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    somehwere in brazil right now there is an old CRT 1980's tv stuck together with tape and string, and in front of it is 10,000 brazilians watching every season of Looney Tunes to learn why their god chose that tv show to be the one that resurrects his second coming.
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    A giant rock is trying to kill him and not one line of Out Ta Get Me sentiment. No way Axl wrote it.
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    Crystal Ball/The Truth Purple Rain 1999 Controversy Sign O' the Times Batman Around the World in a Day Love Symbol Gold Experience Emancipation Dirty Mind Parade Come Prince Girl 6 Graffiti Bridge For You Plectrumelectrum 20Ten Black Album Diamonds and Pearls Lovesexy Chaos and Disorder Lotus Flower Hit 'N Run Phase 2 Art Official Age 3121 Exodus Planet Earth C-Note Hit 'N Run Phase 1 The Slaughterhouse Indigo Nights Chocolate Invasion Goldnigga Musicology Xpectation NEWS The Aftershow: It Ain't Over One Nite Alone New Power Soul The Rainbow Children Kamasutra Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic Old Friends 4 Sale 16 8
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    Only if the guy that did @bacardimayne's avatar can draw the cartoon
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    Glad you are happy about it GnrLiars.
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    "Have a nice riddance"
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    I have heard that they will hire you, no questions asked, if you have 5 years or more experience posting shit on GNR forums.
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    Fat faced glasses wearing white american neckbeard reveals one secret tip that turned him into a pussy slaying, record spinning world reknowned dj.
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    I just got an email today that it’s been shipped
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    Why not call it roundtine?
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    I would never let that happen. Disposable income is is a dangerous thing my friend
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    GnRLiars is gonna let his kids starve so he can have a GNR USB stick.
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    I can't wait for Hilary to crawl out from under her rock
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    My nephew has worked full time for the Democratic Party for a decade. His life revolves around them and politics. He is as hardcore Democrat as there is. He he says that Alexandria is a joke, that the majority of the party views her as a joke. That she got gifted an election win, that a dog - literally - would have won her spot. Her win had 0% to do with her. I asked why the dems would even put her out there and he said that a group is just pushing her because she is a young, minority female and is basically the exact opposite of Trump. Basically a sports team that is struggling so they throw out a trick play to see if it will shake things up a bit. He said that there is no secret weapon, no up-and-coming candidate and nobody to be excited about right now. I asked who they were going to put up during the next election......he sighed, shook his head and said “probably the same people from the last election.” I asked “even Hilary?” And he said “unfortunately, yes.” I guess a lot of the old guard Democrat leaders think that Trump is doing such a bad job that the American voters would select Hilary next time in a landslide.
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    "This blows my mind. I'm not allowed to take financial gifts, but somehow lawmakers are allowed to make laws."
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    Undergrad degrees are practically worthless these days in terms of knowledge acquisition that will serve you well in the workforce. There are exceptions of course.
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    What cup size? Bullet nipples or good old Stevie wonders?
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    She is going to cause so much infighting among the DNC in the House, it is going to be hilarious.
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