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    Yeah, they're no Greta Van Fleet ACDC are an ass kicking machine, the whole world knows.
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    Hard days has passed ... The people needs love ... New partnerships are needed ... Let's make Portugal great again ... sign up now. Players: 1) John Bonham 2) Bill Brasky 3) Major Mayhem 4) Bacardimayne 5) KFCBucket 6) magisme 7) auad 8 ) Skeeter 9) GnRLiars 10) Damn_Smooth 11) Arnold Layne
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    Great Town win. We were on point this game. Thanks for the game, JB.
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    That was a lot of fun. I've never played a game like it before. It's surprising how novel the game is. GUNNER made things interesting even if they were inexplicable. I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.
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    magisme was Elon Musk, Town
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    4.4 Beta came out today Will be upgrading later on tonight
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    I'm just pointing out that ACDC are notorious for being a jaw dropping live act, have been for like 4 decades and anybody trying to dismiss them makes themselves look like a fool.
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    "Rock N Roll" "Thunder Thunder" "Rock N Roll Highway" "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You" "Rock Or Roll Or Get Outta My Way" "Rock Rock Rock" "Love Injection" "Bust A Rock" "Don't Stop" "Rock Or Die" "Rockin' Again" "Go Big Or Go Rock" ^Leaked tracklist
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    It would be more enjoyable if crackhead steve slurred his way through it. Then, I might download for the lulz
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    Way to go, town! @GnRLiars, great job as always. I never thought I would be playing this game in a gnr forum, of all places. Always a pleasure to play.
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    I bet no one had more fun than me ... lol ... I'll explain later ...
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    Game Mechanics: 6 Townies 1 Town Watcher 1 A-Mafia Watcher 1 A-Mafia Goon 1 B-Mafia Watcher 1 B-Mafia Goon The Mafia watchers are able to both kill and watch at the same time Town has a general 2-shot Bulletproof modifier: The first two townies to be killed will not die Watchers: Each night phase you may target a player you wish to investigate. You will receive result of which players targeted that person
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    GnRLiars was Warren Buffet, Town Watcher
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    It will be a spoken word album where Duff shows off his 8th-grade level education and demonstrates his reading prowess, as he reads aloud his mundane articles from the Seattle Newspaper.
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    Bold move for the Mavs.
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    Based on that picture above, I thought Lars joined Blues Traveler
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    Congrats to all the players best game of mafia I’ve seen very logical and big shout out to @wasted and @meatpuppet
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    I was sure there had to be a Mafia Boss...weird that there wasn't. But it was a great game. Gunner though
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    I think what makes this even better is that it was a direct reply from McDonald's Twitter team and not some smartass retweet.
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    Women over 35 are worse blight on society than any rock band
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    Get the house inspected before anything. There could be radon, structural problems, basement flooding, termites- all kinds of shit. That leads to the next point- even if major faults are found, that gives you a bargaining chip for lowering the price. I dunno how foreclosures work though... so maybe the banks can't be haggled with. Worth a shot though. And then finally, once you buy the house, find a roommate. You can use the roomie's money to make the house payment (or a good chunk of it). +2 cents