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    I don't think we can lynch GUNNER Let's stay focused, guys
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    OFFICIAL POST COUNT: - GUNNER: |||||||||||||||| = 16 - Bill Brasky: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| = 58 - Bacardimayne: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| = 40 - Arnold Layne: |||||||||||| = 12 - Skeeter: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| = 48 - auad: |||| = 4 - John Bonham: ||||||||||||| = 13 - KFCBucket: || = 2 - Major Mayhem: ||| = 3 - GNRLiars: ||||||||||||| = 13 - Magisme: |||||||||||||||||||||||| = 24 - Damn Smooth: |||| = 4 TEAM 1: 57 posts -> 19 posts/player TEAM 2: 75 posts -> 25 posts/player TEAM 3: 75 posts -> 25 posts/player NO TEAM: 14 posts -> 7 posts/player If you people don't get your shit together and take dicisions, we will have a referendum for a moronexit.
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    RESPECT THE PARTNERSHIT The markets wont tolerate this again.
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    Just the posts that target certain people. NO substantial reasoning for targeting players. But maybe you’re right, he’s playing as Townie Bonham. basically I’m spitballing right now. i wouldn’t be surprised if everyone is Mafia in some way or another in this game. i mean it’s based on Portugal, nothing screams legit and fair when I hear the word Portugal
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    I remember one game where he got mad and quit the game. He was mafia and was so mad that he actually posted who his teammates were. But my favorite Gunner story. He said the problem with the American health care system was that a hospital would let somebody die on the front steps if that person didn’t have insurance. Somebody responded that legally hospitals have to treat somebody, even without insurance. Gunner’s response? That’s the problem with American health care. You treat people with no insurance. Wtf? Will he change his MO when hosting a game? Honestly, I have no idea. He is either the smartest poster on here or the dumbest. Either way, he is one of the most entertaining.
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    To me, Skeeter is posting the same way he always does. I have no feel on him. DS and Mayhem need to get involved or the spotlight's on them. And you other quiet players better read up and join the discussion, because you'll likely die if you stay quiet too much longer. And if you're town and you're staying quiet, stop being a dick. You signed up for the game and you're fucking it up for us if you put a target on your back, so play.
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    KFC always does this. I've voted to off him in at least two games for just this behavior. I think he came up town both times. I don't know how to read him. I don't remember if he was ever mafia, so I don't know if he would behave differently.
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    Can't wait to lynch DS on Day 1 after we all begged him to play.
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    One of the first articles ever posted on this site was "Fortus and Dizzy Confirm New Album for 2011" or some shit
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    November 10-16. That handwritten letter is the fucking coup de grace in this contest........awesome
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    December 1-7 Do we have to specify what year?
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    please elaborate. what is it about your role that would make you say that?
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    I'm going to have to give the thread a good reading and maybe I will pick up on something. I read into things that aren't there all too often. One thing I am always sure of, though. GNRLiars is mafia!
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    Maybe I’m trying to show the town my worth KFC Fuckit. But some one won’t post the real numbers maybe 1 + 1 = 2 or maybe 1 + 1 = 3 math is my contribution to my fellow townies ya fuck now I need to watch house or dr nick episode of the Simpsons
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    Thank you. It's football outside the NFL season with some NFL talent. Kareem Hunt is in the league @magisme and @Donald Trump. Besides the tacky team names, what is not to like?
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    @Skeeter i believe you’re town . I also believe @John Bonham is dirty i aslo have gone back and reran most of this shir show and I firmly believe that @magisme is making the most sense. So, by this logic on the trust side mags and skeeter on the no trust side john bonham Also Brasky is playing like Brasky, it’s good to have him back in the game with his walls of memes.. Simpson’s ones to boot
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    He has quit mid-game 2-3 different games. But then comes back after the game and says he did it on purpose to help distract players to help his team win.
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    He got butthurt and didn't want to play anymore. That's not manipulation.
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    Un-Official SHIT Meter Skeeter ||||||||||||||||||||| GnRLiars | Bill Brasky | Damn_Smooth |
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    🖕🏿 Mags. Give me a example of one mafia game where Gunner hasn’t lied or manipulated the game ! There is a reason for the Lynch Gunner day 1 GNFNR tradition. Why is that again Mags ? FOS Magisme
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    No. Roles and teams are random. Why are we still having trouble with this concept? From this point on, anyone who talks about how GUNNER might have manipulated the roles and/or teams goes to the top of the suspect list.
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    Oh wow. I guess you think you are really valueable to town yourself, huh? Look guys, I contribute: 11 players, 6 votes to lynch, at least 3 mafia REEEEEE 33% or 36% You hear me? I crack the mafia code, follow me!
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    Sounds like Magic is tampering again. Apparently the Sixers gm denied this particular request about a month ago. Also, Ben is represented by LeBron's corrupt management team. If the NBA comish had balls he would ban LeBron and his management team. LeBron's era is over. No stars who are not represented by Klutch Management want to play with him. Probably because he is a snake who throws teammates and coaches under the bus wherever he goes.
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    It was on CBS up here in Canada on Saturday night.. it went against Hockey Night in Canada. It was Toronto vs Montreal to boot, not a game you want to go against but I was flipping between the channels. It seemed good. just my thought, but... my my neighbours to the south need to stop comparing any new pro league to the NFL. Nothing will ever be the NFL except the NFL. You guys have a wealth of talent that doesn’t make the NFL and would be good in another pro or developmental league. Take it for what it is and watch and enjoy. it wasn’t bad
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    This might be a stretch. But could the non-posters be doing it as part of their roles? Is it a coincidence that each of fhe four groups has one member that isn’t posting? There is only a 5.3% chance that each group would have a non-posting player.
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    I wish this was real... I'd buy it.
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    This kind of thing reminds me of posts like Rovim or wcuck who always claimed NuNuNuGNR was a real band and everyone had a say on everything, Fortus' input mattered, Dizwald's input mattered, etc. Of course it is the same with Slash and Duff back but at least I never believed anything would change.
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    Fake news 33% is objectively worse than choosing at random. At least we're all in character, though, because this must be what it's like when the Portuguese discuss how to service their debts.
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    1993 the last time they were great
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    Hasn't the white man done enough to American Indians, Brasky?
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    i contracted a.u.d virus, its incurable.
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    Imagine terminator salvation with this guy as Connor instead of Christian bale
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    He went for the Axl Rose look but overshot it.
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    I found a still from the movie and it's supposed to say "XR." I'm guessing NECA is trying to skirt copyright issues with their clever little nod to GNR. Well, let's just hope Team Brazil doesn't see it cause you know they'll demand a piece of the action on a toy that will probably be lucky to break even for the manufacturer. In other news, Ed Furlong is looking good these days and doing great. Le Vodka Juice.
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