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    this is why I don't hire black people, it doesn't work out for anybody. A true HR hero here folks! JK, obvs, but actually - there are positions I wont hire black people for, because I've learned it's not good for anybody. Any operation that sells lotto tickets - those operations attract the dumbest motherfuckers, people who buy lottery tickets, and they are overtly racist. I had a black girl in a lotto shop and it did not go well people... I moved her to the jewellery store and resolved that issue.
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    Next GnR album!? Hahahahaha. That one never gets old.
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    Can we erase all Bumblefoot guitar parts from music history?
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    Will Bumblefoot's guitar parts be deleted from the next GNR album? I sure hope Axl doesn't make the mistake of including his awful guitar playing on CD II.
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    Because the label isn’t as incompetent as the band they house. They’re not gonna waste a comeback album opportunity for an album that sounds like a twin to the last comeback album that crashed and burned a decade ago. Will never happen.
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    I don't want him.
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    Davis is another beta male. He's not a competitor in the way that Embiid or Giannis are. He can put up big numbers much like KAT but his team has always sucked. If your goal is to win championships it is not going to happen if he is your best player. Despite his enormous talent he is still a number 2 guy on a championship team.
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    Of course he would be getting canned.. so would Bucketheads.. nobody fucking cares about what they recorded outside of a handful of neckbeards on the forums.
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    You forgot to mention that a person would have to be an objective fag if they couldn't grasp that concept.
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    I would give it a fair shake if Gillian Anderson looked less manly. Plus, the plot is tired and worn out. A badass cop hunts an elusive serial killer. I`ve seen it many times.
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    Does anybody else think it is time for Hollywood to bring back Starscream and the rest of The Transformers for a new movie in cartoon format? If done right I believe this has the potential to be one of the most popular movies of all time. Did you see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 3d? You should if you get a chance. It was the best movie of the year and gives me tremendous optimism of how great a new Transformers movie could be.
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    I realised what they have is Cohen or Stone lying about things that aren’t illegal and didn’t happen anyway.
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    No reason for the record company to block the release of CD II now that Slash is back. And more importantly, Axl now has Slash back to help promote the album. Of course, the album will be coming out at least 15 years too late, but I believe I will still enjoy it. Better remix with the intro they now play live as the first single? Methinks so.
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    Alex Jones yesterday, Diamond Dave today. Fucking awesome
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    overcompensating Dictionary result for overcompensating /ˌōvərˈkämpənˌsādiNG/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. the taking of excessive measures in attempting to correct or make amends for an error, weakness, or problem.
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    Supposedly it’s popular in South America. It’s good Joe has readdressed his stance on deplatforming. And really shown Alex Jones isn’t the evil some want him to be. This whole one mistake and out is wrong. It’s really just the old guard tryig to protect their game. Jones is more of a journalist than the whole of cable news put together. You need somebody like this, he might get it wrong or be going crazy from the heat. That was an epic episode though. Jones is out of his mind. The part about the republicas tricking the dems into being fascists is genius.
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    Ozark Sneaky Pete Justified Bloodline (1st season only) Hannibal (1st two seasons only) Fargo Line of Duty Broadchurch ...none of them are particularly new, but most are worth a watch.
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    I would say salami but that's a little too obvious and predictable. So, I'll say....salami
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    It is not working because Kyrie isn't a number one guy. If you could substitute Kyrie for Kawhi there is no doubt in my mind that Boston would have the best record in the East. All they have to do to fix it is bench Kyrie and let Tatum take 18 plus shots a night. Last year the young guys made it to game 7 of the East finals without Kyrie and Hayward and now this year it was expected that they would take a step back and give up a bunch of their shots to Kyrie and Hayward.
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    Nothing. Fucking nothing. All I want to do with my limited time on this miserable mudball is fuck girls and eat awesome food and get fucked up. I can't get any of that shit, and I'm depressed as hell, where in the shit am I supposed to find "comfort?" In my mommie's arms or some shit?
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    In hindsight, I have no idea how I made it thru season 1. It was boring as hell. Then, of course, I thought, nah season 2 will right the ship. Fuck me, it was worse. Then, in a wonderful case of self torture, I watched season 3
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    They can all fuck off until they prove they can pass the shit quality test.
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    I'm not playing unless Bacardi plays.
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    The Wrestler is just a beautiful movie.
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    Thread title really should say "other than Ashba". It's not a real question if you include Ashba since Ashba is IBO certified worst thing to happen to rock music since Queen.
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    No. But I work with a black guy for the first time in years and I'm constantly terrified I'm gonna say "nigger" and the more you obsess over it, the more likely it is to slip out. And I never use the word nigger in a hateful way....it's just a fun word to say, you know? Just rolls off the tongue. So me and my other white American friends have gotten quite used to just throwing that word and faggot and retard around as much as we want, cause this is Japan and nobody understands us. Well, a few months back, a black guy joined us. And we all looked at each other in silence. We were thinking the same thing. One night, somebody's gonna be drunk, and just blurt out "You fucking nigger!" and not directed at the black guy or anything, just the raunchy way asshole Americans talk when they think nobody's listening. Thankfully I don't drink anymore so I hope it won't be me.
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    Yeah you like the harder-edge gritty Pink Floyd. Aside from Barrett, who wrote the greatest song ever by the way, I think Wish You Were Here is the greatest. When you spark one and think about life, there is just something about that album.
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