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    This one still never gets old for me and I still literally lmao everytime I see it 🤣🤣🤣
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    Same for me. I just found the direction the forums were moving in one I didn't like. The lead up to the 2016 election and being told by a Europeans and a Canadian with degree in American politics I was wrong about the skewed poll results and Trump's chances of winning was the last straw. There are posters over there I like but I have no desire to login over there. I would rather belong to a forum where all speech and political views are permitted than belong to a forum equivalent of North Korea.
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    They identified as a Guns N' Roses band and in 2019 you have to respect that choice.
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    How will GNR ever top the charts again if Duff uses all his "A" material for his solo records? 👏 🙏
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    And yes, I was poisoned by fluroquinolones last year and I’m still not 100% yet. but thanks for rubbing my face in the most hellish thing I’ll probably ever go through because we disagree about trivial shit on a Gnr forum 🤘🏻
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    That's bad, but on the other side you have people like jermo and any DJ Ashba fan. Still a wash in my book.
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    Imagine choosing to side with either Vegas residency fans or NITL fans and not choosing to kill yourself instead if those were the only options.
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    I talk about dropping the HR Hammer at work quite a bit, so I obviously had to do this
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    Those first two Crue albums are great though.
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    I think something like that could’ve been better received, but I don’t think the gen pop would’ve digested it as a true blue guns record either. CD being shit and not being real Gnr are two separate issues. It’s a general fallacy that nu fans think people don’t like the content of the record because of the name issue/Axl vs Slash. But it’s really because it’s a pretty awful record no matter what he had called it.
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    Snippet of a new solo song: @GUNNER @John Bonham
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    Shane McGowan could play salsh
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    Why did none of you did anything ? you should have knocked him flat on his ass. This is gold . Thanks for the laughs
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    I think all this animosity toward Ashba has a name: envy.
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    I’m with you. in fact, as it seems...the fans wants to be fat as his idol.
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    I understand why Axl hates his fan base. Jesus, fuck, I would hate these trailer park trash too.
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    it's the new "case of the Mondays" LOL!
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    He has to pretend to not like playing the songs or know how to do the If the World solo to cover up the truth.
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    I think it just evolved organically from starting as GNR with Slash and he started wearing KFC buckets and playing endless solos in the studio which he put out as Bucket albums until Axl came up with lyrics.
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    Slash was meant to play on 3 songs on CD and might have played the CD riff live once by mistake. Actually Slash and Duff have played CD songs live. That kind of makes them GNR songs even more. At this point the fact they didn’t play on CD is a mere detail. To be honest I’m pretty sure Bucket was Slash anyway.
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    Jersey doctors prescribe patients to drive drunk and high, so they have to be more cautious than other states.
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    On vacation in... New Jersey. Governor just declared a State of Emergency... For 1-3 inches of snow
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    I have been watching it and it hasn't been too bad but I'm still waiting for the XFL.
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    Even if he had released the turd under his own name or under some kind of pseudonym I think the general consensus would still be like “Christ Axl, just go back to gnr” “Stop trying to be something you’re not”, and last but not least “what is this shit? 🤣”.
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    Four players went after me at various times throughout the game. All placed votes on me. I had two votes on me once. Mafia had their chance to win....but always took their votes off me. And everybody in the game had votes against them except one....damn smooth. Thank you gunner for taking the time and effort to run a game.
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    Don't see Solo. It's so awful.
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    Axl, Slash and Duff at the very least. Spaghetti Incident was a trap for Slash and Duff to accept a GNR album without Izzy. In doing so they signed their own death certificate because neither were as important as Izzy to AFD/UYI. Spaghetti Incident was Slash and Duff saying CD was a real GNR album.
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    I hope I buried mafia games forever. We dont want to turn this into a gamers forum and lose @auad.
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    We skipped the Beta Gold release came out this morning. Carbon skin for 4.4 should be ready tomorrow Will be upgrading on Friday probably. Wait till you see the shitpost patches included in 4.4
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    Once a rock star is punching a clock it’s over.
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    Jesus Christ. I love ya, but clean your shit up. You're an embarrassment to yourself lately. You and bacardi are the only two assblasted people in the thread. It's weird to see you guys try to flip it as if it isn't obvious.
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    Has anyone denied that the legal name of Axl's solo band was GNR? You know, there's a reason "in name only" is an actual established saying. It's because it's an actual thing. "Hurr Durr, what words do say?" Literalists are literally subhuman.
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    I've had my disagreements with them and shit, but there's no hard feelings. downzy's a typical libshit, and I happen to disagree with how he runs his forum. That's it for me. The only mod there that I couldn't fucking stand was Montrealer from like 2011 or within the first six months I was posting there. Guy was a fucking psycho path. Like almost broski bad. I have no idea why he went after me the way he did, but mother fucker was relentless with his hard on for me. Almost left when Subs promoted him to news reporter or some shit after he took over. Luckily he didn't last long for whatever reason. Thank fuck.
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    Leave @jackie moon and the chosen people alone ! I don’t see your fuckers making a killer pastrami on rye 🤬
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    That bit raised my eyebrows too. Best wishes Bobbo
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