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    Beta? Do I really have to explain why this is a problem, GNFNR?
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    Hard days has passed ... The people needs love ... New partnerships are needed ... Let's make Portugal great again ... sign up now. Players: 1) John Bonham 2) Bill Brasky 3) Major Mayhem 4) Bacardimayne 5) KFCBucket 6) magisme 7) auad 8 ) Skeeter 9) GnRLiars 10) Damn_Smooth 11) Arnold Layne
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    AC/DC fans are thrilled to have Brian back. But what a letdown for us. This was the only chance to see if Axl had any balls left. The classic AC/DC groove - think Back in Black- just a simple guitar attack that makes fans throw their hands in the air and yell “hell yeah”.....but with better lyrics and a way better singer. An Axl-AC/DC album had the potential to re-establish Axl as the best hard rock singer in the world. It would have sold millions, won a Grammy and kicked the fans asses. This was a chance for Axl to hit a home run.......with the pitch lobbed in. A new GnR album could also be amazing. IF it happens. IF all the key players can agree on the songs and music style. If Axl decides to release it. And if it can overcome the amount of hype and comparisons it will receive to Appetite and Illusions. Lots of numbnuts say they shouldn’t do another album as it won’t be as good as Appetite or Illusions. An album with AC/DC was a lock. A new GnR album comes up with a boatload of challenges.
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    That was a lot of fun. I've never played a game like it before. It's surprising how novel the game is. GUNNER made things interesting even if they were inexplicable. I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.
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    I'm just pointing out that ACDC are notorious for being a jaw dropping live act, have been for like 4 decades and anybody trying to dismiss them makes themselves look like a fool.
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    We did a great job of creating discord.
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    Umm I came back to the board you can come back to mafia at least for the ultimate shit fest of all games Tank U Gunner For Take Kare Of Us
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    @Conor @Damn_Smooth How can you not sign up for THIS game ? Gunner’s Masterpiece !
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    It’s really about how much of your life do you want to dedicate to your job. Brady and LeBron have a lot in common. No off the field controversy. No drinking, drugs, fights, etc. Tom Brady. Odell Beckham Jr. Friday night at 1 AM One guy is home in bed asleep. One guy is at the club, drunk. One guy works out 3 hours every day. One guy works out 2 hours every other day. Recently in the NBA John Wall admitted he partied a lot during the regular season. Now we know why he has never lived up to his potential. LeBron is home in bed while Wall is drunk at the club.
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    I’m going to Thailand tomorrow. I won’t be able to play as I’ll be drinking pina coladas by the pool and unable to connect to wifi.
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    It would be more enjoyable if crackhead steve slurred his way through it. Then, I might download for the lulz
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    I bet no one had more fun than me ... lol ... I'll explain later ...
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    Game Mechanics: 6 Townies 1 Town Watcher 1 A-Mafia Watcher 1 A-Mafia Goon 1 B-Mafia Watcher 1 B-Mafia Goon The Mafia watchers are able to both kill and watch at the same time Town has a general 2-shot Bulletproof modifier: The first two townies to be killed will not die Watchers: Each night phase you may target a player you wish to investigate. You will receive result of which players targeted that person
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    GnRLiars was Warren Buffet, Town Watcher
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    It will be a spoken word album where Duff shows off his 8th-grade level education and demonstrates his reading prowess, as he reads aloud his mundane articles from the Seattle Newspaper.
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    I think they're doing it so people cant no longer compare old Axl voice to the new one.
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    Maybe. But he is just 23 years old so he should thicken up and get stronger. He played in 72 games as a 20 year old and 66 as a 21 year old. That isn’t bad for a 7-foot-3 skinny kid. Hell, guys like curry and Kyrie miss games every year. My my concern is that he only averages 7 rebounds a game. He needs to average double digits. Mavs also got Hardaway Jr. Who is just 26 and is scoring 19 a game. Great young core. Luka, KP and Hardaway.
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    He might have been if your dumb ass wouldn't run around messaging people. The world will never know.
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    About the PM ... there were two pms There was much pressure on me so, as soon as I realised there was a little wagon starting against arnold, I decided to Pm my buddy wasted to vote for him. But he didnt vote nor replied to me. So I pmed him again to vote for arnold. And again ... nothing. What an idiot, I thought. Some pages later, I add the chance to imply he was dirty so no one would notice our connection. He felt hurt and decided to start talking about the PM. Fucking idiot was screwing me to save his own ass. Was when I was trying to Pm him again that I realised that I had misread JB's pm with the roles and my partner was Major and not wasted what an idiot That was when the real fun started, trying to save my ass. At a certain point I thought I would make it and now I still believe I would if there wasnt another mafia team ... they thought I was town so they wouldnt mind to let me burn. Sorry for calling you idiot so many times @wasted, but what happens in mafia stays in mafia :p
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    http://eu.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2019/01/28/downtown-phoenix-photo-men-soot-blackface/2683881002/ 20 years ago this was a joke by Sasha Baron Cohen. Now it's reality
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    And I didn't modkill anyone. I find it's best to let the players do the work. This is a game of lies and deception. Hosts need to beware of acting as an overzealous referee.
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    Fucking magimse. Should be lynched in day one.
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    With 2 Scum Teams, there would have been 2 kills per night. To make it fair, the first 2 shots (on Night One) hit Bulletproof Townies. Both Scum Teams targeted magisme on Night One
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    The War Party in full effect. http://news.antiwar.com/2019/01/31/senate-vote-expresses-opposition-to-ending-us-wars-in-syria-afghanistan/
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    Flagged. Nobody should have to look at that @Damn_Smooth.
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    Bold move for the Mavs.
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    Based on that picture above, I thought Lars joined Blues Traveler
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    I quit paying attention during the endless first day and only checked who died on new days, so I have no idea how well anybody played. Congrats to town though.
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    I think I played a pretty solid game
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    The game turned shit without me ... Great game from Mags, btw ...
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    Ok ... who wants to know the truth? lol
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    They closed the investigation? S
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    The town won! This may have been the mafia game of the year!
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    I think what makes this even better is that it was a direct reply from McDonald's Twitter team and not some smartass retweet.
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    For those TL/DRs A elderly member of the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community stroked it’s ego and said nothing of importance.
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    I'll drop $500 now to a donation of any charity if Miser proves to me he's gone through and actually read *and* comprehended every post in this thread.
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    So many white people.
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    Women over 35 are worse blight on society than any rock band
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    Or you could buy a house, customize it how you like, while having fun designing and learning several skills (carpentry, wiring, plumbing, landscaping), all the while putting away equity towards retirement and not paying rent or a mortgage. But maybe that's just me.
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    Get the house inspected before anything. There could be radon, structural problems, basement flooding, termites- all kinds of shit. That leads to the next point- even if major faults are found, that gives you a bargaining chip for lowering the price. I dunno how foreclosures work though... so maybe the banks can't be haggled with. Worth a shot though. And then finally, once you buy the house, find a roommate. You can use the roomie's money to make the house payment (or a good chunk of it). +2 cents
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