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    Great show....like the part of the tour. They sound great. I like the big illusion tapestries. Watching this make NITLT tour tough to watch...gives me a new appreciation of You ain’t the first.
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    Axl's probably laying down vocals for a new live album.
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    First, thanks for the PM. I will read it when I have time and I appreciate your feedback @Skeeter. Now to answer your question. When I was a kid I loved the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrondome. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug for me. I remember Tori Hunter catching fly balls off the backfield wall. I remember Joe Nathan comfortably closing out everyone at bat. I somewhat remember watching Daunte Culpepper in the early 2000s. And I definitely remember watching Brett Favre taking on Aaron Rodgers in 2009 on Monday Night Football. I was at that game. The atmosphere was incredible and I tried to seize the moment. Adrian Peterson. Charles Woodson (a Packer but incredible nontheless), Jared Allen. Tall guy with dreads with a name that escapes me). The Metrodome had so many magical moments. I actually really have a weird interest in sports revenues. I've decided to see the Cowboys next year. It's about due. I'd rather go to Arrowhead but that's a lot further.
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    So, not that it hasn't been this way for awhile now, but that just confirms it. We are living in an episode of South Park now.
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    You can see the talent when you watch Markelle play. I think he can still be a star. That's why I was pissed that they dealt him for a bench guy and some shitty draft picks. The guy is only 20! Look at what Russell is doing in Brooklyn. I bet LA wishes they still had him now. This reminds me of what I once read about Watergate. You had G Gordon. Liddy suggesting they do all this crazy shit. Eventually he wore everyone down and they settled on the Watergate break in which was the least crazy of his ideas suggested up to that point. Brand and the Sixers have had to listen over and over in the press how Markelle has the yips; Markelle is a bust; Danny Ainge fleeced them for Tatum and a draft pick; Markelle should be traded while they can still get something for him. In reality you are dealing with a kid who could shoot just fine in college and who has been dealing with a rare injury thus far in his nba career. I think once Markelle gets over this injury he has a chance to be really fucking good! From what I have read he is a super hard worker who was loved by all his sixers teammates. It is a testament to how good Ben and Joel are that the Sixers are going all in to try and win now but I don't think that is smart. Shaq and Penny were the last duo that young to go the finals. It ain't easy. Ben and Joel still have a ways to go before they reach their potentials. It wasn't necessary to go all in this year. Especially since Golden State is so stacked. Let it happen organically. Ben is going to have to really work on his jumpers this summer and Joel needs to work on being more efficient with his post moves and cutting down his turnovers a bit more.
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    But didn't they design New Yankee Stadium as a homage of the historical Yankee Stadium? Nostalgia is a better reason for a design rather than build a warehouse piece of shit. I don't like the Yankees but at least they had a reason.
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    That’s rough man, sorry to hear it. Keep your head and spirits up.
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    3 and a half year relationship ended tonight. Fucking great. Just what I needed.
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    Six rings.....how does Brady wear them all at the same time?
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    Catholics love the wild caught Alaskan Pollock during Lent according to experts. I use it as a cure for constipation.
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    Does the Filet-O-Fish contain the most mysterious meat on the McDonald's menu?
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    Most Yankee fans don't like the new stadium, they think it's too "sterile". They could have thrown a retractable roof over it, for the prices they charge it's ridiculous to be drenched or freezing while watching a game intended for summer.
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    Roles are sent. If anyone didn't received the role, just say something. The game will start soon ...
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    Because you're a depraved human being.
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    what a crazy story Lenny Dykstra’s life turned into. Nails helped lead the Mets to the promised land. A huge fan favorite that sacrificed his body for the game. Then he was hailed as a financial investment genius who was making people hundreds of millions of dollars. Turned out he was scamming people out of their money. I think he went to jail for that. And then ended up drugged out and living in the streets. Later he he went to jail after threading to kill his Uber driver....and was found with heroin and meth. Now his neighbors are suing him because they say his home is a den of drugs and prostitution. That up to 10 people live in it, prostitutes work out of it, etc. This dude was a MLB star, making millions and was a huge fan favorite.
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    Yup. Now Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Childish Gambino have also bowed out 🙂
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    People love to bash Russ but that dude is a legit competitor.
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    That's every statist's response. Everything their team does is fine because the other team does it too. It's a morally bankrupt society of sheep.
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    Boston doesn’t go to Atlanta this year.
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    That was him. Favre made him look incredible.
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    I want to take my boy to Braves game this year hopefully the Red Sox play here !
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    What’s your favorite stadium- in any sport - to watch a game?
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    No, bet there's this, which beats anything gilby could ever do
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    MLB has propossed the national league go to the DH and that relief pitchers MUST pitch to three batters before being removed. The problem with that is how do you prevent teams from faking an injury to remove a reliever?
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    Why even speak to people these days? It's just gonna bite you in the ass.
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    Because in case you missed the dramatic emphasis on the accent of her last name everytime she pronounces it, she’s Latina. And a woman. And libshits care more about meeting progress quotas than they do about what’s actually best for the country. Which is exactly what happened in 2016. How’d that work out for them? 😆
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    Did you see recently where some rich dude said he was going to run for president and she said that people need to “work their way up the ladder” in politics? She was literally a bartender for seven years before taking office. And when people pointed that out in her social media, her rabid fans responded that people were shaming her for being a woman, shaming bartenders....and that being a bartender gave her more experience than the dude who started a business and grew it into a billion dollar company. I cannot stand hypocritical people that have different standards in how they judge others. Bill was caught cheating on Hilary with numerous women. Including having sex with interns in the actual White House. But according to dems that isn’t anybody’s business. What Bill and Hillary do in private is their business. But Trump bangs a stripper and they want that to be front page news. Ir trump is a racist because of The Wall and wanting immigrants to follow the LAWS to come to the USA. But you can watch YouTube videos of Obama, Bill and Hillary saying that illegal immigration is a huge problem that is having a significant negative effect in America. And that they are going to deport and tighten the laws and border security. Obama actually shut down the border to certain countries during his term. Dems supported those guys 100%....but call Trump a racist when he does the same thing? Weird.
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    Listening to grown adults I previously respected fawning over Alexandria Occasio-Cortez is just nauseating "Isn't she amazing!" "I love this woman, we need more like her to get rid of the orange moron" My god the US is so utterly fucked it's not even funny anymore. These aren't stupid people either but they've been completely hoodwinked by a zero achievement bimbo. I can't even fathom how this is even a thing. And it's everywhere. There's no saving the US. The delusion and craziness is so deep rooted nothing can fix it now.
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    You should write a book about office politics. My friend had a way of undermiming his manager or whoever above him. His theory was you bet against the project going well. So you will probably win and being the voice of discontent in private ensures a promo. Never take on the chalkenges of a new promotion, use it to increase pay in another job. Once in the new position you use that to get similar job in another company for more money. Again you undermime your superior in secret to remove them and take their job. It’s a 10 year war. Once you have experience get a redundancy package payout then become a consultant for triple pay. It was fascinating following his career and route to the top. Never actually did any real work until he became a consultant. After a year he sold up moved to beach in Peru.
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