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    It's also just been confirmed by this bootleg t-shirt I got off ebay last week:
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    There was a reason I was drinking all the time. 7 Up doesn’t quell the nightmare carnival.
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    If you are truly in a funk then I don't think indulgences help get rid of sorrows. You are just empty after they're exhausted. For me working and a sense of accomplishment are good distractions but it's more of a content feeling. No matter when, I like good movies, good music, good food, painting, making music.
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    "What makes you happy? Except these several things that I can't have that make most people happy?" Great question.
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    Vaults blazed and pirate flags were raised As they drifted away, hands held to the Cuban skies On the night, Frank’s drums were better than alright The recording has begun, Axl’s work is done
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    They have screwed us straight for three weeks. Thought we caught a break, but then today their contractors moved the cables around again and BAM! No Internet. I'm using it through my phone. Should have just told those dipshits to fuck off this morning. 'No thanks. Internet is working just fine thank you!' Aren't monopolies supposed to be illegal? Jesus Christ. It was my day off tomorrow and I wanted nothing more than to watch Hulu on my badass tv. I keep telling my wife that we should not financially support these cunts. I work hard for my money and I deserve better.
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    I like this band. They feel like they are the real deal. But, if I must play the game, they kind of remind me of INXS, in that, they are timeless and don't really copy any other band, but have their own classic sound, made up of all great classic influences.
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    A woke meta member is the fate of all posters.
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    I like being a total member
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    Its gonna be a monkey paw situation. We get a new gnr album but every track is like myworld
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    Note the short singer in the hat, how he holds the mic , and the extra tall guitarist......just sayin'
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    The greatest front man in rock history and amazing interview
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    Great song. I used to sing this one at karaoke
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    Baked macaroni and cheese The Grateful Dead
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    I switched to AT&T for prepaid cellular service since they carried the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and Verizon didn't. The difference is night and day. AT&T doesn't even have an app where you can check your data and other things. Instead, you punch in a pin number on an "app" on your phone, then it links you to a website where you can check your account details. Why can't they just have an app that does everything that lives on your phone? Furthermore, the first month I switched, they fucking charged me an extra 25 cents. That meant I had to buy additional data so my plan could renew. A bunch of the stores were out of the cards. Not to mention how retarded they were when I was trying to switch over the line. Their stores are worthless. They told me I had to give my address and name. The whole fucking point of prepaid cellular is that you can remain anonymous. Luckily, I just called them up on the phone, which requires less information. I gave them the name Benson Chesterfield. But anyway, AT&T sucks in other ways. They totally oversold the capacity of their U-Verse where I live. An actual AT&T tech told me this. Their infrastructure couldn't possibly support the network demands of what they were telling people. When a tech was at my house troubleshooting a slow connection (even though I was paying for a faster speed), he basically told me they're lying and are overextended in my area. So yeah, AT&T sucks. I'm not a Verizon fanboy, I just really wanted that Sony phone, since it has good specs, but is small. I hate all these giant phones. Go ahead, make little hand jokes all you want. I just like the old school early gen smartphones that were small. The Xperia Z1 Compact is perfect sized. It failed in America, but it's a great phone and is popular elsewhere. That was another thing, the fucking salespeople don't even know the basic technology of how these phones work. CDMA, GSM, all that shit. You can't just move a phone from Verizon to AT&T. It doesn't work like that.
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    Did they throttle the data of firefighters trying to download maps while fighting California wildfires because they didn't purchase the TRULY UNLIMITED PLAN? Pepperidge Farm remembers. It was Verizon.
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    Don't see why Ron and Frank were on the Chinese Democracy album in the first place. Neither contributed anything good.
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    Double album plus live NITL Would be - 500 odds to occur in the next 18 months New Unheard Single Release before Kwanza Minus -99999999999999 odds Oh and Costanzo The Butcher is 🏃 the show
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    @deelowbrown @Gordon Comstock @Bill Brasky @Major Mayhem
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    Alex Jones yesterday, Diamond Dave today. Fucking awesome
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    Old episodes of the Simpsons. My Family. The morning shit after my 1st cup of coffee in the morning. Donald Trump trolling the dummies. Monkey gifs. The first joke of the day. Sailing with one pontoon buried in the water and the other in the air. A ice cold glass of Coke with a big juicy Bacon 🥓 Cheese 🧀 Burger 🍔. A day at the amusement park riding all the rides with my son. The New England Patriots !!!!!!!
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    I have fulfilled my prophecy!!!! sixes here sixes there sixes fucking everywhere....
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    GUNNER and Brasky take the Out Ta Get Me approach with new posters.
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    CD II has been confirmed by three different line ups of GNR.
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    "fellow" It means that there's no plan, because GNR is too cool for plans. In GNR, things happen organically, like Axl's weight gain, or Slash's tooth rot, or, God willing, like TB's deportation.
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    It's amazing how a complete pussy like Duff is still 1000% times cooler than zombie/overrated Tommy Stuson. You know? The guy from the Replacements. That band some people pretend they have listened to/care about.
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    In rock we trust, it's boom or bust!
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    I saw them open for Black Sabbath on The End tour a couple years ago. They weren't bad, but weren't great either, I thought they were just kinda bland.
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    I agree with your assessment. Early Simpsons was a lot more conservative than people tend to remember. Also Krusty is fucking hilarious. Nothing better than a caricature of a drug fueled, failed comic. I heard somewhere Krusty was designed to be Homer whereas to paint a scenario where Bart thinks his dad is a moron but worships him in a Clown suit against his knowing. Really glad they scrapped that idea.
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    I go further up the seasons than Matt.....I think there are still some gems into the season 15-16 range. And I love all the Halloween ones. Well, most of them.
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    It doesn't have the same blue caller charm as it once had. The later seasons tried to throw around morality with The Simpsons trying to take a stance on issues. Not sure if they still do...maybe I will give it another go.
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    Again with the Handmaiden's Tale......
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