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    Today, GNFNR scored a 200, out of a possible 800, on the Math section of its SAT.
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    Yea man. That's always been the question. Is he a mad genius in disguise or just a true monkey boy.
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    On a serious note I ask my self that a lot and believe Genius who’s addicted to the LuLz Hence my thought process of he’s fucking with us my character screamed that to me.
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    I don’t speak or read Gunner especially when he’s being vague
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    i'm not pinning shit, i'm just pointing out that two people in the same partnership are pushing the idea that the partnerships arent random when theyve been stated to be random by the host
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    Oh fuck off i just started playing this game 1 hour ago... trying to pin anything on my because of my “suspicions “ is as premature as your ejaculation
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    there are no suspects yet, turbo dipshit no one thinks you're mafia no one thinks you're town no one thinks you're anything we're shitballing
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    Who's the guy who said "hold on to your hats" ? Fuck that guy
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    Maybe kill Skeeter as a sacrifice to our host @GUNNER A gesture of goodwill
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    I agree with Mags original statement that random kills usually end up cornholing the town (since there are more town than mafia). Pushing a blind kill has mafia written all over it. For a townie the kill would be pure blind and luck. But for mafia? They could subtle control who gets killed.
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    Umm there is a whole thread where you post your thoughts on the nba on this very site you derailing of game fuck ! FOS
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    But the main point is that the math is wrong. The partnership of three doesn’t factor into an equation. There is no 33% chance to hit a mafia member. People need to stop saying that.
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    "i'm going to spend the whole game fearmongering about the rules to distract everyone from me being mafia"
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    If people want to randomly kill somebody with the hopes it’s a Mafia, they shouldn’t factor “partnership” into the equation. The equation is 11 divided by X X being whatever number of mafia members there are. The 33% equation based on the partnership doesn’t work. As the three players in it our random. It could be 3 mafia, 3 town, 2 of one and 1 of fhe other. The killing of one member of a partnership doesn’t equal 33%. Taking away that false mathematical logic, has there ever been a mafia game where people decided to just randomly kill a player in round one?
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    Player A Mafia Player B Mafia Player C Mafia... three Mafia put into separate teams. Then draft random players and assign to either A B or C until all players are picked... or in the case of the 2 that don’t have an assigned team, keep them as unassigned. Or another possibility is Player A Mafia Player B Mafia Player C Mafia Player D Mafia Have 4 groups, 3 with 3 and 1 with 2 all very possible
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    But are half of them Black Sabbath and Powerage's mom?
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    I just think a group of kids murder-carjacking a guy is noteworthy. Maybe I'm wrong (I don't pay attention anymore), but I don't think this is a common thing in the US yet. Plus, the media is in the fear business, and evil kids are scary as shit. Easy clickbait. Why pass up the opportunity if not for race issues? Serious question, no trolling, no homo. For real, this isn't a common occurrence in Shitmerica, is it?
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    I hate to say it, but that happens all the time. If that situation had been reversed the headline would have read “Mob of white teenagers kill black singer.” Hell, the first story I read about that didn’t even show the mug shots of fhe older kids. If a headline reads “Grandma raped by her Uber driver” then you automatically know that she was white and the driver was black. Skin color is usually only mentioned if the bad guys were white. ***** AND the so-called smirk of fhe one white kid wasn’t even a smirk. He said he was trying to keep a smile on his face to help diffuse the situation and keep everybody calm.
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    So let me see if I got this right. A white kid does nothing more than smirk after an old Indian guy runs up to him and bangs a drum in his face, and it becomes a major headline as celebrities and liberals condemn the kid and his school. And when five kids (ages 12-13-14-15-16 of whom 3 are girls) murder a semi-famous white country musician while trying to steal his car, it's a non-story as there's hardly a mention of it anywhere. What a fucked up country this has become.
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