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    May playing on 2 1/2 tracks, recording the Shaq rap thing. I sort of want 2 discs of the chicken coup sessions.
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    But seriously. This would make me very disappointed back in 2005 or maybe 2010 when I was a fan/still gave some sort of shit. Getting this now in 2018 after a half-assed reunion and 10 years with no new music from Axl (despite CD being shit) is pure comedy. Watching people discussing it seriously at MYGNR is even more hilarious. It's amazing how Axl/GNR do EVERYTHING wrong. Every year they get more and more ridiculous and I kinda respect them for not taking them too seriously. Their fans on the other hand.... THANKS BETA FOR TURNING AXL INTO THIS COMPLETELY BROKEN DOWN HUMAN BEING. WE NOW BELIEVE EVEN MORE.
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    “Fat The Fat” will be the first classic song in 2019. Wait and will see.
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    I was 14-15 when I first played it. Saying that I was 9 when I first played Streets of Rage. You could knife people, bottle them, beat them with baseball bats, stab them with swords, set them on fire. Great fun
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    None of the GTA versions are for kids
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    I'd give it a wait out. There's plenty of games you can play with them in the meanwhile and more adult games will still exist when they are older.
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    Censorship is for pussies. You don't want to raise pussies, do you?
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    How old? Like between1 and 14 probably not 15 plus, sure
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    I wanted CD 2 with Ron and dj and Tommy and pitman and frank. I supported nugnr the idea was so fucking punk rock. An iconic band releasing records without any original members bar 1. I'm happy for them that it's working out. But it isn't what I wanted.
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    Guys, is this unironically and objectively on equal footing with GNR's cigarette lighter songs? Also, buy stocks, particularly of tech companies that have never made a profit.
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    Isn't @magisme Elon Musk?
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    This might be the greatest gimmick ever. Fucking spectacular!
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    I think so. Most of the kids I know dont even have an account. Just instagram.
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    Ok all the old partnerships are gone. Partnership, anyone?
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    You make good points, have explained your reasoning, and people vote for you because....guh giggity..Gunner. Voting for you because of tradition seems like a sure fire way to lose. You may be Mafia, but so could everybody else. it's too early to tell. What I do find strange is all of the silent players. It happens in every game and I don't get it. People are busy in life, I understand. But, if you sign up to play, you should play. You don't have to spam, but at least, throw us a bone and give some thoughts. I laid out my theory of what Bonham's clues meant. Liars, a man who keeps extensive notes on previous mafia games and strategies, acts as if this is some crazy theory. But, I ask you all, has there been a game in recent years where it's been straight up mafia vs. town? No, there's always different factions. So, based on the clues given, it seems logical that there are 3 groups. My best guess is that the 3 groups are, the Illuminati, the black market dealers, and the town. One theory of mine is that Meatpuppet and Liars are in cahoots. The posts I quoted on the previous page, seem like a stage show, where Liars is both good cop and bad cop, feeding lines to the Virgin meatpuppet, and laying out their strategy in plain sight. However, Liars is too smart to allow such a foolish strategy, and he's banking on all of us to believe that. I also realize that I always think Liars is mafia, I don't know why that is, so maybe I am reading into it all too much. Another theory is that the silent players are the mafia and are sitting back waiting for the town to destroy itself, maybe throwing out a vote for Gunner all Willy nilly, like a fart in the wind, hoping it blows away before anyone notices it. Who are the quietest players? @I_Are_ess has been quiet. @magisme has been explained his strategy for the first day's vote @arnold layne has flown under the radar but still thrown down some votes @KFCBuckethas left the game after voting for himself
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    It's the only way to connect with some people. I'm okay with it. Although, I only joined because one person asked me to, and I'm under a fake name. I wonder what the experience would be like if I were more social and who would contact me.
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    That could be true too. From what little I've researched it does appear mafia games are mathematically undecidable, especially after the Brasky example. The only way to possibly gain advantage is if one side missteps, especially Mafia, which I think your side did. I look out for the quietude that happens when someone posits an idea, especially a big one. They lack autonomy. I think Mafia makes a consensus before responding as there is usually discussion behind the scenes. That latency hints also at who is Mafia. I feel like a paranoid cop, suspicious of everyone, harassing jaywalkers and handing out tickets, it's kind of exhausting. I'm guessing what makes Mafia fun is when there is real suspense and a real rivalry, like you vs Skeeter or Skeeter vs Bacardi.
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    NEVER.....ever question Axl's artistic integrity. The man will simply not compromise for anything. His art is all that matters, even if it's just for him and takes decades to make. Victory or death.
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    Hopefully Mags takes his vote off of Gunner, unless he can prove Gunner is a bad guy. So far, Bonham's clues were about then Illuminati, the all seeing eye that never sleeps, and the black market, and then of course the magical number 3. Also, he mentioned the history of the world being the history of the secret society wars. I figure there's 3 groups and possibly another group of vanilla townies. I believe one of those teams to be Liars and meatpuppet.
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    So he’s just got used to it. Slash does solo records and Axl does ACDC and plays with Looney Tunes. GNR is their day job. Maybe it’s no big deal. Axl is on time and not causing riots. This is what everyone wanted.
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    Ok, Gunner. I'll join your team for the first day, and then we'll go from there. This will give us both the protection we deserve and also give us a better indication of who is targeting townies, unless of course Mafia has enacted the Brasky method that GNRLiars eluded to earlier.
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    Don't forget Thunder of Rock, Rocking Thunder and Thundering Rock. It's a trilogy inspired by Beta's enchilada flatulance
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    The head boss usually isn't the one to inform employees of business plans. He probably delegated that to Fernando.
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    I had just finished watching the Red Wings when I spotted this video yesterday. Figured I'd give Priscilla Kelly a plug. Funniest wrestling stunt ever, period.
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    Do you think Axl told Slash he was doing a solo song with the Looney Tunes instead of a new album?
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    This Man Owns Four Houses! You'll Never Believe His One Key to Success
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    It’s a possibilty for sure. Another step, plausible and realistic is...”The Legend of Red Panda” 10 original Piano/Voice songs ... Axl solo record.
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    I really think it was an owl.
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    Bacs out DS out GUNNER out lots of new players. But I respect your decision even though I feel it’s a bit of a cop out
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    ...and Finally, Member of the Year, Shitposter of the Year, Shit Poster of the Year, and Avatar of the Year...
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    A few weeks ago, Mickey Rourke tweeted a pic of him and Axl hanging out. Then, a snarky fan sent the photo to a Canadian local news show that shows pictures of old people celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. So, the implication is that Mickey and Axl are an old couple (Axl being the wife) celebrating fifty years of marriage. It's funny, because they both look older and shittier than they should, and in fact, were both considered quite handsome in their prime; so the fact that they turned out to be such train wrecks at this point in their lives is a source of amusement and merriment. Do you understand?
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