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    The portuguese lands were taken by the evil people of troika ... but, those days are gone ... The troikist governement was kicked out by the brave portuguese people ... like they did to the muslims, the spanish, the french, back in a day ... Now it's time for love and to find a way to keep receiving the german's money ... The portuguese people deserves to keep enjoying the sun by the beach without having to worry about anything else ... Time to choose a new government ... but, no party can get a majority ... Anything goes to take the power... so, everybody, every party, will do anything they can to achive it. Communists and liberals together, left wing and right wing, side by side, blacks and whites, gays and heteros, fascists and whatever .... no one trusts on anyone, but they know they need each other to eat the cake. "Partnership?" - Someone said. "Ok, let's do it" ... "it's the only way to keep the power on our hands" ... but, at the same time, everybody would be waiting for the best chance to hit their partner on their back .... "Respect the partnershit, morons" Marcelo will do everything he can to keep wolves and lambs living together in peace. THE PARTNERSHIT RULES: - You can only PM if it is part of your role; - You can't post printscreens of any PM; - You can't edit posts; - You have to respect the partnership (you can't vote for anyone from your partnership) - Anything not mentioned on this rules, means you should respect mafia game's basic rules. PLAYERS: - John Bonham - MAFIA ALIGNED - Bill Brasky - MAFIA ALIGNED - Major Mayhem - MAFIA ALIGNED - Bacardimayne - KFCBucket - magisme - auad - MAFIA ALIGNED - Skeeter - GnRLiars - MAFIA ALIGNED - Damn_Smooth - Arnold Layne - MAFIA ALIGNED PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 1): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Auad; John Bonham - TEAM 2: Magisme; Major Mayhem; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Damn Smooth; GNRLiars; Bill Brasky - KFCBucket and Arnold Layne, have no team PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 2): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Bill Brasky; Arnold Layne - TEAM 2: Auad; Major Mayhem; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Damn Smooth; KFCBucket; Magisme PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 3): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Damn Smooth - TEAM 2: KFCBucket; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Bill Brasky; Magisme - Major Mayhem has no team Roles and teams were found randomly
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    Fuck GNFNR get together at Villa del Ron Mexico
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    Sorry to hear man. I remember the last one you talked about cause she didn't want kids. Hopefully you find the one soon enough. Women are fucking crazy anyway
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    Axl's probably laying down vocals for a new live album.
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    i'm assuming there will be opportunities to switch partners at some stage, or something that shakes things up
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    Thats not that much, is it? At least you can now fill that villa with spanish senoritas, right?
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    i just hate touch screen typing on anything bigger than a phone to me a tablet is just a tacky laptop, an oversized smartphone now sure they have their purposes, but for general use i'd rather have a laptop any day
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    Umm there is a whole thread where you post your thoughts on the nba on this very site you derailing of game fuck ! FOS
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    Thatโ€™s rough man, sorry to hear it. Keep your head and spirits up.
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    Either new album in the fall this year or 2020, 2021.
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    I don't know the whole story, but I think fining the Pelicans thousands of dollars for not playing Anthony Davis is absurd. That's overstepping ownership. I think a franchise should have the right to start whoever they would like. Now athletes in the NBA have full authority to act like jackasses and say, 'Doesn't matter how I act. Fuck you. Adam Silver will make you play me anyway.' Disgusting.
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    Polar Vortex, baby!! High temp of -14 Low temp of -22 Wind chills of -60