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    These threads are legendary. This is why you are the official Axl Rose hairstorian.
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    1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
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    I have two things to share. I am mafia and auad is a faggot. Good job guys. Except for auad. You are a piece of shit.
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    I don't have an exact year but..... Although the exact origin is unknown, there is evidence that a fermented sausage was made in the Mediterranean region more than 2,000 years ago and became the preferred method of preserving meat for the Romans and Greeks.... They then used salt to make salami. So somewhere in the 2,000 years ago neighborhood
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    is that supposed to be a bandana or a post-op bandage?
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    Probably could. I think it's amazing how he got fat so quickly between 1995 and 1998. He must've binge ate after Slash left, and if you notice, he's never been consistently slim ever since. July 1995 July 1998 The only times he's been skinny since 1998 was in December 2001 (HOB): 2002: and in 2006. But he was never as thin as he was in the early-mid 1990s again. He was beefy, but not fat, in 2010, came back fat in 2011 and was by 2014 literally obese, and was until 2016: He got a little slimmer while on the crutches in 2016: and since then he's drifted between chubby, fat and borderline obese. He never regained his figure so to speak after sometime between 1995 and 1998. Around the same time his voice began to change, too. This was 2010, the last time he could be considered relatively skinny and in good shape. Early in 2014 he was okay but as the year progressed he got bigger and bigger.
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    I literally reposted your own posts. You flip flopped on what you thought JB was. And you said you weren’t sure what your night roll was. And you have played this game way more aggressive than you ever have played before. Strike one. Strike two. Strike three. And why would you tell people you can kill mafia at night? That would just put a target on your back. Mafia would 100% kill you if they knew you could night kill.
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    Yea......I have to confess. Arnold and I have a lot in common this game. I also night killed JB. Told Gunner "Kill JB please" and poof, I woke up and he was dead. Also, my night roles are very unspecific as well. From what I can tell, I have the power to night kill three people tonight, anybody who tries to kill me will automatically die, I can raid all the junk food from Brasky's refrigerator, my cock will become large enough to use as a hockey stick and I can cast out a "valentine's" love potion that will make Bacardi want to be my best friend in real life.
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    Guns N' Roses lack of new material is a National Emergency 🇺🇸
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    Ahhh muffin... what did pokemon get you for Valentine’s Day?
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    The Wild fucking West... seriously who wouldnt?
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    Ballsy move Nate But we know you have a fetish of Killing JB Always a pleasure playing with you
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    Way to go dipshit. Why don't you let somebody who wants to play the game play the game. You suck.
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    Ok. But not 100% sure of this decision. UNVOTE/ VOTE: ARNOLD
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    Miser's talent could be used for the good, but it just looks creepy. Once I asked him to find the original full video of the dancer they used to use in the backscreen in live shows during TIL, but he didnt gave a fuck. I guess it wasnt gay enough.
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    Great work @Miser very interesting
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    Bandana. He wore the same white bandana in this period of time: 1999:
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    Already done, brah. @auadand @KFCBucket. Arnold doesn't care about killing the townsfolk. We should return the favor, and make Portugal great again. We can't have blatant town killers running around all Willy nilly. Arnie is a very dangerous man. He may strike again. Next time it could be you.
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    Not that bad of a place if you ignore the political threads.
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    I've been waiting to hear some sort of defense and when he came back it was the most stereotypical mafia response of them all. No explanation of his power, no explanation of why he changed his opinion on JB; just a generic 'You guys are idiots for thinking I'm mafia' response. Vote: Arnold
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    And announcing that you have night kill power makes everybody nervous.
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    Nobody knows for sure that you night killed a mafia. It is all based on your word. And every mafia and independent player is lying. so all of us Townies don’t know who is lying and who isn’t. We just have to make our best guess.
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    Fuck your optics. I'm going in. Unvote: auad Official Vote: arnold layne His answers were shit and they have a point about why announce his power unless to do a "hey, look how town I am!" fakeout.
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    I promise you I am not a traitor. I believe that Gunner just threw that in because he got pissed off after a couple people voted for their teammates (not following his partnership game). I don’t think there is an actual traitor role.
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    Anybody not willing to vote for Arnold now is on his partnership, doesn’t understand how to play mafia or they are dirty. A non-vote means you want town to lose. Which one are you?
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    So you feel the same way about food stealers that Liam does about the coloreds?
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    Funny, because earlier you said you didn't think JB was mafia or town.....but that he was the independent. So a few hours later and now you are saying you thought he was mafia? HELLO!!!!!!! And your last line is another exposure. Lol - you don't know what your night powers are? Never, in any game I've ever played, have the night powers been a "secret" until the day kill happened. Never. Not once.
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    Let's run through this. If mafia know mafia, then arnold is clean. Makes zero sense otherwise. He wouldn't kill a known teammate. If mafia does not know mafia, then it could go any of 3 ways. Town arnold: GUNNER: You are town, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. My cat has the beetus. GUNNER: .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. Let's see how this Liars thing shakes out. ..... arnold: Holy shit! I cracked the case! Mafia arnold: GUNNER: You are mafia, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. Makes sense. Mafia probably have hot wives. .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. He already got one of us. He's not getting me. .... arnold: Fuck. Indie arnold: GUNNER: You are independent, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. Makes sense. I've always felt like I was all alone in the world. GUNNER: .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. Doesn't matter what he is. I just want to kill someone .... arnold: Whatever. Why do you think mafia is more likely than the other two? My question for @arnold layne is: If you are town, why kill anyone? You know the odds aren't in your favor, especially with one mafia down already.
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    This is somewhat important to consider before we kill auad or Mayhem. If arnold is going to kill me anyway, there's no point in killing someone else to see if I'm town. Instead, we should discuss who arnold should kill at night and then kill me so you guys can finally put the whole Liars thing to rest. Down one townie (me), but if arnold's kill is a group effort, we have a better chance than if we guess during the day. Where is my logic wrong?
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    Holy shit Gunner said there was a traitor before day 2 started how does Skeeter voting auad during day 2 mean he is a traitor does gunner have a fucking a Delorean ?
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    unvote Skeeter you better be the fucking doctor and protect me at night because my huge fat gut says your dirty
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    As mentioned, it's just so ridiculous that a fansite dedicated to a band synonomous with alcoholism, hard drugs, pimping, violence against women, violence, homophobia, lawbreaking...GNR celebrated this shit, right? Dude really has turned it or allowed it to become a faggot town. I called him a nigger lover in a star wars thread and he took that as a smoking gun to instaban me. It was satire, it was good humour and he just jumped on that to silence someone who's point of view he didn't agree with. Of course, I wasn't actually insinuating he was a fucking nigger lover...like it was obviously a tongue in cheek remark. I just find it funny that after all these years, I'd never been banned or warned or anything on any forum...and then get banned for that. When you start weeding them out like he is doing, the place becomes dull and eventually a ghost town. At the end of the day, I just like talking about bands and music and having a good laugh with like minded people...there's not too many of them left there anyway.
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    If I had to guess, 1998 or 1999. His hair showed mild thinning in the February 1998 mugshot and I believe Axl, being neurotic, got some sort of transplant or even a Meyer Flap surgery done in '98 or '99. He really did not need hair surgery. The pic of him on the rollercoaster from 1996 or 1997 shows his hairline was mostly intact. But he had been obsessing about his hair since the time he was with Erin (she testified in court that he became obsessed with his hair and nails after he got famous) and I think he honestly thought he was going bald when he probably really wasn't, got a botched surgery, and wore hair pieces and wigs in 2001 (the hair he had at Rio in 2001 and around that time, early 2001 HAS to be a wig). He probably got a hair transplant around then and that's what he's had since. The hairline in 1996/1997 doesn't look all that much different from 1988/1989: Even in late 1993, his hair had no bald spots. Looked pretty much the same as the 80s: And in 1994, while his fringe had been chopped up in an awkward way, he still had no real thinning or balding: And you can tell in 95 and such that it's his original hair. It's the same texture, it looks the same as the UYI era just shorter. After he came back in 2001, his hair has never looked the same as it did in the 80s and 90s. He had a consistent hair texture and style from the AFD era through 1994 that he stuck to. He went nuts and decided he needed hair surgery when he probably didn't and probably had multiple surgeries which result in the weird, greasy, curly mess it is now - which looks nothing like his hair ever did.
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    Great song from a great album
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    That's Kurt Cobain's ghost. There's a leg missing in the last pic ...
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    NGOGS nerd meltdown and rage quitting the forum was fucking gold
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    Can't imagine any other host doing an interview like that.
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    I know it's fake, but c'mon.....
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