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    My Uncle went the the original Wall tour in 1980 and saw the band at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in New York. He said he went to the bathroom during the show and waited in line for 20 minutes for what ended up being a space to piss on the bathroom wall
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    Richard Pryor is the greatest there will ever be. "That Nigger's Crazy" is one of the best comedy albums of all time. Whino dealing with Dracula is a comedy bit at its finest. Harlem Nights is an underrated movie that they were all in, including the great Mr. Foxx.
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    No because if I haven't had my covfefe then nobody can.
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    Unvote I are was What the fuck just happened?
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    I know it was a very different time, but look at this release schedule 1969 JAN - Led Zeppelin 1969 OCT - Led Zeppelin II 1970 OCT - Led Zeppelin III 1971 NOV - Led Zeppelin IV 1973 MAR - Houses of the Holy 1975 FEB - Physical Graffiti 1976 MAR - Presence 1976 OCT - The Song Remains the Same 1979 AUG - In Through the Out Door 1982 NOV - Coda
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    The problem with Axl is that he's completely insane, and totally unpredictable. We've been fans for decades now, and we're certainly used to disappointment, but every now and then the crazy fucker just does weird shit with no explanation. He joined AC/DC!! After not making any "guest appearances" since, when, Gilby Clarke's club show in 1999, he decided to sing with Billy Joel. After not recording a single note of new music since Sebastian Bach's cockrock album in 2006 or so, he finally debuts news vocals in a fucking Loony Tunes cartoon. He's a madman. I would have said the one thing we can surely count on is never ever hearing new music, but seeing as how he's so unpredictable, even that isn't a certainty. He apparently spends money like an asshole, but surely he has enough to live the remaining years of his life in opulent luxury without ever being seen in public again. If he decided to just disappear and never be seen from or heard from again, it wouldn't surprise me. But then if he announced he was gonna do a 20 show tour as the new singer of Soundgarden, that wouldn't surprise me either. I think the only thing that would genuinely surprise me (like the Reunion did) would be a new album, EP, or even ONE fucking new song actually released under the name Guns N' Roses. After all, Axl has integrity. If there's one thing he stands for, it's telling THE MAN to FUCK OFF, and never ever ever selling out.
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    Best thread yet. Welcome to the Dentist It's So aching Nightbrush Out to get Dentures Mr.Browntooth Paradise Smile My ToothFairy Think About Floss Sweet Tooth O' Mine You're Toothless Anything Goes Dental Queen Toothless Life Nice Teeth Move to the Dentist Mama Denture Toothtience Used to Have Teeth You're Toothless One In a Mouth Right Next Door To Dentist Teeth N' Bones Bite And Let Chew Don't Cry (if you lose a tooth) Perfect Occlusion You Ain't The First Bad Breath Back Off Dentist Double Chewin Jive November Grin The Garden Garden of Teeth Don't Damn Me Bad Filling Dead Tooth Coma Tooth War 14 Teeth Yestersmile Knockin' On Dentist Door Get In the Dentist Denture Blues ToothDown Pretty Brush Up Locomotive (The Perils Of Oral Hygiene Decadence) So Rotten Estranged You Could Be Toothless Don't Cry (still no teeth) My Mouth Since I Don't Have Teeth New Filling Down on the Sink Human teeth Raw Gum Ain't Dentures Fun Buick Makane (Big Dumb Filling) Tooth Of the Dog Attitude Black Gum You Can't Put Your Teeth Around A Memory I Don't Care About Oral Health I apologize in advance if my absolutely necessary post was too long or if I tooth it too, I mean took tit too far, but it was worth it. Ps. had fun writing it edit. Made some changed, anyone have ideas for the few remaining?
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    Does anybody else think GNR should get a replica cigarette that lights up for Slash? The top hat is great but the cigarette is really the cherry that goes on top of the Slash costume.
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    At least one Mafia usually throws a random vote down while the others go for the main lynch
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    We now have three potential Mafia scum in the crosshairs town - Gunner, Wasted and Arnold. Someone has fucked up - either Gunner or Wasted and by extension of this fuckery, Arnold has been drawn into it too. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” - Mark Twain
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    Here's a pic, I'm at work. This is me waiting for a loading dock Notice the time. 721am... Sorry if working makes me hiding in the shadows So weird
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    No, it was just for the opening song "In The Flesh?" The whole concept of The Wall had its origins in exploring the separation of the artists from the audience. As Floyd got bigger and more popular, they played bigger, more impersonal venues and it culminated in Roger Waters spitting on a fan in the front row in contempt. That shocked him when he did it, and he wanted to explore it more. For The Wall tour, during the show, an actual giant wall was constructed onstage so that by the end the band is playing completely behind a wall between them and the crowd. The show was really expensive and difficult to pull off, so they only did it for a year or two. But they played the full album straight through every night, the show started with the "surrogate band" wearing the life masks, had the wall built, had the wall torn down at the end. Roger did a world tour with updated staging recently, but man, how fucking cool would it have been to witness this back in the day? When they finally released a live album of the shows, the cover was an image of the four rubber life masks of their faces their doubles wore for the first song.
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    Given the amount of "news stories" on this retard just in the last week, you'd think she was already our next president. The mainstream media has a throbbing boner for this chick.
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    Pink Floyd opened The Wall shows by performing behind a wall, while stand-ins with rubber life masks mimed the songs in the front of the stage. Unless you were right up close, you probably didn't even notice something was really off about them.
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    So this is where the rule against posting screenshots of PMs comes from. I get it now. It's a juicy allegation and hard to prove.
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    Great Post! This is the Spirit
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    Bob Zmuda as Axl Rose/Tony Clifton Ron Jeremy as Slash Lin Shaye as Duff McKagan
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    I just see them as meh. Pretty indifferent. Some of their radio songs are fun and catchy. Never cared for much of their “deep cuts”. And it’s not like they’re Three days grace or Buckcherry level of shit. They’re just a harmless rock band with a few decent hits. Let em drive.
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    They should do like Andy Kaufman and train other people to do their shows. They're all in disguise anyway. Who would know? For Melissa, literally any petite Asian looking girl. For Frank, literally any fat, light-skinned black guy. For Dizzy, literally anyone. Fortus still has to play and give his all, but he'll be cool with that.
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    I wish Axl had bad teeth so he wouldn't eat so much. His fake fangs destroy taco after taco.
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    I think this could be GNR'S version of the AC/DC devil horns. At their concerts they could sell 15,000 a night at $10 a pop.
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    Hey. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, a recovering fucking junkie CAN'T go to the dentist cause he's afraid of having to take powerful narcotics or painkillers?? I know they just smash bad teeth out with a rock in your country, but in first world nations, they use anesthetics so people don't have to suffer the horrific pain of having their teeth ripped out and shit shoved into their bleeding gums. Now leave poor Slash alone and go make fun of Dave Grohl.
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    Classes with buckethead can wait, but ... a mega-star of the slash level should be ashamed to have that horrible mouth ... someone find a dentist for him urgently. GNR will still fool a lot of people with this stupid and mediocre show they present, so Slash should take care of the image ... @GUNNER, show us more pictures of the beautiful mouth of Slash...
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    Eddie Murphy was the man in the 1980's. Imagine if Delirious came out today. The pc weenies would be trying to put him in prison. Who is this Captain Kirk that is alledgedly fucking green bitches? Eddie and Richard Pryor are still the greatest comedians to ever do it.
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    YES! I broke my wrist a few years ago when I was still drinking...had a drunken fall and needed a piece of metal to hold my bones together. So I have this giant scar on my left wrist that looks like I tried to kill myself. Last summer, my brother at age 41, broke his foot while at some trampoline land on vacation with his family in California. He had a good sense of humor about it...just like...fuck it, shit happens, not gonna let it ruin my vacation. Anyway, now he has a similar long ass scar on his foot. So we both have permanent reminders of our stupidity...breaking bones when we weren't even teenagers. I suggested we get matching tattoos on our scars. He wanted them to be lines from "Free Four." I would get “Life is a short, warm moment And death is a long cold rest.” Can't remember what line he would get though. But it's a bad plan. He can hide his foot and nobody would ever see it. But mine's on my damn wrist!! And tats are still mostly a taboo in Japan, so I don't think we'll do it. Well. Maybe when we're older. We're already made a pact to get together in our 70s and do DMT and drop acid and have all the vision quests we were too scared to take while young. At 70, who gives a fuck? May as well get the tats then too.
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    The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime... 🎹
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    Cortez in a nutshell: The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'You are a racist' unofficial count is up to two: Donald Trump and Steve King, the senator. http://www.newsweek.com/ocasio-cortez-criticizes-reporter-not-describing-representative-steve-king-1289002 Who will she say is racist next?
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    I think we should vote for Liars. He has a life and has to go work, lets save him from this misery.
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    Of course it's concerning. I took my vote off of irs.. Sorry if I was sleeping soundly in my bed while this went down. It's only 7 am where I live, Can I at least have a coffee?
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    Sorry @wasted, but - wheter you wanted it or not - it is becoming more and more naive. My vote stands for you. Truth to be told, at this point, I don't even care if you are town or not. I just believe you played the PM card so badly, that it is the only way out I see. If you are both town, then we have even bigger f**k up than in the last mafia game, where townies actually voted themselves out.
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    Something like that. And maybe she can take on Trump on twitter for Hillary. She’s like a nuke that if he hits to hard it will go off.
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    One thing is for certain. Wasted and GUNNER cannot both be Town.
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    I think this pm is from when you thought you were on the way or quitting. Now I think the quitting was just desperation and you were trying to take me out. Town has no reason ever to pm anyone. A Mafia about to die might try it. Where is @John Bonham?
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    2 pickles. I normally have just 1.
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    You would think that if Gunner was town wouldn’t all the mafia pile on to him when he had a few votes? At one point mags was there, someone else, then Facekicker came in. So are they the 3 mafia?
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    I don't like mags Not sure about popcorn. He's going after gunner like mags is. Is that concerning? Maybe, or it could be like I said A vote for gunner is a vote for sanity
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    So you don't necessarily think he's Mafia, or Town....just annoying? Haha that's funny
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    Agree. I like maybe three or four of their songs. But they are a band full of older guys and they are extremely popular and successful....so some have to show us how edgy they are by bashing them with both barrels. It’s a weird concept to me. A lot of people aren’t capable of simple dislike or disinterest. It’s never “not really my style, I don’t really dig that band.” It has to be “they are the worst band in the world. The lead singer should kill himself. Only retarded school moms like them.”
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    If IRS is Town then I’m voting GNRliars tomorrow. To go for such a weak player early is a bitch move so the consequences must be severe. If mafia then GNRliars has my confidence.
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    Yes I will 1000 dollars is the price tag
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    I've said before, I like maybe 5 of their songs. It's just bizarre that such a bland, non-threatening band that's just kind of "there" gets people riled up. Everyone hates Nickelback and Creed and stuff, and it's just natural to hate on shitty bands like that. Foo Fighters are like the Barenaked Ladies or something. Who would waste time "hating" on that?
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    I had a massive wank thinking about her. I feel great
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    This might be the greatest gimmick ever. Fucking spectacular!
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