your hot topic phase. Imagine what a DJ Ashba contribution to a GN'R album would be like. Imagine he wasn't just making up the fact he was considered to remain in Guns, and it actually happened. Imagine him playing on a stage with Slash and Duff. Imagine how fucking dumb he would look. Imagine him doing the Hulk Hogan ear-thing while playing rhythm guitar during Nightrain. Imagine time being taken out of the set where DJ fucking Ashba gets a guitar solo while Slash sort of stands around vamping. At least Bucket is incredible. Brain is an incredible drummer. Richard is great and fits in with the band. Bumble is incredible at guitar but meh. Tommy was perfect for the band at the time. Pittman was too inconsequential to get upset over. At the time everyone dunked on Finck for being a sloppy live player, but it wasn't for lack of talent, he at least was interesting. Frank isn't as bad as everyone says, gets along with everyone, but isn't nearly as offensive to the ears and eyes as DJ Ashba. The choice is obvious.
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    Can't believe this moron has shared the stage with rock legend Dizzy Reed.
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    http://www.thedailybeast.com/leaving-neverland-and-the-twisted-cult-of-michael-jackson-truthers Michael Jackson fans—one might call them “truthers”—who maintain the pop star’s innocence in all accusations of child sexual abuse and notoriously organize themselves against anyone who questions it. Specifically in relation to Leaving Neverland, Jackson’s supporters are quick to point out that Robson testified during both investigations that Jackson had never abused him, with his testimony in 2005 considered key to the singer’s exoneration. Safechuck testified in support of Jackson in 1993, but refused to do so again in 2005. Since coming forward as alleged victims, both have sued the Jackson estate, though the suits were initially thrown out because of the statute of limitations (they are currently on appeal). Jackson supporters seize on those points and other evidence to argue that not only are Safechuck and Robson lying and only out for money, but that all accusations are false. They have flooded social media, aggressively spamming anyone who writes or tweets about Leaving Neverland with hundreds of angry, often hysterical messages. Sometimes these messages have links to “proof” of Jackson’s innocence: Twitter threads, documents, or videos marked up and annotated in a conspiracy theorist aesthetic. Sometimes these messages contain vicious insults and even death threats. Mostly, they’re just obstinate: “Nope, not true.” And there are so many of them.
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    Lol the unecessary tapping. Guess he learned that the day he recorded this. Semi-amateur stuff.
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    lol there's a documentary "The dark side of the burka" is... is there a fun and light side of the burka i'm missing? It seems obvious. What's next, the wet side of water?
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    I'll still listen to MJ, he was a sick fuck but also a victim.. context but yeah, saying Michael Jackson was a paedophile is like saying Wayne Gretzky was a hockey player.
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    Regroupening is over once Axl or Beta sees this.
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    Niven does n't know shit. He's been milking his 15 minute long spotlight since Axl sacked his dumb ass. I kind of understand him though. I mean, what's his claim to glory other than being a Guns' manager ? Great White ? yeah, right
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    So this is the same guy that claimed the AFD 5 rehearsed together onstage in Nashville 2016, even though he hasn't been involved with the band in any capacity since when...the late 80s? Early 90s?
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    Alan Niven claimed that Slash told him a few months ago that Axl Rose is in ‘isolation’ going through Chinese Democracy leftovers to put on the new GNR album, and that Slash didn’t seem thrilled with the news. “Well, it isn’t so much ‘my take’, it’s what Curly [Slash] said to me the last time that I saw him which was when he came through Phoenix here just a few months ago. He told me that basically Axl [Rose] was in isolation, going through stuff that was recorded, but not used, on Chinese Democracy. That is what’s going on, and Slash didn’t seem too thrilled about it. Also, you know Duff [McKagan], love him to death, is this Duff the accountant we’re listening to, Duff the PR guy, or Duff the rock and roll bassist? Can he contribute to something new and wonderful? Some time ago he and Izzy [Stradlin] were doing some writing together, and I’ll stand by the position that I’ve made clear many times. If you are going to do genuine Guns N’ Roses as opposed to Velvet Conspirators, you’ve got to have Izzy in the creative mix. Izzy is the critical atom that makes that molecule hold together and work. If you’re not working with Izzy, then I don’t think you are making Guns N’ Roses music.
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    Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
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    Ghostbusters Stripes (director's cut with more tits) Rushmore Lost in Translation Caddyshack Scrooged Royal Tenebaums
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    Day 18 it’s so easy, easy when there’s only 12 days to go
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    Both have really annoying fans (mostly Woman, and Americans), neither of whom can see that both are shit.
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    Salsh doesnt even cares about his own kids, how would he care about MJ's young victims? At the time, all he wanted was some drugs and a big screen TV.
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    It’s my honor to give back to the fans that have literally given me everything by saying Hey you too can beat liver failure if you drink lemon juice and play Star Wars Republic Commando in japanese for 2 weeks straight. You too can be the man behind Avatar, you too could become James Cameron and make a world of blue tailed aliens that noone wants to leave.
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    His fucked up face is what makes people believe he was innocent. It made him ageless. There is no way the general public would buy into the innocence of a regular looking 40 year old man sleeping with kids.
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    Being a fan of this band for a long time now and browsing the forums, what I would want to hear and watch from the vault are 1.1994-1996 Rehearsal Tracks 2. UYI Tour Documentary 3. 2000 Intentions album 4. Seven 5. Zodiac
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    They absolutely missed the boat on doing an acoustic album or an MTV Unplugged That acoustic tequila gig was pretty good. Has bagel boy taken it down from YT?
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    These guys are fucking terrible.
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    I take the Fuck Off Back To Where You Came From approach.
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    Day 11. After days of webMD research I’m pretty sure the insurance companies are colluding with the medical services to prevent me from drinking. If the clinic says there’s something maybe wrong with you, you kind of have to go back for another round of tests. Which is how the medical service gets paid. They know you have insurance so they will milk the quota you have dry. There’s no money in sayng these numbers are high but it’s probably a random fluctuation or due to over indulgence in alcohol and painkillers. I had a nightmare that I didn’t pay taxes for 30 years and got locked in south east asian prison where they made me eat glass. Then I woke up drenched in sweat. Also I saw a case of 24 cans of PBR in the supermarket. It was like seeing the hottest supermodel of all time in your local swimming pool. I grabbed a bag of oranges and headed for self check out. Supermarkets are satan’s fueling station.
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    I wish auad understood that the Brazil bashing is just a meme we have because TB sucks so bad. I wish auad knew that we're all cracking jokes and seem to be in a good mood.
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    Auad is a good guy. But I notice a certain bias in his speech from time to time. It all depends on who we are talking about. But he's mostly positive, a true music lover and seems to have a much more positive approach to the art than most of us here. My suggestion would be ease up on the sensitivity a lil bit. Don't think it's really prejudice against Brazilians. We have a bad fame internationally for being over the top PASSIONATE about 80s rock bands. It's a fact, a fun fact. Nothing makes sense in this place or any GNR forum. What else is left to discuss? if people bring up Queen here that's good, at least it's something we can talk about besides the usual jokes we keep repeating. In this place you can either agree or disagree, you will be attacked, your favorite band will be attacked, your nationality will be attacked, your privacy will be attacked, etc. Don't want to write a wall of text but since we are talking about Brazil/Queen. There's this horrid Freddie/Montserrat Caballet album called Barcelona which is known as big pretentious turd with an awful synth orchestra all over the album (Freddie was afraid to use a real orchestra because he could not control every bit of it). It has one OK song in it. The rest is pure crap. Now go and tell that to Brazilian Queen/Fred fans. Look YT comments. These people are sick, irrational creeps. People have the right to dislike your favorite artist, especially their awful albums.
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    Odd first post.
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    Made my way thru their discography the past few days. Havent heard some of these albums in full in decades... After this marathon listen, I'd rank em.... Sabotage Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Master Of Reality Volume 4 Black Sabbath Paranoid Never Say Die Technical Ecstasy Dehumanizer Heaven And Hell Born Again The Eternal Idol Seventh Star Mob Rules Headless Cross Cross Purposes TYR The Devil You Know 13 Forbidden
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    MIser, how many benzos are you taking per day?
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    Bowie's entire catalogue is being released in box set form spanning different eras for each box. I believe 4 sets have been released so far. They include every album, studio and live, plus every b side, remix, soundtrack work, etc. I don't know if Toy is included but it's very possible since these seem to be all encompassing.... Great lists btw. Can't really disagree with either
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    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and... Heroes Young Americans Station To Station Diamond Dogs The Man Who Sold The World Low Hunky Dory Scary Monsters Lodger Aladdin Sane Let's Dance Never Let Me Down David Bowie 1969 AKA Space Oddity Tonight David Bowie 1967 Heathen The Next Day Outside Hours Blackstar Earthling Black Tie White Noise Reality The Buddha of Suburbia Would put Toy up there if it was officially released. I can't mix the "two" halves of his discography, and I just tried to be fair as to which are the most consistent albums.
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