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    Context. Madison made a claim that Axl had banned t-shirts of Slash from a certain show in 2010 (I forget where). IIRC she claimed she had inside knowledge that this came from Axl/TB directly in response to fans suggesting that maybe it was overzealous security people or lesser people like Del James prompting it. Axl then came on in his Dexter account and: "What the fuck do you know? That's right! You don't know jack fucking shit you fucking ignorant, know it all, fucking deluded, misguided, self important, self righteous, pious, small minded, clueless, loud mouthed, arrogant cunt.  No one needs your opinions n' having to deal with your constant abuse of privileges or the miniscule amount of power you've had here you wield like an angry, lesbian, wannabe, high school parking lot rent-a-cop always mouthing off like you're some kind of authority which you're far from. I have to say it saddens me you continue to babble your horseshit to unsuspecting fans n' any names n' numbers you have are of people like you who try n' hurt others to promote themselves at their expense. That's the only real thing you got bitch. It's like Revolver's if not edited, cloudy recollection of events as I've never asked for anyone's shirt bein' thrown out of anywhere let alone say I did but hey he won a contest so he must be credible, whatever, no good deed goes unpunished. I don't work for you or have to do a goddamn thing you think ever. Your opinions of anything whatsoever don't count or mean jack shit to me or anyone in this camp. You're garbage, plain and simple. You're not a fan or a voice of reason... you're a sick n' diseased mind spilling it's bile over the internet. Well now you can drink up the rewards of the crap that's been spillin' out of your pie hole forever here n' enjoy the fermented, feted n' vulgar response you've been cultivating n' aching for... for so long .   Find another board this one doesn't need you. Oh n' feel free to jump in all you wanna be web warriors, ho defenders n' bitch boi's, you ain't needed either. For the rest of you... Surprise gigs comin'!" As to the Madison fighting herself incident that happened way back in 2002/2003....I tried looking for it a while back but it was deleted by the powers that be after Madison was dethroned. Basically, there was a user named Patience4Axl and midway through a thread that had nothing to do with them, Madison and P4A got into a "who is the real New Yorker" fight. Basically, it had to do with P4A aka Madison alleging that Madison, since she spent most of her life living in the midwest before moving to Manhattan in the 90s, was more of a real New Yorker than Madison. Madison retorted that she was more of a real New Yorker than P4A since she actually lived in Manhattan, and "not Queens" like P4A did. They went back and forth for several pages and it got more and more vicious and then Madison closed the thread and it was later deleted from the archives.
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    Bacardi was behind the asshole pics? I have to hand it to him. That was the ultimate "shit post" to go out on. The image he spammed the forum with is seared into my brain now. All I see when I close my eyes is that gaping asshole along with hearing the voice of Nicki Minaj rapping "that ass" over and over again. Bacardi should have to retire his username and come back as a harder brand of liquor. Crown Royal would be my vote. Boomer Assiason would be good too.
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    You often hear people talking about how somebody they know has a "photographic memory." By that they mean that that person has the ability to read something and remember it in detail, almost as if they've photocopied it into their mind. The truth is that we all have that ability but we are not taught how to do it in school. I am reading my third book on memory called Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. The other two I have read are Moonwalking With Einstein and Unlimited Memory. People have known how to do some of these techniques for thousands of years yet they aren't part of our basic education system despite memorization being such a key aspect of learning. It pisses me off so much when I think about all the time I wasted in school over the years. I will now give you a brief example of how to remember 10 words in the sequence given. I am using this same technique to remember all 50 states in alphabetical order. 10 Words: Airplane Tree Envelope Earring Bucket Sing Basketball Salami Star Nose Basically you want to create exaggerated and absurd images in your head in order to memorize the words. Or you can use images that are already ingrained in your mind to represent the words you want to remember. You can use the images I give as examples or come up with your own. The key is to come up with something that easily sticks in your mind. Airplane to tree: picture an airplane flying in the sky with a tree coming out of its nose. Or picture a tree flying throught the sky like an aeroplane. Tree to envelope: Imagine a tree being enveloped in a giant envelope. Envelope to earring: picture an envelope with a bunch of gold hoop earrings pouring out of it. Earring to bucket: Picture a KFC bucket full of gold earrings. Bucket to sing: Now it is time to put some of our New GNR knowledge to use for the next couple of links. Picture Buckethead on stage standing beside Axl at Rock in Rio. Axl is a singer so he represents the word sing. Sing to basketball: Picture Axl in that weird interview he did at the 2001 NBA finals talking about his love of Iverson, Kobe, and Shaq. Basketball to salami: Picture a basketball bouncing into a deli full of salami. Salami to Star: picture looking up in the sky at night and seeing a bunch of giant twinking salamis. Star to Nose: Imagine Barbara Streisand or Lady Gaga. Both famous singers starred in remakes of A Star is Born. And both have prominent noses.
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    It is almost as if the government wants to keep people helpless. Learning how to learn and use our brains should have been one of the top priorities along with finance. These things are ubiquitous to all of our lives. It is criminal that we weren't taught finance growing up. Instead we were sold this bullshit narrative about how we should persue whatever higher education we are interested in and the rest of life will all work itself out.
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    Bacardi's ass pics > Diesel
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    No. Go back to mygayner if you like it there.
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    All I ask in return is to be indulged. I'm not a raging psycho anymore. I love GN'R, I love classic rock, grunge, and everything to do with the 80s and 90s. My hairline threads and stupid shit are just a joke kinda. But I do wanna get this forum back to GN'R.
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    Exactly. I always die by the second day so skeeter's metric is flawed. I'm not saying I'm the best mafia player on the forum because I'm not. But I refuse to accept skeeter saying I'm the worst. I'm not.
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    Izzy said Axl had three more of his songs so they could use those at some point. I see Izzy and anyone else that has worked with GNR at this point as “in the canp”.
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    Chinese Democracy works so much better as a conspiracy theory than it does as an album. They should hide a single on a flash drive somewhere in the US and have fans play a GNR version of Pokemon Go to find it.
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    Do you not get enough hate on here? You have to spew literary diarrhea now?
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    It;s not the "best" but it is my favorite. I can separate personal feelings from objective truths when it comes to movies and music and art and shit.
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    I only buy it for the pictures. Firstly consider the source. Bob Guccione’s nude mag? I guess he’s dead but it’s a 90s liberal perspective right? Interesting article though. I think most GNR fans might know Axl has been more thoughtful and sensitive for a long time. You really have to go back to AFD era and his beaviour lifestyle wasn’t based so much on political ideology than his personality or background combined illusions about fame. What does anyone know in their 20s? In a way it makes this comparison moot but here we are. Everyone knows Axl wasn’t into the drug lifestyle as much as the others in the AFD era. Axl came to represent everything about GNR. Most of the songs themselves aren’t even a lyrical glorification of the lifestyle. Axl has always been interested in spiritual stuff even though he rejected his strict religious upbringing, he has been said to believe in god, it’s alternative spirituality. I think before UYI came out Axl was pretty woke. I guess he had to tackle a lot of stuff in therapy. But the image remained. He was into hip hop, NWA. In 98 he’s writing Catcher about Lennon. If you’re a Lennon fan you woke up. Axl became U2 fan in the 90s. And CD is pretty political if you can be bothered to find out. Axl likes all those 90s alt rock bands and his band members are all liberals. I guess I can see some way to view him as a libertarian, libertarian socialist maybe would explain it. So I don’t think this woke Axl is a suprise. The characterization is more about the shift left of the Democrats. Liberal in the 90s was anti war and against PC. But the culture has moved left so now a 90s liberal (Penthouse) are more centre or right. If you were on the right you are probably more centre now. Which is probably why there’s space for more far right in the mainstream. Trump in many ways is a 90s liberal, anti wars and not PC, this puts him on the right of the Democrats who seem more like socialists now. Although Trump flirts with the far right he basically goes right down the center of the culture. Fueling the tribal war and exploiting everyone. He’s more a symptom of the problem than the cause. He’s just a player in the game. To me it makes sense that Axl moved left rather than right given his background and Hollywood enviroment. To me Axl ran away from his far right upbringing in Indiana for a more liberal lifestyle in Hollywood.
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    Recent news that Axl will tour with AC/DC but Brian Johnson will record with them in the studio, and the old quote from Axl that Frank is the GNR drummer, but that Brain still does work for them in the studio, leads me to believe that pretty soon, we'll hear rumors and see some vagueposting on social media that Izzy is back in the camp's good graces. Fortus will continue to be the touring guitarist, but I fucking bet, I fucking bet you we see some evidence of Izzy working on the new GNR album soon. Soon. Probably June/July
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    We learn about fucking different types of rocks in high school that unless you're gonna be a geologist have NO bearing on the rest of your life and all about sediment but nothing practical. Like, how about how to put up a wall in your home, how to build shit or wire electricity, or how to manage money wisely?
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    Why did schools remove shit like personal financing and home economics classes?
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    Pretty much and there would be a whole subforum dedicated to discussing your past lives
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    The forum would cost 13 million to produce with no official threadsjbtil they leaked. There would be a revolving door of mods.
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    Imagine if like, Axl was Admin over there? It'd be interesting to say the least.... Someone is banned: "You're a little fucking punk n' you'll always be a little fucking bitch punk, so I'm gonna slam the hammer, fuck off and go home"
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    This just has a feeling of a backhanded compliment. But I’ll take it
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    Yes but only i and Gunner are known for our tactical moves
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    Certainly not the best song I heard.
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    That's @bacardimayne level anger towards me... I do remember our game, and yes I fucked up. I'm sorry
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    I should now be part of Team Brazil with insider knowledge and fun facts.. ya know, because I bought Locked And Loaded
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    Bob Kraft was set up by the Anti-MAGA brigade.
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    I only drink on weekends and days off now. I've had some liver problems of my own. Figured I should slow down a little.
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    Definetly. Which is why Axl is a genius if he is behind the whole thing and it's necessary to understand the whole scope of his work. And you guys thinking he was a musician.
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    Let's get specific - how was MSL involved, and in what exactly? And then, why... I mean, what would even be the point of maintaing some shit like that? It affects a ridiculous amount of people, in which we are involved. Like, is Axl behind everyone of those leaks, as in MSL was just doing that job, and that's where it ends, or was even all that GNR Truth shit somehow financed by Team Brazil too? Not only money-wise I mean, but like, where did that audio of Axl playing piano come from? I know I've seen someone at mygina saying Beta simply sends that shit to some whomever around who likes to pretend to be somewhat involved. I believe that to be true, considering Beta has called me and contacted an amateur vechile like Axl Rose Fã Clube many times. I get that point that they don't really get the actual size of what they're supposed to be doing, but specifically with MSL, it seems to be more than just naievety or stupidness. It's clear that there has been a very deceiving agenda going on.
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    They're gonna look into the letter with white powder as him as well. He is screwed. The post office. Does. Not. Fuck. Around.
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    “Um-num-shiba, um-num-shiba” He says "kali ma, shakti day". This is hindi and means (literally) "black mother, give me power/strength". "Ohm nama Shivaya" means "I bow to Shiva." Both are Hindi.
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    There's no such thing. The same way there's no ex-alcoholic or ex-drug addicted. You can control it like chronic desease, but you cant get rid of it. Being aware of this is the first step to not fall again.
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    Can’t I just hate being sober and life in general? That’s my kind of party. Dragon Age 2 and lemon juice.
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    @Miser please find the picture Fernando may hate him but the boss aka Mommy Beta has used him as tool to push her agendas
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    yes, that's true. but they are incompetent. I know Fernando fucking hates MSL. They are just stupid. Stupid.
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    @bacardimayne are you trying to get a 30 days suspension for rehab?
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    Axl' s a leftie because he hates Trump ? what a great logic Dude`s a ruthless capitalist who charges his moronic fan base an obscene amount of money. Sure, sure, he`s a leftie
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    When he called Madison a lesbian cunt. Sad and funny at the same time
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    I challenge anyone to make sense of this.
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