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    Hasn't the white man done enough to American Indians, Brasky?
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    Celtics are so shit.
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    Fake son, lol husband. Bollocks nothing but bollocks. Creepy too
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    Son , Legal Husband. Semantics nothing but Semantics.
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    HB Axel. If you're reading this, you 're losing valuable time. /Jasno
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    Good. Award ceremonies are bullshit anyway
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    I wonder if Slash bought a new girdle for Axl on his birthday..
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    I will listen. here some ethereal for U:
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    It's all good @auad Yep, it's a matter of taste. You're exactly like my brother. Rock n' Roll is your thing and that's fine. Just don't feel insulted or anything, we're just joking here. It's in my nature to be a judgemental asshole, don't take me so seriously (although I tend to be rational and leave my assholeness aside when discussing music). As for Periphery, here are 3 songs by them I really love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmtU2WJfPgU
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    @arno @suiccidematt @arnold layne @GNRVahland
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    They=WFA. It's what he does rather than raising his bastard children. I'm conflicted because, you know, raise your kids, right? At the same time, they'd be raised by Walker, so...for the best? Who can tell?
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    Imagine all the gullible idiots in Brazil that GNR could exploit if they had a proper business plan.
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    he should borrow frank's shirt for the next tour
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    Well, Axl is almost like the 2nd guy from the left.
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    Zevon is in my top 10 all time
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    The music is great. I just can't stand the little punk ass singer or his voice.