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    Please allow me to show some of the PM's with no specific order ... ---- JB wanted to protect Mags the first night .... but the truth is, everybody wnated to kill him You should protect yourself buddy Arnold though he coul also kill someone Skeeter wanted to block JB at the same time DS wanted to kill him: Lol Mags: If I said "yes", probably he would also kill JB .... @John Bonham, what have you done? these guys hate you Skeeter tried to block everybody, but the truth is, it was never needed ... Brasky was close to solve the game... :lol: He "knew" (almost) everybody was mafia, but he did nothing to catch the Town people. Let me remind you that DS and Skeeter claimed to be town all the game ... if you were mafia, why didn't you get them? Did zero with his double vote power ... when everybody thought it would be difficult to lynch someone because of the partnerships, he was the key for putting mafia in advantage .... but no. I don't know if the the town guys realized his power, but he gave too many hints.. Also, bacardi did a great game ... staying alive during the day was all he had to do ... but saying he had a night power screwed everything. Town had a bit of luck, because they didn't know the special powers of the other players ... but the truth is, they avoided all of them. Well played. ---- Too me, something was suprising on this game ... at a certain point it was clear that, at least, the majority of the players were scum ... I can't understand why everybody continued trying to look like town ... and, in the same way, the town team didnt hide who they were .... What a mind fuck. I didn't thought much about this game. I just had the general idea of forcing some partnerships to make you guys play like I wanted Then, the partnership thing gave me the idea of using the portuguese political scenario, because that's what is really happening .... people from different sides had to get along to make this shithole go somewhere. The post-it's thing was true .... I made numbers in little papers to asigns roles and partnerships. I had no text previously prepared... I wrote it as the kills were happening ... you can see that, by the end of the game, I hadn't patience anymore to write that much, so the texts are way smaller .... Also, that's why some of them took some time to post. It was supposed to be a classic game, but when I was asigning the roles, It didn't seem right to have more Towns than Mafias ... because most of the characters are scum. I didn't knew what was going to happen ... the same way I didn't knew how the special powers would work I only realised that this could be funny when GNRLIars had the meltdown Again ... thanks everybody for playing. Tks, JB, for all the lock/unlock thread thing
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    Who cares. We don't do threads like this here
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    Legally speaking, it's GNR. By any other measure, it's an Axl album.
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    Not surprised murderer Slash was friends with this monster. I'm glad Axl is a mentally stable grown man.
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    They identified as a Guns N' Roses band and in 2019 you have to respect that choice.
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    I hope I buried mafia games forever. We dont want to turn this into a gamers forum and lose @auad.
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    You people have weird timezones. Sorry for being in the center of the world
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    Ashba is exactly what fans of these illegitimate line-ups deserved.
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    Sorry GNR Liars @GUNNER Chinese Democracy must be followed up by uncle @Bill Brasky Contraband The game I’ve had ready for a year and In half !
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    It was cool when Axl was still being late.
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    Nevermind, this will be like his meeting with bacardi. He wont show up in the last minute.
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    Also I am hurt as I am not regarded as a regular! We played last three mafia games together
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    I've had my disagreements with them and shit, but there's no hard feelings. downzy's a typical libshit, and I happen to disagree with how he runs his forum. That's it for me. The only mod there that I couldn't fucking stand was Montrealer from like 2011 or within the first six months I was posting there. Guy was a fucking psycho path. Like almost broski bad. I have no idea why he went after me the way he did, but mother fucker was relentless with his hard on for me. Almost left when Subs promoted him to news reporter or some shit after he took over. Luckily he didn't last long for whatever reason. Thank fuck.
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    Prove it’s not ! Axl and gang were under a different corporation under a new legally trademarked name ha NUGNR 🥜 swingers you lose on facts and logic again.
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    If I had posted more they probably would have banned me too.
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    I did get temp banned a few times because of that 🤣 Then got perma banned for making a post about sad clowns 🤡
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    Sounds like the Black Gay Jewish actor from Empire orchestrated the attack on himself in order to drum up publicity for himself and smear the good name of MAGA supporters.
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    This whole thing is just another case of SJWs trying to destroy a high profile white man.
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    I wasn't aware things could get any worse than being dead. Care to elaborate?
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    Just putting feelers out...
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    Who did you guys think was killing everybody after Arnold died?
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    We skipped the Beta Gold release came out this morning. Carbon skin for 4.4 should be ready tomorrow Will be upgrading on Friday probably. Wait till you see the shitpost patches included in 4.4
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    I'm trying to get this to three. I've always gone on record saying I preferred Ashba to Finch cause at least he tried to do his job and just play the fucking songs the way they were meant to be played without that horrific out of tune bending and slopping around. Also, I've gone on record many times to say I absolutely enjoy Ballad of Death and Mi Amor and I think they were hands down the best of the solo spots we had to endure while Axl sucked oxygen backstage. But....Hogan ears.....indefensible.
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    Friend. Your incel rage is so palpable I can practically feel it from here. "Drumph" is a fucking joke. He's a corporate stooge and a figurehead designed to get dumb people angry, and it works....people froth at the mouth like the Two Minute Hate. He's the perfect patsy...walks around with that target on his back while behind the scenes it's business as usual. You clearly need to drain your ballsack into/onto a real, live female. Once that poison is out of your body, you'll get 30 seconds of blissful, zen-like nirvana. You'll see so clearly and realize all this politics horseshit is a festering pile of a manure. A complete waste of time. Get laid. Pay a fucking hooker and drain your bag man....you need it. You've gone beyond Full Miser lately.
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    ...and the record that Axl's session players made for him was crap. Having the legal clout to be able to name it 'Guns N' Roses' did enough to have it chart for 5 minutes, but it was straight to the bargain bin ever since. So, get it right up ya, NuGnR fanboys. 🙂
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    Has anyone denied that the legal name of Axl's solo band was GNR? You know, there's a reason "in name only" is an actual established saying. It's because it's an actual thing. "Hurr Durr, what words do say?" Literalists are literally subhuman.
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    Some of Slash's solo work were musically interesting and had potential (Anastasia, Serial Killer, Beneath the Savage Sun, Wicked Stone), but were ruined by shit singing and lyrics. Shame really.
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    Contraband was the only commercially relevant post old band album for a reason. Not that that's saying much. At all. But to me it's the only one that can pass as a decent listen along with some cuts from Chinese. My God do Axl and the boys suffer when they're apart.
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    What do you guys think of Marcelo? Die with envy of his shit, Trump ...
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    It technically was done by a completely separate legal entity from the GNR that gave us the real albums anyways. Think the old wwf and the panda saving faggots or whoever they are wwf. Regardless, it's an Axl solo album. It was universally decided in 2008 outside a few nu extremists 😂
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    If you put CD more in the solo category, it is by far the best solo GNR, even though it's not great itself. I've only heard some songs from the other albums. They were too shit for me to go back to.
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    I was only banned from the gayner once, for calling Beta a cunt in the annual "kiss Beta's ass and wish her a happy birthday" thread. I mainly keep my account there to talk about lithos and merch and that's it.
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    Im not miser, Im just a random idiot, but I also have a perm ban (I guess, because I never tried to go there again). I had a perpetual penalty because I raped the commander's wife, killed his kids and ate his parrot. You dont play with american justice.
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    Don’t worry about it. They are raging over this forum. I made four posts today and they were all deleted. It is pretty funny. Russ and Downs have several post in a topic about how they allow all opinions there and don’t censor people. I responded “new and album and the remaining CD albums” to a poll question asking what fans wanted next from the band. Deleted within 30 minutes. That is the true sign of being a complete mental midget In real life. Instead of engaging somebody you don’t like....you just delete everything they post. Speaks volumes about who they are as people. It is embarrassing to the entire GnR fanbase that those two douchebags control a forum that neither one of them helped create.
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    I don't watch college ball any more. I don't have the time. But from what I've seen this kid is incredible. ESPN is poison though. Hopefully the fame won't ruin him. Shame if he became a crackhead or went of the rails.
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