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    The trick to GNR-speak is to identify the noncommittal signifiers. When you see them, you know that the opposite of the attached statement is the objective truth. For example: Noncommittal Signifier = "hopefully" Attached Statement = "We're gonna [...] get an album out soon." Therefore... Objective Truth = "We're not gonna get an album out soon."
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    I am helping out today at my kid’s school today so can’t post much for awhile. I brought in a book - Charles Barkley’s life story. The teacher was grabbing things off her counter and picked up my book and said what’s this, is this somebody’s book and read the title to the class. “Whose afraid of a large black man.” She mumbled, said “uhhh, oh.” And quickly set it down and walked away.
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    Fake news 33% is objectively worse than choosing at random. At least we're all in character, though, because this must be what it's like when the Portuguese discuss how to service their debts.
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    Yea man. That's always been the question. Is he a mad genius in disguise or just a true monkey boy.
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    Today, GNFNR scored a 200, out of a possible 800, on the Math section of its SAT.
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    As far as we can tell, the big nose will not close its mouth anytime soon ... so I invite you to post here all the pearls that Mr. 4Tus will give us this year... From the last week: “Slash is on tour right now,” Fortus says. “Once he gets back from that, we’re gonna get some more recording done and hopefully get an album out soon. And then we’ll get back to touring.” In the meantime, Fortus is happy to try something as loose and spontaneous as Headtronics. “Generally, the stuff I do is all song-based, where there might be free sections (for soloing and jamming) here and there,” he says. “But this is sort of the opposite of that. It’ll be a cool collaboration, and I’m excited to do it.” full article: http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/music/richard-fortus-of-guns-n-roses-gets-experimental-with-headtronics/article_8596478a-a7c9-5928-9bcf-847d6238f021.html _______________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
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    One of the first articles ever posted on this site was "Fortus and Dizzy Confirm New Album for 2011" or some shit
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    I don't really care much for the mathematical equation posts. I don't think they accomplish much. It's like a half assed attempt at being productive.
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    A money based mafia game might be fun. Just like $10 a player. Half the pot going to the winner. Half going to players who perform at a high level during fhe game. You could have prop bets. People could bet on things during the game. If you put somebody up for vote and they get voted out you get their money. But if you put them up and they don’t get voted out, they get your money.
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    On a serious note I ask my self that a lot and believe Genius who’s addicted to the LuLz Hence my thought process of he’s fucking with us my character screamed that to me.
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    I don’t speak or read Gunner especially when he’s being vague
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    Oh fuck off i just started playing this game 1 hour ago... trying to pin anything on my because of my “suspicions “ is as premature as your ejaculation
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    It seems like every year some league tries to take on football in the spring but this one seems to be gaining traction. There are like 20,000+ fans showing up to these games! Even some college teams in the BIG10 don't have that many fans during game day. I don't think it will succeed but there's something brewing here. Watch next week. You'll see former NFL stars Trent Richardson and Mike Singletary battle for some relevance. The amount of buzz this league is getting way surpassed my expectations. Even CBS is giving it air time.
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    What's that saying about those whom you aren't allowed to criticize?
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    Whatever you do, don’t go back and read all the math lessons.
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    This kind of thing reminds me of posts like Rovim or wcuck who always claimed NuNuNuGNR was a real band and everyone had a say on everything, Fortus' input mattered, Dizwald's input mattered, etc. Of course it is the same with Slash and Duff back but at least I never believed anything would change.
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    @arnold layne you have not popped on my radar as a potential mafia @Major Mayhem is dodgy as fuck after his proclamation of blowing.
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    Not random I was told my hat would be blown away and yet I have not been blown. once blown I will remove my vote
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    That’s all you got to say after your prediction ? hell I guess I had a 36% percent chance of being right !
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    Wow what a valuable post thanks for the contribution the town is in your debt.
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    So that's how mafia games look like without GUNNER. I enjoyed his shitposting more than everyone feeling like maths professors....
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    "Biggest Ball of Twin in Minnesota," hands down. I had it memorized as a kid. What a thrill when I got to see it performed live in 1998. I also saw Weird Al open for the Monkees Reunion Tour in 1986, one of my very first concerts.
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    New England. I cheated. Pretty crazy.
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    I wasn’t told I could PM anybody. And nobody has sent me a PM. I took it to mean that mafia could still text each other even though they are on different partnerships.
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    But the main point is that the math is wrong. The partnership of three doesn’t factor into an equation. There is no 33% chance to hit a mafia member. People need to stop saying that.
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    Player A Mafia Player B Mafia Player C Mafia... three Mafia put into separate teams. Then draft random players and assign to either A B or C until all players are picked... or in the case of the 2 that don’t have an assigned team, keep them as unassigned. Or another possibility is Player A Mafia Player B Mafia Player C Mafia Player D Mafia Have 4 groups, 3 with 3 and 1 with 2 all very possible
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    Sure there are... roles assigned before the teams. or I’m missing something
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    Maybe kill Skeeter as a sacrifice to our host @GUNNER A gesture of goodwill
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    You don't think it would be too obvious and too retarded to make the two indies independent re: partnershits as well?
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    But are half of them Black Sabbath and Powerage's mom?
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    I just think a group of kids murder-carjacking a guy is noteworthy. Maybe I'm wrong (I don't pay attention anymore), but I don't think this is a common thing in the US yet. Plus, the media is in the fear business, and evil kids are scary as shit. Easy clickbait. Why pass up the opportunity if not for race issues? Serious question, no trolling, no homo. For real, this isn't a common occurrence in Shitmerica, is it?
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    Morris is a retard. He has a good half year so now he takes techs when he doesn't like a call and the team is up 25. Whatever. Tatum could put up Kyrie's stats in his sleep. Call me when Kyrie averages 30 and 10. Fake news. He's taken some time to readjust but he's looked really good lately. Upside is still huge, but this is a problem. I don't think he'll be allowed to elevate much more as long as Kyrie is around. This is interesting. I don't think we have enough information yet. Embiid is the most transcendent player, but he's a risk due to possible minutes restriction and injuries. Simmons could have the most offensive impact per possession since he plays point, but presently he's the least complete player of the bunch, and his shot might make him a legit liability on the court if he doesn't figure it out, and I see nothing that says he'll figure out right now. Tatum is the safest bet. He's a complete player right now and he seems pretty durable. Brown is probably the biggest question mark of the four. We've seen flashes of what he could be, but it's been too few flashes and too far between. But that's kind of not his fault since he hasn't been given the opportunity to do much. He's a very good player. Could he turn into an absolute stud? Yeah. Could he end up just being a very good player for the rest of his career? Yeah. I guess the risk taker takes Ben and Joel while the conservative takes Jason and Jaylen.
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    I just did a google news search for this and you're right. It's mostly local news with a couple national publications peppered in with short pieces. I guess it would be a bigger story if one of the kids recorded it on his cell phone. People don't want to read about shit, they want the youtube hyperlink.
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    In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king.
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    I'm also laughing because I was just looking at buying this It's a limited edition copy of Snowblind by Robert Sabbag. All about the cocaine trade. Intro by Howard Marks and designed by artist Damien Hirst. Signed by all three. Book cover is a real mirror. Has a secret compartment containing a rolled up real $100 bill whose serial number ends in the same numbers as the book edition. Also has a bookmark that is a credit card
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    Umm there is a whole thread where you post your thoughts on the nba on this very site you derailing of game fuck ! FOS
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