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    somehwere in brazil right now there is an old CRT 1980's tv stuck together with tape and string, and in front of it is 10,000 brazilians watching every season of Looney Tunes to learn why their god chose that tv show to be the one that resurrects his second coming.
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    The players that say so and so is 100% town are usually mafia imo.
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    "Rock the Rock" IS the album. It's fitting for an era when our attention spans are shorter and shorter and where a poorly spelled tweet constitutes a "news story." I don't know what you guys are complaining about. The new album came and went in the last days of 2018. Now we have the next album to look forward to around 2029....it'll be a single sustained note for about 2 and a half seconds.
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    RECORD LABEL BILLIONAIRES HATE HER!!! Find out how this illegal immigrant went from cleaning toilets to managing one of the biggest rock bands in history!! The story will SHOCK YOU!!! (actually I'm not joking....I'm still fucking shocked about that one.)
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    A giant rock is trying to kill him and not one line of Out Ta Get Me sentiment. No way Axl wrote it.
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    "Maybe it's the weed talking, Joe, but hear me out. What if it wasn't Izzy, Slash, Axl, Beta, or anyone else? What if it was the Jews who killed GNR? I mean, it wouldn't be the first time they killed the most important thing on the planet."
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    Mafia always defends at least one townie. If he's mafia and he knows you're not, he could be trying to buy good will.
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    Yeah, that was Warner Brothers foisting Prince on to the movie, 100%. I have the vinyl. I'd walk around my house singing the songs, having no idea how insanely filthy they were. I had all the singles too, and the b-sides were even filthier. I was in 6th grade singing alone to "When 2 R in Love" and I had no idea what I was singing about. "The thought of his tongue in the V of her love" He expanded one song, Scandalous, into an extended remix EP called "The Scandalous Sex Suite." That's an awesome album....pure baby-making music.
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    You should do a box set review then assess whether its even worth the discount price.
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    Highest paid trolls are the mainstream media.
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    I'd rather vote for the portuguese gibbon, s'all I'm sayin.
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    Crystal Ball/The Truth Purple Rain 1999 Controversy Sign O' the Times Batman Around the World in a Day Love Symbol Gold Experience Emancipation Dirty Mind Parade Come Prince Girl 6 Graffiti Bridge For You Plectrumelectrum 20Ten Black Album Diamonds and Pearls Lovesexy Chaos and Disorder Lotus Flower Hit 'N Run Phase 2 Art Official Age 3121 Exodus Planet Earth C-Note Hit 'N Run Phase 1 The Slaughterhouse Indigo Nights Chocolate Invasion Goldnigga Musicology Xpectation NEWS The Aftershow: It Ain't Over One Nite Alone New Power Soul The Rainbow Children Kamasutra Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic Old Friends 4 Sale 16 8
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    Only if the guy that did @bacardimayne's avatar can draw the cartoon
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    Glad you are happy about it GnrLiars.
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    In Locked and Loaded? It's arrivingnon Monday
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    What do you mean by "freebie" here?
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    Maybe by the time they hit their teens, rock will be the "new cool thing" while rap/hiphop/EDM will be "outdated parent music".
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    "You're in the dope business, too?" "I'm in every illegal business.Every time a government declares something verboten, two groups move in to service the black market created:"
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    Because he said I'm probably Town, which I am. If he was Mafia he would only do that if it as a freebie, otherwise the best gambit as Mafia (at least at small scale) is to perpetually and successfully misinform and convince others to vote for me. It could be the former but I'll stick with the belief that players always act in their own interest. If he was Town then he gets no disadvantage is supposing this and would have no advantage in misleading...unless I'm such a terrible Town player he wants me out of the game. Now that I know he is Town, I feel more comfortable surviving. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffie–Hellman_key_exchange I could make another table?....nevermind.
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    This game theme would feel more authentic if I had some cocaine.
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    Comparisons aside, if you have the funds and will enjoy the product then I say go for it. Don't ever succumb to this:
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    This Man Owns Four Houses! You'll Never Believe His One Key to Success
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    My list doesn't say I'm 0% for me, it's not acknowledged because my opinion would be of no value. I think I'm just a singularity manipulating the block chain. I don't really have ill will. I think even as a game of partial information, there is enough information early on to determine who is mafia and who is town. Vote me all you want, just like the masses that think democracy is "real" and that "they" aren't running things. The fact that you didn't change the partnership once the game has started may not seem like information but it actually is. It implies you may be mafia and know who is mafia and therefore who is town. The assignment of roles was random so the below each have 25% probability. [MafiaGUNNERMafiameatpuppet] = GUNNER and I bullshitting publically. Maybe be important to others but since I know I'm Town, not important for my vote. [TownGUNNERMafiameatpuppet] = Maybe be important to others but since I know I'm Town, not important for my vote. [MafiaGUNNERTownmeatpuppet] = M [TownGUNNERTownmeatpuppet] = T For me only possibilities M and T are ones to contemplate. If it was T then GUNNER would not have an incentive to change the partnership at the beginning because he would have no information. If it was M then GUNNER would possibly have an incentive to change the partnership at the beginning (even 1%) because he would have new information knowing who is Town and who is Mafia. GUNNER vigorously defended the partnership implying he has some information.
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    Ten Rockstars That Ended Up Banging Their Manager (#2 Will Surprise You!)
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    Uh, is that supposed to be a dig on me? You do know I'm from Ohio, right?
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    I’m not against that idea. His reformed partnership is fucking retarded Now enough vulgarities. A distinguished gentleman and esteemed businessman doesn’t speak like a peasant.
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    Regardless of alignment I don't want to vote @meatpuppet the first day. I want to encourage newcomers to play the game, not discourage them. My two cents.
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    About to start watching Annihilation
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    Gunner-logic aside, why would anyone create unofficial teams and then vote based on what they claim is an arbitrary selection. Unless they know who is Mafia already and the player listing was accidentally convenient? Why not two teams? Why three?
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    I believe its going to be the best year of my life even if the first 3 days are the same old shit. Hope didnt die yet.
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    So she's taking a week off from nothing to do nothing and she doesn't know how to do it? Do millennials have to share every retarded thought that goes through their head on social media?
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    Student Union politics of the dumbest kind.
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    Well... She is a moron. Should we expect anything less?
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    "This blows my mind. I'm not allowed to take financial gifts, but somehow lawmakers are allowed to make laws."
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    Literally thousands down the shitter.
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    Business degrees are as useful as toilet paper nowadays. Any jackass can get one. Even I have one. Useless. Didn't learn shit.
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    Cheez-its, Snickers, and beer. Nothing really sounds appetizing. I could eat or I could hold off. Either way I have been eating a lot of shit and still lost weight.
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