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    Can’t wait to listen a decent live version of “Fat The Fat”
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    I'm sorry guys. It was my birthday yesterday. JB can confirm this. So I was really fucking busy, and honestly had no time for the game. I apologize, but that's the truth. It's been like 3 fuckin days of family and friends blowing up my phone, insisting on taking me out, texting, calling, all that shit. I'm sure many of you can empathize. I'm back now and will engage with the game. I need to catch up, and will post back once I read what has transpired.
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    Judging by @GUNNER childish antics, a la, I'm never aging again, just vote me, here I'll vote myself, to me that makes him seem more town. So.indont think he's dirty. I don't like the whole "I'm voting for whomever is voting me" to which @I_Are_ess is doing. He chalks that up to a weird sense of humour or whatever. He wanted to vote right off the bat. To me, those 2 qualities are Mafiesque. If he's not, I'm sorry. Things will be clearer in Day 2
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    Or that the post office has located my Locked & Loaded Box Set
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    Gunner is an idiot. Stop giving him credit for anything. Stop drinking the gunner koolaid people. He's a player, just like anyone else. Don't get caught up in his "mastermind" posturing. I really wish Skeeter was playing so he could write a wall of text zinging gunner. lol
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    Guns N' Roses are nominated for "Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package" The nominees are... The 61st Recording Academy GRAMMY Awards will be held on Sunday, February 10, and will air on CBS.
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    I think everyone is doing what Mafia does, because they are either active, quiet, disengaged, engaged, leave no Trace, or right in the thick of it and any combination between the members.
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    lol more like work is a pain in the ass and my car, the one material thing I own and cherish, went to shit and I am too poor to fix it. Doesn't matter. I'm willing to vote for wasted and GUNNER.
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    I worked last night, came home and scrolled through the game, didn't see anything of importance, but thought that perhaps I'd missed something, so I was hoping for someone to help me out, but got nothing. I woke up this morning and, before going back to work, checked the game, and there was still not much going on,, except it seemed some peeps were back to the throwinf votes on Gunner, and a few other players, so I did do something else. I voted for Arnold Layne, the man who lives a quiet existence in a house of glass. Now, I'm back home from work, and immediately back to the game, because I knew someone would say something about my "inactivity." And that someone was YOU! After some more thought, I know Arnold has had a tough time with his cat and is probably spending a lot of time taking care of it, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and take my vote off of him. I'd like to ask the rest of the town who I should vote for, because I feel like IRS is suspect, and has an itchy trigger finger, and I'm willing to change my vote to him, unless anyone can give me a reason to vote for someone else. Unvote Arnold Layne
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    This is fucking stupid. official vote: I_are_ess
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    although they spent the last 3 years touring.... so probably something else
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    i contracted a.u.d virus, its incurable.
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    Slash will appear on the Great British Bake Off
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    I’d rather they release CD II.
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    Elon is a jewish name. Official vote: magisme
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    He’s also not really been around much.
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    I’m Town. I just putting some heat on you to see how you reacted. Major Mayhem is also under the radar. Not accussing anyone just an observation. I think if Gunner is Town mafia will want to kill him first. So I look at votes for him as suspicious. But after the first 2 or 3 votes that’s where mafia pile on for the kill?
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    Imagine terminator salvation with this guy as Connor instead of Christian bale
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    She's a good example of how lefty liberal politics makes hot young women ugly and insane
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    AOC = Downzy with tits
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    Running around with 5 stars trying to avoid the cops was my favourite
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    I found a still from the movie and it's supposed to say "XR." I'm guessing NECA is trying to skirt copyright issues with their clever little nod to GNR. Well, let's just hope Team Brazil doesn't see it cause you know they'll demand a piece of the action on a toy that will probably be lucky to break even for the manufacturer. In other news, Ed Furlong is looking good these days and doing great. Le Vodka Juice.
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    Grammy? Not sure... But, Nanny....
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    I lost the remaining bits of my good sight playing the original GTA when I was no more than 11 years old. I have been watching horror movies with my parents (Poltergeist, Critters) and my father showed me all of the good movies (eg. The Terminator, Godzilla, Predator, Alien). I ended up being a boring administrative worker with wife and incoming child. I hate violence and love animals. I guess it depends on wether you will fell good with your kid playing the game. It is kinda graphic and the language is radical. But ... You can always check it out with your kid. He would be thrilled to play with you :) Funny story about me watching all kinds of movies as a child. I was never punished for the fact of watching, but once my mom made me stay at home instead of playing with my friends outside, because I used the quote Leo "the Fart" is gonna pass gas one more time from Last Action Hero in front of her 🤣
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    Oh, I don't know about that. She's certainly lost a lot of her looks since that stupid dance video. She's gonna be just hot enough for dweebs to wanna bang, and just frumpy enough for some women to not hate her. Some women. Cause when it comes right down to it, most women hate all other women. And ALL women hate women younger than themselves. She's the perfect storm of retarded qualities for the Dems though.
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    I watch my friend's son (4) go on kill sprees on GTA V and feel a wee bit conflicted, haha. I wouldn't let my non existent kid play that game at that age mind you. Like mentioned, I was a teenager when MORTAL Kombat came out and the shitstorm ensued. Kids of today are Molly coddled soft cocks.
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    A man goes to the doctor and after examination, doctor says "you have to stop having gay sex, your ass is completely destroyed." "But, I'm not gay" says the man. Doctor raises an eyebrow, "Sir, your asshole is bleeding and as wide as a dinner plate." "OK, OK," says the guy, "last week I went camping and I got raped by an elephant." Doctor removes glasses and looks man in the eyes, "Sir, I am a medical doctor, and I happen to know that while an elephant's penis is long, it is also quite slender....An elephant certainly did not do this." "OK, OK," the man replied, "he fingered me first."
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    We need to figure out who's Mafia folks
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    2 months without a drop of rain. Winter started 3 weeks ago but it is still spring ... I guess Im going to the beach after lunch, while the germans work for me.
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    Hell or High Water and Wind River were pretty good. Again not really 2018 movies. But with Sicario they make a trilogy of Taylor Sheridan. In 2018, I enjoyed The Commuter and Den of Thieves.
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    This album is fantastic. I particularly like this song... http://youtube.com/watch?v=/vhtMEFtPWYM
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