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    There's nothing better than the cold tile when you're burning up, but there's nothing worse than being so sick that there's nothing better than the cold tile.
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    Why even speak to people these days? It's just gonna bite you in the ass.
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    Did you see recently where some rich dude said he was going to run for president and she said that people need to “work their way up the ladder” in politics? She was literally a bartender for seven years before taking office. And when people pointed that out in her social media, her rabid fans responded that people were shaming her for being a woman, shaming bartenders....and that being a bartender gave her more experience than the dude who started a business and grew it into a billion dollar company. I cannot stand hypocritical people that have different standards in how they judge others. Bill was caught cheating on Hilary with numerous women. Including having sex with interns in the actual White House. But according to dems that isn’t anybody’s business. What Bill and Hillary do in private is their business. But Trump bangs a stripper and they want that to be front page news. Ir trump is a racist because of The Wall and wanting immigrants to follow the LAWS to come to the USA. But you can watch YouTube videos of Obama, Bill and Hillary saying that illegal immigration is a huge problem that is having a significant negative effect in America. And that they are going to deport and tighten the laws and border security. Obama actually shut down the border to certain countries during his term. Dems supported those guys 100%....but call Trump a racist when he does the same thing? Weird.
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    Listening to grown adults I previously respected fawning over Alexandria Occasio-Cortez is just nauseating "Isn't she amazing!" "I love this woman, we need more like her to get rid of the orange moron" My god the US is so utterly fucked it's not even funny anymore. These aren't stupid people either but they've been completely hoodwinked by a zero achievement bimbo. I can't even fathom how this is even a thing. And it's everywhere. There's no saving the US. The delusion and craziness is so deep rooted nothing can fix it now.
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    Didn't you doxx someone on here? Maybe take your own advice there, chief. lol
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    I generally dislike most dogs, but beagles make the most horrific fucking noises this side of a screaming baby. There's an asshole old man on my block that keeps a beagle all chained up and the fucking thing BARKS and WHINES at all hours and I just wish it and the old man would just fucking eat other.
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    Like Chuck was saying we’ve seen this happen before. I do kind of get why socialists can’t tolerate any nationalism though.
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    2nd-best picture from the victory celebration:
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    What the fuck is wrong with you? You're acting like I used to. Dude, you're talking about a guy's mother. Some guy you've never met in person. You're literally insulting some poor woman who died of cancer because you don't like her son's posts on a message board dedicated to an essentially dead 80s rock band. Like, seriously, what's going on with you? And threatening the guy by saying you'd want to meet in real life? I really hope you're trolling. You sound just like I used to. It's sad. If you're not trolling, you're going to destroy your reputation on here.
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    We were lost but found Facebook. In a way, Trump is the first Gen X president. All boomers hate him and he uses social media which Gen X invented. Gen X are entrepreneurs too. Gen X are the means of communication so nobody notices us.
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    1. JB is ripping Downzy....without him being here to respond. Gunner is ripping Downzy....without him being here to respond. Lol, that’s Ok though. You have different “rules” for different people. 2. Whining about my dead mom? Lol. You brought my name up first. You stated this exchange, like always. You brought my name up. I responded. Now you are going off on one of your weird attacks again. Wishing somebody would die because you don’t like how they post on a GnR forum? Wishing their parents would die so you could anally rape them? Lol, yea....I am the one whining. 3. “Because somebody said something back to you”.....holy crap. Again. You threw down the first insult. I haven’t mentioned you in months. 4. I’ve kept up my end of the agreement that YOU proposed via pm. You can continue the crazy rants about wishing people would die and raping dead bodies. I will keep my word and not bring up the issues you asked me not to bring up. I’ll 5. Finally, and then I am done trying to talk reasonably with you. It’s the internet. We are never meeting in real life. We aren’t friends. You shouldn’t let anything I say - or anything anybody online says - bother you or send you into a frenzy. If you have an issue with me, report my posts to JB and see if he agrees with you. And put me on your ignore list. That is much healthier than letting me be in total control of your emotions. Tl/Dr - if it makes you feel better, keep insulting away. Keep wishing death on me and I will keep wishing that you find happiness in life.
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    It’s just that surely people have tried to ban his books? Censorship can’t be his thing. Maybe I’m confused what he’s complaining about.
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    This flu is bad. Can barely walk, balance all over the place, had raging temperature and pins and needles then stripped naked and vomited for 10 mins. Had to lie on the cool tiles to cool down, couldn't close my hands with the weird sensations shooting through my limbs. 10 minutes later I'm watching TV and feel fine. Wtf
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    http://news2share.com/start/2019/02/02/armed-antifa-groups-march-in-stone-mountain-neo-confederates-dont-show/?fbclid=IwAR2uLLe6DdGjBBgkNeFy85BN80GpqDb6CMrORXITOUjijKQu3gOKHsR0dgc Retards show up with guns to protest an event they knew was cancelled. Like all good retards they declare it some kind of victory.
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    I get so buttmad when some fucknut in front of me takes 10 minutes deciding how to throw his money away while I stand there just wanting to buy a bottle of water.
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    You'd have to be a fucking dumbass to think building a dome stadium with no retractable roof was the better option IN TAMPA FLORIDA.
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    The only living person banned for life during his playing career by MLB is now pitching in the Red Sox organization and could very well be their closer this year. So much for MLB's drug policy, three strikes and you're still not out.
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    The first sports stadium in all of North America to go cashless: Tropicana Field, home of the worst attendance in MLB. I can say firsthand, the folks running that stadium are idiots. They haven't a clue, and it's been like that for years now.
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