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    It's Axl calling-out the moon landing conspiracy theorists
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    Yet, I was voted the most "triggered" poster of the forum. Impressive
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    Michigan Earthquake is beginning to register on the Richter Scale
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    Yep, that's my favorite. From his arrest at the Phoenix Airport where security was being too rough with his expensive crystals and he said "I'll punch your lights out right here and right now. I don't give a fuck who you are. You are all little people on a power trip." Which reminds of how nobody had seen him in years at the time. Spin had a cover story about Axl in the summer of 1999, and it had all these awesome quotes about Axl sightings. Everyone was obsessed with his hair, like Miser. The best quote was some kid describing his hair as "thick as fuck." DOES AXL WALK AMONG US? • In December 1997, Axl was seen on the Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles with a child and an older Hispanic woman. "His hair was short," according to an eyewitness. "I think I saw Axl buy the kid a Grinch stuffed animal." • A salesman at the Los Angeles audio/video outlet Voodoo Lab sold Axl a guitar effects mixer in the fall of 1997. "I'm not sure if I should mention that," he says. • Axl was spotted buying a pair of horsehair pants at a Melrose Avenue boutique in early 1996. • Early this year, Axl was spied at the concession stand of the AMC Century 14 Cinema in Century City, California. According to the fan who saw him, "he was wearing jeans and a flannel." • "He was freckly, with feathered Shaun Cassidy hair," says a moviegoer who saw him earlier this year. "l was riveted by his hair. It was thick as fuck." • A short-haired, goateed Axl was recognized backstage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in April 1996. • Axl was hanging out backstage at a Radiohead show in Los Angeles in 1997. "The thing that struck me was how unrecognizable he was," says a concertgoer. "The door guy was patting him down." • "Not only have my friends seen him in New York City - I swear I've seen him too," says another fan. "The only thing that was different about him was his hair. It looked black or brown. But maybe it was a wig." • Two years ago, a fan took a photo of Axl on the beach in Malibu. When she had the film developed, she says the picture came back out of focus.
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    You two need to settle this like men. With an arm wrestling contest.
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    Why does everyone under 35 have raging autism?
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    I always liked this one. Axl's hair caused Miser to go into a recursive obsessive haze.
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    Individually we are weak, like a single twig, but as a bundle we form a mighty faggot.
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    We may have just gotten a house. It's badass.
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    "Bad Times at the El Royale". Fucking subpar Tarantino rip-off.
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    How did Rihanna find out Chris Brown was cheating on her?
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    lol no a dependent ID. I'm not good at taking orders from those with low IQs.
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